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MacOS X – How to add Facebook Chat to Messages …

MacOS X – How to add Facebook Chat to Messages …

Messages in MacOS X has the ability to combine multiple chat services. Facebook Chat however does not seem to appear in the list.

This trick will probably also work for other Jabber capable clients on different Operating Systems as well, simply use the same settings.

With this little guide, I’ll show you how to add Facebook Chat to Messages so that you do not need to open the Facebook website every time you get a message.

Add Facebook Chat to Messages

Since Apple released MacOS X Mavericks for free, I carefully assume that most users have updated their MacOS X to 10.9 (Mavericks).

Mavericks comes with Messages default installed and allows you to add Google Talk, Yahoo, AOL/AIM, and Jabber chat services.
To my surprise Facebook Chat is nowhere to be found in this list … however; this can be resolved by using the Jabber protocol.

So here the steps on how to add Facebook Chat to Messages.

Step 1: Start Messages

Messages” can be found in the “Applications” folder.

Step 2: Add an Account

Click “Message Add Acount” …

Messages - Add Account

Messages – Add Account

Step 3: Add a Jabber Account

To add Facebook Chat to Messages, we will need to add a Jabber account.
To do this you first have to select “Other messages account…” and click “Continue“.

Messages - Add Other Messages Account

Messages – Add Other Messages Account

with the following settings;

Facebook Chat Settings
 Field Value
 Account Type  Jabber
 Account Name
 Password  your password
 Port  5222
 Use SSL  (leave unchecked)
 Use Kerberos  (leave unchecked)

Note :
For account name you of course need to enter your Facebook username. This is not the email address you might use to login!
To find your username, if you don’t know yours by heart: Open Facebook in your favorite web browser, login, and click on your name or avatar (upper left corner, just under the Facebook logo). You’ll now see a new webpage open with a link something like – where is your username.
Do not forget to write “” to your name!

Click “Create” when done entering your info …

Messages - Add Jabber Account for Facebook  Chat

Messages – Add Jabber Account for Facebook Chat

You will now see your Facebook friends in your buddy list (click menu “Windows Buddies“).

And thats all there is to it … don’t forget the set your account to online/available of course …

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  • Dec 29, 2013 - 3:04 PM - Nik Green - Author: Comment Link

    Nice write up, one of the clearer ones I’ve seen on this subject.

    It may be worth noting that if you are using two-factor authentication then this method will work initially, but fail the next time you try to log on. Facebook do provide the ability to create app specific passwords and I’ve found this to work fine. 

    Simply create your password (Facebook App Password) and then follow the procedures above using your new password.

    Hope this helps spare the week of frustration I endured before I discovered this.


    Nik Green

    • Dec 30, 2013 - 9:36 AM - hans Comment Link

      Thanks Nik for the feedback and the valuable tip! 



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