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Boblight Config Maker – Update 1.4 available

Boblight Config Maker – Update 1.4 available

Today I released version 1.4 of Boblight Config Maker for Linux, Windows and MacOS X.

This version allows you to resize the window (for those with smaller screens).
I have also included the option to have a Magic Word calculation done automatically (commonly used with Adafruit and such).

The latest version can be found in the Boblight Config Maker article, or on the Downloads Page.

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  • Jul 21, 2014 - 8:42 AM - Tommix Comment Link

    Hi, thanks for tool. By the way there is BUG.

    If you scroll with mouse Left led count box bellow 0 – it will trow Division by zero exception.

    Also you should make Window to be smaller, not in all laptops it fits. Of preferable realizable.



    • Jul 21, 2014 - 7:58 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Nice catch!!!
      I’ll make a note of it for the next build …

      How much space does your laptop offer (in pixels)? I have resized it once before for laptop with limited height, I could do it again … 



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