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Rename My TV Series 2

Rename My TV Series 2

Rename My TV Series, a tool to rename tv series episodes, has been around for a while now, and it’s time for an update (the “old one” can still be found here). So I proudly present: Rename My TV Series 2.

Two of the main reasons for this new version are the needed update of the user interface and support for the new API of But there is more; macOS users wanted a 64 bit version to avoid the 32 bit complaining and having the application signed was on the wishlist for them as well. Support for SSL (since API requires this), the use of notifications and the support for a dark theme, the merging of 2 episodes, caching results, are a few of other desired or needed items.

I’m still striving to do as much cross-platform development as possible, so macOS, Windows and Linux users can use my tools, which means that this new version will be available for all these 3 platforms.

Purpose of Rename My TV Series

Originally the application was built as a purpose to learn more about Lazarus Pascal and cross-platform development.

In the meanwhile, my tool is being used be a lot of users to help them rename TV-Series files.
Just keep in mind that this tool is not to promote illegal downloading or illegal sharing of copyrighted materials. It’s just a handy tool to occasionally rename some of your TV show files.

The philosophy is a simple work flow; you have a few odd named TV Show episodes and you’d like to give them a proper name, based on the TV Show name, season, episode and title of the episode. This has been expanded with features like resolution, year, data first aired, etc.

This tool by no means pretends to be anything else than just that.

Some features:

  • Support the new API (v2)
  • Caching shows and banners (so reloading at the later time could go faster)
  • Dark Theme support (MacOS and Linux only, accent color observed)
  • Automatically move files into a desired directory structure
  • Define your own file and directory name format
  • Create NFO files for the TV Show and for the individual Episodes
  • Store a banner for the TV Show
  • Merge 2 Episodes into 1 (filename only of course)
  • Detection of resolution, video format, Audio and Video codec, and audio channels
  • Log file of what files have been renamed

If you like Rename My TV Series … 

If you use and/or like Rename My TV Series, then please like us at, or share the link to this page on social media.
It’s would be greatly appreciated.

Getting Started – Downloading Rename My TV Series

At the time of writing this article, the following Intel based systems are supported:

  • Most Windows versions that can run Windows 32 bit applications.
  • Most MacOS versions that can run 64 bit applications.
  • Most Linux versions that can run 64 bit applications.

Step 1 is obviously downloading the latest version. Pick from the list below, the version suitable for your Operating System:

DOWNLOAD - RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5-macOS-64bit 

Platform: Mac OS X
Filename: RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5-macOS-64bit.dmg
Version: 2.0.5
Size: 22.3 MiB
Date: March 3, 2019
 Download Now 

DOWNLOAD - RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Windows-32bit-setup 

Platform: Windows
Filename: RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Windows-32bit-setup.exe
Version: 2.0.5b
Size: 15.3 MiB
Date: May 8, 2019
 Download Now 

DOWNLOAD - RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Linux64bit 

Platform: Linux
Filename: RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Linux64bit.tar.gz
Version: 2.0.5b
Size: 23.1 MiB
Date: April 24, 2019
 Download Now 

Alternative for Linux Users 

Michael has been so kind to provide alternatives for KaOS (and I believe Arch users as well):

RenameMyTVSeries can be downloaded through the KaOS Community Repository, either by executing kcp -i renamemytvseries in Terminal/Shell, or by using the GUI with Octopi (KCP section).

Arch users can use his package from GitHub.

All this can be done manually as well, from Terminal:

