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Of course … we do track our popularity … it’s not just for a personal ego boost though. We like to see if our work makes any sense to you our visitors …

In the end we are not just doing this because we are bored, but we hope to share the knowledge.
That’s what freedom and the Internet is about right?  

To be clear … is the successor of, a website that I started in the year 2000. We have seen impressive highs (500,000+ page hits in a week) and we have seen lows (a douchebag web-host that simply unplugged us without any warning because we had too many visitors).

The stats you’re seeing here represents the sum of page hits on and

The Chart …

The chart is made on-the-fly utilizing Flot, an awesome and very impressive jQuery plugin. yes, you’re seeing it right; this is all done with JavaScript!

Clicking the chart with the left mouse button (and holding it down) allows you to pan left and right through the numbers. Oh and before I forget; we count in weeks, so each point represents a week number. As you can see, this is not perfect since some weeks are a bit odd like week #53.

Tweaking4All Stats

Total counted page hits: 261,359,417.

Our high score week is week 4 of 2006 when we counted a total of 544,631 page hits (this counter started September 20th, 2000).