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Privacy & Cookies

Privacy & Cookies

On this page we explain to you how we protect your privacy and what the purpose is of the cookies we us.

Privacy – Email addresses

You might have noticed that we use email addresses quite often – for example in the comments sections of articles, and in registration forms.

We will never share your email address with other and we will only use the email addresses for notifications and verifications.

To avoid that other people “grab” or copy your email address: NEVER type your email address in comments, forum posts, or forum signatures!
Rest assure; we will NEVER share your email address with other.

Cookies – What do we use them for?

Tweaking4All only uses cookies to keep the website working.

This includes, but might not be limited to:

  • Cookies for navigation purposes (ie. the menu, login, etc).
  • Cookies for responsive design (ie. mobile view or desktop view).
  • Cookies for design purposes (ie. the width of your page so content fits correctly).


Tweaking4All does not track or share any personal information.

Third Party Advertising

To cover our hosting expenses we place ads on our website for example from Google or Amazon.

These 3rd parties can be using cookies as well – albeit outside of the scope of our control, we did select reliable companies to work with like Google and Amazon.

Please consult their privacy statements if you have any concerns.