# git clone
# cd RenameMyTVSeries
# makepkg -I


  • v2.0.5 – Bug fix similar named files.
  • v2.0.4 – Bug fixes and some new features
    – Fixed counter bug in list found episodes
    – Added Force Refresh button (forces to redownload TheTVDB data)
    – Added a splitter allowing you to resize the SelectedEpisodes and SelectedFiles lists
    – Added button to reset the splitter position back to the middle
    – Added # and ? to default replacement special chars to be replaced with nothing (removed)
    – Added in Preferences: when double clicking a row in the “History”, that row will be removed
    – Added in Preferences: Optional have no leading zero’s for the “Extras” (season 0)
    – Added the option to load episodes right away when selecting a search result as an alternative to double clicking a show (see Preferences)
    – Added the option to use both titles when merging 2 episodes (Eg. title 1 – title 2)
    – Bug fixed: when more files are shown than episodes listed a would show name dummy for the missing episode in the list
    – Renamed and repositioned some buttons in the main window (space needed for the new buttons)
    – Work around for selecting from history and clicking search a second time – now shows results (removed year from edit field)
    – Resolved issue with minimum number of characters for Season and Episode (for example with shows that have a year number instead of a season number)
    – Fixed: For TV shows that miss a First Aired date, an attempt will be made to retrieve it from the first episode’s airdate
    – Added AutoLog option with fixed path for log files – logs will be stored in that directory automatically when this option is enabled
    – Added an optional default log location
    – Added seconds to log filename (for those who are really quick)
  • v2.0.3 – This version was skipped, since it was released for beta testing some of the new features in 2.0.4
  • v2.0.2 – Added parameter for %NY (see below), implemented Database upgrade mechanism, improved language support
  • v2.0.1b – Linux only: Minor refresh issue in the preferences made menus look transparent (thanks Mike for reporting!).
  • v2.0.1 – Minor bug fixes and some cosmetic improvements mostly for macOS dark theme.
  • v2.0.0 – Initial release of Rename My TV Series v2

Note: Signing issue for macOS has been resolved.

 MacOS users simply drag RenameMyTVSeries from the DMG into their “Applications” folder.

 Linux users create a directory and drop the renamemytvseries and ffprobe binaries in it. You can optionally use one of the icons.

 Windows users run the setup file to get the installation started.

Finding your way in the GUI

Most likely nobody reads this section, and I hope that is the case, as it would mean that I did a good job on designing the application. I’ll start with some screenshot, since I like to see those right away with applications build by others.

  Tip: Quite a few options can also be found in the regular menu op the application. Even though rarely used, I’ve still implemented it. For Windows users the menu becomes visible by pressing the “Alt” key. MacOS users will find it in the top menu bar, and Linux users will see the menu in the top part of the application.

Rename My Tv Series - MacOS (Mojave)

Rename My Tv Series – MacOS (Mojave)

Rename My Tv Series - MacOS (Mojave Dark Theme)

Rename My Tv Series – MacOS (Mojave Dark Theme)

Rename My Tv Series - Linux (Mint)

Rename My Tv Series – Linux (Mint)

Rename My Tv Series - Linux (Mint Dark Theme)

Rename My Tv Series – Linux (Mint Dark Theme)

Rename My Tv Series - Windows (10)

Rename My Tv Series – Windows (10)

For those familiar with the “old” version; the interface has become mature and modern – probably still room for improvements of course, but I have to work with the tools that I have. On that note: tons of thanks to the people at the Lazarus Forum and especially Dmitry who did a lot of Cocoa development.

The initial workflow is easy: On the left we select a TV show, retrieve the episode, add the files and add the matching TV shows, and hit the “Rename” button.

Things have been growing a little out of proportion, I hope to though on some of these new features as we go through the user interface.

Rename My TV Series – Finding your TV Show and Episodes

Note: This application is completely English and that will probably not change anytime soon. This is just a hobby for me, and society expects me to have a job. The people from the lottery haven’t let me win either, so I’m stuck with how much time I can put into projects like this.

Section – TV Shows

In the upper left corner you’ll find a field where we can enter a search text. This can be part of the name or the full name of a TV show. With an initial search I’d avoid adding the year to the show. So when looking for “Stargate SG-1”, just type that. Avoid adding the year in this format “(1997)”. Not all shows are stored on TheTVDB in that fashion and it may prevent the show from appearing.

Below a small video showing you how I look for the TV show “Stargate SG-1” from 1997. Yeah, I know, I keep falling back to Stargate SG-1 – can’t help being a fan 


As you can see, just type the show, click on “Search” and a list of matching shows will appear. If the list remains empty, well, then you’d better try a different search string.

