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iPhone/iPad - Mute ...
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[Solved] iPhone/iPad - Mute or dsiable Camera shutter sound

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Taking pictures with a rather annoying and sometimes inappropriate shutter sound can be a pain. So how do we lower the volume of the shutter sound, or even completely mute it?

Took me a second to figure this one out.
Tip: Live photo's will mute the sound as well - as to not hear the shutter sound in your live picture.

** Changing the volume of the shutter sound can only be done from the iPhone/iPad camera app!

1) Open the camera app, and switch to Photo mode.
2) Open Control Center, on most iOS devices: swipe from left top of the screen down.
3) Change the volume slider as you would like the volume of the shutter to be.
4) Swipe up again, from the bottom of the screen, to go back to Camera.

Note: I can only confirm this for iOS 17, as I have no other iOS versions at my disposal.