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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

For those who wish to ask questions or participate in forum discussions and conversations  we ask you to observe the forum rules to keep the forum a pleasant place for all users. 

The Short Version

Since we all like to be treated nicely and with respect, please remain polite and patient with other users.

Do not promote illegal activities, nudity, porn, and/or gambling.
There are plenty of other websites for that, this however is not one of them.

Obviously this forum is not intended as your personal advertising space either.

Reporting / Complaints

We take reported complaints serious, and the user reporting an issue/violation will remain anonymous at all times.
Please use the “report” button with forum posts or the Contact Us form to report issues – we very much appreciate input and assistance from our users.

The Long Version

General Behavior

  • Always remain polite …
  • Always be patient with others!
  • Please leave your ego at the door …
  • Do not post/promote illegal activities …
  • Do not upload massive amounts of pictures/files …
  • Do not upload Warez or Keygens.
  • Racist views will not be tolerated.
  • Nudity, Porn and Gambling related links and content are not allowed.
  • Do not write in All Caps (which is equal to screaming!).
  • Avoid bad language.
  • Do not call names.
  • Flaming is not tolerated.
  • Bumping is not allowed (posting another comment to make sure that a post stays on top of the list of posts).
  • Cross posting is frowned upon and should be avoided at all times.
  • Trolling is not tolerated (commenting on posts in a negative way, not contributing to the question, and basically upsetting users for no good reason – a.k.a. being a prick).

Advertising, Fake posts, etc.

  • Advertising is not tolerated – if you want to advertise: contact us.
  • Fake/Ghost writing is not tolerated – we are here to help each other, not to read your fake junk.