Better Results when Searching 

Sometimes the desired show does not appear right away. Here a few trips that may help you get the show you’re looking for;

  1. Make sure you’re spelling the name correctly,
  2. Keep it short and simple, leave out things like the year and words at the beginning like “the”,
  3. If you still get no results, try looking for the English name (switch the language button to “English”),
  4. If you know the TVDB-ID, you can enter this directly, in this format: TVDB:12345 for example “TVDB:72449” (without quotes)

You’ll notice a few things in the screen and maybe when you’re giving it a try yourself;

  • When a section is “working”, the grey header will change color (for example “TV Shows“, “TV Show Details” and “Episodes” in the little video), just so you know it’s busy.
  • By default, when only one result returns (try: “Stargate SG-1”), Episodes will automatically be retrieved (you can change this in preferences).
  • When there are multiple results, you’ll have to select the desired show. The “TV Show Details” will then show some of the details of the selected show.
  • You can select a language, in the example set to English, but keep in mind that not all shows are available or correctly or complete translated!
  • When clicking “Get Episodes” the list “Episodes” will be populated with data retrieved from TheTVDB or your local database.

One thing we haven’t talked about is the little arrow button next to the search field: The History menu.
This button pulls up a list of TV Shows you’ve retrieved Episodes from at an earlier time. Shows will only be added if you actually retrieve episodes, to avoid that it gets filled with shows you weren’t looking for. This will look something like this:

Rename My TV Series - History Menu

Rename My TV Series – History Menu

Selecting a show from the history menu will pull right away just that show and it’s episodes.

This brings us to the use of the database. Once a show has been retrieved with episodes, it will all be cached in a database, so the next time you want to retrieve this show it will pull it from the database which is much faster. Obviously, since TheTVDB community is very active, results will be updated. This is why there is an option in the preferences that allows you to dictate how quick data expires and needs to be refresh. By default this is 7 days, since most shows have one episode per week anyway.

Section – TV Show Details

In the section “TV Show Details” you’ll find some basic info like the title, story line, date the show started, by what network, and a banner. You’ll also find two small links:

  • Copy TVDB ID” – This copies the TVDB string onto the clipboard in the format “TVDB:12345“, which can be used in other applications,
  • Open TVDB Page” – This will open the matching page of the TV Show on

Section – Episodes

In this section you will see the episodes of the selected show listed. As described earlier, you will have to click the “Get Episodes” button to retrieve the episodes. Exceptions are when the search only returned one result, or you selected an item from the History menu, episodes appear automatically.

You’ve probably already noticed it; you can set the desired sort and numbering order. “Episodes” can be sorted by “Air Date” or “DVD” order, and you can have episodes numbered per season or continuous. Continuous numbering starts with Season 1, Season “0” (or: ‘Specials”) will not be included in continuous numbering. Continuous numbering means that when Season 1 ends with episode 24, then Season 2 starts with episode 25, etc.

Right clicking an episode will bring up a menu, with items depending on your selection;

Menu Options
Menu Item Purpose Selection
Add Selected Episode(s) Add the selection to the rename list 1 or more rows
Show Episode Details Show a popup with episode details 1 row only
Select This Season Select an entire season 0 or more rows
Select All Normal Episodes Select all episode not in “Specials” 0 or more rows
Select All Episodes Select all episodes including “Specials” 0 or more rows
Select Inverse Flip the selection 1 or more rows
Deselect All Clear the selection 1 or more rows

Double clicking an single episode (with left mouse button) will add the episode to the rename list on the right (under the header “Selected Episodes“).

When selecting “Show Episode Details“, a details window will popup, which will disappear when clicking elsewhere in the application window.

Rename My TV Series - Episode Details

Rename My TV Series – Episode Details

Renaming Your Files

On the right half of the application window, you’ll see two (initially empty) lists: “Selected Episodes” and “Selected Files”.
Each row will link a selected episode to a selected file, which can be shuffled manually or sorted before actually renaming anything.

At the bottom you’ll see a small text indicating how many episodes and files are in the list, and if you’re missing some episodes or files.
As long as these 2 lists are not aligned, the “Rename” button not work and will say “Cannot Rename” on the button – indicating the the lists are not in sync.

After clicking “Rename“, a summary will be shown how many files have been renamed and how many failed.
In Linux and MacOS the proper notifications will be shown, under Windows I had to mimic notifications as this is not supported for standard “exe” files (win32/desktop applications). None of the notifications require interaction, as they disappear automatically.

