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It’s really sad that I have to even write this … I mean REALLY SAD …

Less and less people seem to understand that they are responsible for their own actions. It doesn’t even matter what the topic is; finances, drug (ab)use, slippery floors,.. Suing the crap out of anyone they can, blaming other for their own failures, the list goes on … Who the hell raised these people? And what are they thinking that it’s OK to be like that?

Anyhow … it seems necessary that I tell you that you are responsible for your own actions ..

 The Short Version

Use of information, applications, scripts, etc. provided on this website is to be used at your own risk and responsibility.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages or illegal activities based on information, instructions, applications, and links to other websites.

Use your head and think
It’s YOUR responsibility to be aware of local laws, and it’s YOUR responsibility to follow them!

The Longer Version

  • We cannot be held responsible for any legal or illegal activities and/or information found on websites we link to.
    The content of these websites are subject to change and we cannot monitor their content constantly. The content on these websites are also not under our control, or might be legal in the country the website is published but not legal in your country.
  • We cannot be held liable for damages caused by following instructions provided in our guides and articles. You follow these guides at your own risk. In most cases damages are caused by users not reading the fine details of an article.
  • We cannot be held liable for damages caused by use of applications we provide (free of charge or commercial). The applications and/or scripts have been tested thoroughly but we do not have the means to test them for every possible scenario.
  • Copying Software, Music, and Video holding copyright can be illegal or bound to specific rules in your country – research the laws of your country before proceeding in these kind of activities!
  • None of the information is in any way related, or presenting the opinion of my current or past employers, and only reflects my personal opinion and ideas.
  • There are no rights you can gain from anything provided on this website in any possible way. Keep in mind that I created this website for fun – not to be your personal assistant, helpdesk, or developer.
  • If I by chance forgot anything in these bullets, keep in mind:
    Think for yourself, use your brain, and anything you do is for your own responsibility.



Dutch law allows making a copy of copyrighted materials for own use, exercise, or education – Consumers pay a small extra fee on all blanc media for the copyright holders (even making a copy of that nice CD of your neighbors!).More details can be found at “Stichting de Thuiskopie” – anybody in the USA paying attention here that there are alternatives to MPAA Gestapo behavior!?.

More generic information (covering multiple countries) can be found on the Wikipedia page on CopyrightCopyright FAQ.