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About Tweaking4All

About Tweaking4All

Some background info concerning this webpage …

We’ve been around for quite a while and Tweaking4All is the successor of my old website

What happened to

Well, is still online – and will remain online – with a little side note.

The direct links to articles will still go to the old pages.

I’m doing this to accommodate the loyal visitors who bookmarked these pages left and right.

As soon as an article is moved to the new website, an additional link will appear on the old page referring to this new page.

So why did you change the domain name?

The main reason for this change is because “WeetHet” appeared to be a phrase most non-dutch visitors had a hard time in remembering and pronouncing. This became apparent after I moved to the USA, and tried to explain to friends where they can find my website.

History …

I did create my first website in the early 90’s when one of the first graphical web-browsers, Mosaic (Wiki), became available. Allowing graphics in a HTML page was exciting at the time. Until that time we worked on text terminals (Unix at the University of Amsterdam, VAX/VMS running Ultrix at the University of Tilburg) using Lynx (a text-only browser).

Suddenly a Windows 3.1 machine had more to offer than the VAX/VMS we so proudly worked on (I was glad that Mosaic quickly appeared on my beloved Commodore Amiga 4000 as well).

At that time “free” web-hosts started popping up and for a while I had a small (but successful) website dedicated to Internet by Satellite called, which evolved late 2000 to

WeetHet became pretty quickly popular with peaks of over half a million visitors a week.

But the web doesn’t stand still, and simple HTML became more advanced with more advanced CSS, great JavaScript frameworks (like jQuery), AJAX, etc. So it became time to “upgrade“.