Section – Selected Episodes

In this section you will find the episodes you’ve added from the “Episodes” section on the left.
Adding episodes can be done by double clicking and episode, or by selecting one or more episodes and clicking the “Add” button under the “Selected Episodes” header.
Alternatively, you can right click episodes and select “Add Selected Episode(s)” from the popup menu.

  Tip for Windows users: Before right clicking a selection of multiple episodes, you may need to keep the Shift button pressed to not loose the selection.

After adding episodes, you can Sort or Remove them, drag them up and down, or Clear the entire list.

  Tip for those that would like to mix shows: Depending on your preferences settings you actually can mix several shows, by unchecking the “Clear lists when selecting a new TV Show” in the Preferences window. See “Preferences” for more details.

Section – Selected Files

I know it’s pretty obvious, but just for completeness: in this section you can add the files, or directories with files, you’d like to rename.
To add files you can use the buttons “Add File(s)“, or “Add Dir(s)“, or drag and drop you files or directories on the application window. MacOS users can also drag and drop on the dock icon of Rename My TV Series.

When adding a directory, all files in the directory and its sub-directories will be added.

After adding one or more files has completed, a brief summary will appear showing you how many files were found and added.
If FFprobe was enabled, but somehow failed to find media information, this will be reported as well.

Supported File Extensions for Video Files 

At this time only the following file extensions will be recognized as video files:

.3gp, .asf, .avi, .divx, .dvb, .flv, .m4v, .mjpeg, .mkv, .mov, .mp2, .mp4, .mpg, .ogg, .ogm, .ogv, .qt, .raw, .rmvb, .ts, .vid, .vob, .wma, .wmv, .xvid

As with episodes, added files can be Sorted, Removed, shuffled by manually dragging them around, and you can Clear the entire list.

  Sorting is done on best effort and may or may not work perfectly. We try to remove numbers in show-names and years, in hopes to get a useful sort based on numbers remaining. This has worked very well for me, but I can imagine that this is not perfect. Feel free to report sort issues in the comments below.

  When adding files, and with FFprobe enabled, files will be analyzed right away. This will slow down reading the files, even though FFprobe is amazingly fast.
If you do not use resolution, video format, audio codec, video codec, and audio channels, then consider disabling FFprobe in the Preferences window (uncheck “Enable FFprobe”) which will speed up import significantly.

Optional: Rename Similar Named Files

Do not worry about additional files like subtitles, info files etc.

If you have the option “Rename similar named files” checked in Preferences, ALL files that start with the same name will be renamed as well, no matter what extension they have. To illustrate this, say we have a video file called “somevideofile.avi”, any file in the same directory that starts with “somevideofile” will be renamed as wel, even if what follows in the name is more than just an extension. Say we’d rename it to “episode 1.avi” then the following files would be renamed correctly as well;

“somevideofile.sub” (to: “episode 1.sub”),
“” (to: “episode”),
“somevideofile.trailer.mp4” (to: “episode 1.trailer.mp4”),
“somevideofile-sample.mkv” (to: “episode 1-sample.mkv”),

Optional: Moving Renamed Files

Rename My TV Series offers the option to move renamed files to a new location. This could be the TV Shows folder on your NAS or any directory accessible for that matter (for Windows users, I’d recommend mapping network drives to a drive letter!). For this we’d need to define where to move the files and what the directory format should be.

Option 1 – Moving it to your “TV Shows” directory

Say you have a central location where you store your TV Shows, say a NAS share under Windows mapped as E:\TVShows.
If you set the directory “Move to folder” format (in Preferences) to “%N (%Y)/Season %SZ” and the “Base Path” to “E:\TVShows“, renamed files will be moved to “E:\TVShows\ShowName (year)\Season XY” automatically. More about the renaming format later, as this is the same format used to define the renaming format for files.

Option 2 – Make a directory structure in the directory where the file currently resides

Say you want a similar structure but just keep it in the directory where the file current resides, click the “X” button to make sure the “Base Path” is set to “(currentdir)“.
As an example, say the file(s) reside in “C:\Converted“, and the directory format is set to “%N (%Y)/Season %SZ“, renamed files will be moved to “C:\Converted\ShowName (year)\Season XY” automatically

Experiment with empty files 

Since we don’t like losing our video files, I’d recommend playing with a few empty files with names you made up.
I’ve written for that purpose an article that shows you how you can make empty dummy files.
Obviously FFprobe will not detect any media info, as there is none, but at least you can try and test without losing any important files.

