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Find educational games for children

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Hello everyone, summer has come, children have summer vacation. Can I ask if there are any educational games for children to develop their brains better? Looking forward to hearing from you. Should everyone?

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Not being an educational expert at all, and not even having children of my own, I'd say: Maybe look at old-school games.
Anything like Sudoku, Chess or Checkers, etc. played NOT on a device, and maybe even play outside.

If I'd have children then I'd try to expose them to these kind non-tech activities, so they learn how to do without tech and give their brain a moment of not so much tech strain.

Note that tech based games (eg. on a phone/tablet/pc) can be good as well of course for brain development, but maybe developing the ability to finding some "tech rest" is not bad either.

Just a thought ... 😊