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Delphi – IDE Code Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Delphi – IDE Code Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re like me, and are switching between different developer environments on different platforms, then at times it can be hard to remember the proper keyboard shortcuts. Or … you were never aware of these shortcuts …

In this short article an overview of keyboard shortcuts for Delphi.

Delphi IDE Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a short list of keyboard shortcuts as they can be found in Borland/Embarcadero Delphi 2007 in it’s default settings.
These shortcuts work in newer Delphi version (XE, …, XE4) as well.

Note that there are more shortcuts than just these, but these are probably the most common ones.

I’ve made 2 tables for this, the first one of the shortcuts I frequently use, and the second table with the keyboard shortcuts that I occasionally or even rarely use.

Shortcuts I frequently use

Frequently used Shortcuts
 Keystroke Action
 CTRL + SHIFT + i Indent selected block
 CTRL + SHIFT + u Un-indent selected block
 F9 Run program (debugger)
 CTRL + F9 Compile
 SHIFT + F9 Build
 F8 Step over (debugger)
 F4 Run program to current cursor position
 F5 Toggle breakpoint
 CTRL + F5 Add Watch
 ALT + G Goto line number (editor)
 CTRL + SPACE Invoke code completion
 CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE Invoke code parameter hint
 CTRL + SHIFT +   Go up to method declaration
 CTRL + SHIFT +   Go down to method implementation
 CTRL + / Toggle comment for selected block
 CTRL + F Find
 F3 Find Next
 CTRL + R Search and Replace

Shortcuts I rarely use

Ocassionally/Rarely used Shortcuts
 Keystroke Action
 CTRL + Y Delete Current line
 CTRL + T Delete Current word
 CTRL + SHIFT + Y Delete to end of line
 F7 Trace into (debugger)
 CTRL + J Invoke code templates
 CTRL + SHIFT + G Insert new GUID
 ALT + [ Match pair forward
 ALT + ] Match pair backward
 ALT +    Browse forward – Hotlink history
 ALT +     Browse backward – Hotlink history
 CTRL + F12 View Units
 CTRL + SHIFT + R Start macro recorder
 CTRL + SHIFT + P Play macro
 CTRL + ENTER Open file at cursor


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