Optional: Create a log file

Sometimes it’s good to see what happened, so there is an option to create a log file which will show what file has been renamed and/or moved to what filename/location. Failures will be reported in this log file as well. If you enabled this option, a dialog will ask you if and where you’d like to store the log after you have executed a rename.

This option can be enabled in the Preferences window by checking “Create log file of renamed files“.

Optional: Clear the lists after renaming files

After renaming files, their new names will be listed in “Selected Files“, and files that failed to be renamed will still be listed with their original name. I find this convenient since I can see right away what happened. The downside is that I have to click the “Clear Both Lists” button to clear the lists.

By checking the option “Clear lists after renaming completed” in Preferences, your lists will be completed right away.

File or Directory Format Definition

Obviously we all have our own taste and preferences when it comes to naming files or directory, and that’s why Rename My TV Series offers you a free formatting definition.

TV Show name and years … 

On TheTVDB, some shows do and some shows do not have a year in their title in the (YEAR) format – unfortunately a little inconsistency.

This could cause potential issues when using “%N (%Y)” in the filename or path string. With some shows it would produce “Doctor Who (1963)” and with other “Doctor Who (2005) (2005)” – so the user would not be able to define a filename string applicable for all shows.

To remedy this, Rename My TV Series strips the years from names, for those that have a year in the name.
This way all shows do not have a year when used in the format string, and a code like “%N (%Y)” would always work.

To still accommodate the format used by TheTVDB, the code “%NY” has been introduced – since some media management tools seem to get confused when always (or never) adding a year.
When using this for the show title, a year may, or may not be included, depending on how the name was defined on TheTVDB.
It’s not recommended to use “%NY” and “%Y” in the same filename or directory name format string, since years may appear double.

In essence this is a string with a few special codes in it, and those codes will be replaced with values relevant for selected TV Show and/or Episode. You can also see this list in the application, by clicking “Show Format Help” (upper right corner in the Preferences window) – it will show a window with an explanation and this window can remain open while editing “Filename Format” or “Move to folder” in the preferences window.

Rename My TV Series - Format Help window

Rename My TV Series – Format Help window

  Tip: When using %S (not %SZ or %Sx) or %E (not %EZ or %Ex), there will be no leading zero’s, unless you checked the option “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide” in Preferences. If this option is checked, a leading zero WILL be added anyway for numbers less than 10.


Clicking the “Settings” button on the main window, will open the Preferences window.
I’ll briefly explain each of the options here.

Back to Default Settings … 

All settings can be reset to default by clicking “Reset All to Default” – this will also erase “History” and reset “Special Characters” to its default values.


Rename My TV Series - Preferences Window

Rename My TV Series – Preferences window

Preferences – Generic Application Settings

Enable FF Probe (Default: disabled)

This option enables or disables scanning video files with FFprobe. Enabling this will slow down adding files, but it does allow you to use the codes/tags for Audio Codec, Audio Channels, Video Codec, Video Resolution and Video Format. If you do not use these codes/tags, then I’d recommend disabling this.
This option will be disabled if FFprobe cannot be found in the directory where Rename My TV Series is located.
FFprobe is included with the files you download here.

Allow Adding Multiple The Same Episodes (Default: disabled)

If the same episode is added to the “Selected Episodes” list, but the episode is already in this list, it will not be added by default to prevent renaming issues (files ending up with the same name). Rename My TV Series would catch this during the renaming process as well (and produce a failure) as well.

In some cases however one may want to have multiple episodes as they may be stored in different formats or resolutions. For example a 480p version for mobile use and a 1080p version for watching it at home on your TV.

Enabling this option (default disabled) allows you to override this. Be warned though; this may result in unexpected outcomes.

Enable Applications Hints (Default: enabled)

This option enables or disables the little hint windows popping up when hovering over certain user interface elements. Convenient when you just start using Rename My Tv Series, but maybe annoying when you’ve used it for a while.

Compact Database on Close (Default: enabled)

The data of your TV shows will be stored and cached in a SQLite database. By adding, removing, or updating data, the database may get defragmented and become slower. This is probably only noticeable with large amounts of data in the database, but SQLite has a cleaning (vacuum) option which will run each time the application is closed. This does slow down closing the application a tiny bit, so if it takes too long for your taste; you can disable it.

Save Window Size/Position when closing Application (Default: enabled)

Since we all have different monitors, different preferences on the position and size of the application window; this option will save the size and position of Rename My TV Series. Next time when you open Rename My TV Series it will open the same way you left it last time.

The button “Reset Windows” will reset size and position to the default position. This option also exists in the main menu.

Preferences – Finding TV Shows

Default language for searching TV Shows (Default: English)

Searching TV Shows is best done in the English language, but it can be desirable to select another language. Here you can set the default language (which can be overridden in the main window on an individual basis).

Note: TheTVDB has an impressive amount of data, but not all shows and/or episodes are translated. Some are not translated, some only partially. Selecting another language may result in finding less TV shows, incomplete translations, etc.

Automatically download Episode list when only one TV Show was found (Default: enabled)

When searching for TV Shows, you may get zero or more results. When this option is enabled, Rename My TV Series will automatically click the “Get Episodes” button for you when only one result was found. Assuming this was the TV Show you were looking for anyway.

Default: Sort by DVD Sort Order (Default: disabled)

By default, Episodes are listed by date Aired. By checking this option, the DVD sort order will be used instead.

Default: Continuous Episode numbering (Default: disabled)

Normally, episodes are numbered in such a way that each season start with episode 1.
Enabling this option will start numbering with Season 1, episode 1, and keep numbering the following season in sequence.
This means, if Season 1 ends with Episode 24, then Season 2 will start with Episode 25.

Episodes in Season 0 (zero) a.k.a. “Specials” will not be included in this numbering, they will just start with one and the episode counting resets to “1” with the beginning of season 1.

Always sort all files after adding files (Default: enabled)

When adding files, Rename My TV Series will do an attempt to sort the files in season/episode order. This usually results in a nicely sorted list, but sometimes it doesn’t, especially when mixing TV show or very odd filenames.

Clear lists when selecting a new TV Show (Default: enabled)

With a normal workflow, one may start with selecting a TV Show, select episodes, add files, rename, and start the next TV show. With this option enabled, all lists will be cleared when you select another TV Show, to avoid mixing up things.

In case your workflow is different, for example you do mix TV Shows or you have the habit of adding files first, then you may want to disable this option by unchecking it.

Display Episodes, in Rename list, as: (Default: New filename (formatted))

This option allows you to change the way episodes are listed in “Selected Episodes”. By default this would be the “new filename (formatted)“, previewing what the new filename would look like (for video information, dummy data is being used). If you’d like you can set this to “Show name, Season#, Episode#, title” or “Season#, Episode#, Title“.

Remove colon (:) from TV Show name (Default: disabled)

In theTVDB data, sometimes shows are not named in a consisted way. In the video demo in the beginning of this article, you could already see this. For example, we were looking for “Stargate” which resulted in:

Stargate Atlantis (2004)
Stargate Origins (2018)
Stargate SG-1 (1997)
Stargate Universe (2009)
Stargate: Infinity (2002)

Now these names are most likely correct, but you can see the inconsistency with “Stargate: Infinity (2002)”.
Enabling this option will remove the colon (:), so that “Stargate: Infinity (2002)” becomes “Stargate Infinity (2002)” automatically.

Cache Episodes will expire in x days (Default: 7 days)

To speed up things, episodes information is being cached in the SQLite database, which in most cases is just fine. Weekly broadcasted shows will most likely not update more than once a week, and most of the time information is already known far before the next episode is being broadcasted. For old show, the data may never update.
TheTVDB is however very active and old data may be corrected and updated at any time.

This is way Rename My TV Series offers the option to control the expiration time, which makes Rename My TV Series check if data has been updated. After the indicated number of days, Rename My TV Series will check if an update is needed, and if so, execute the update.

Default this is set to 7 days, but you can pick anything you want.
Some special values are:

= Cached data ALWAYS expires, so we check for updates each time we access this show,
-1 = Cached data NEVER expires, so we never check if data needs to be updated.

Preferences – TV Show History

Each time you download episodes for a given TV Show, the TV Show will be added to the history list, giving you quick access in the main window. This is convenient for TV Shows you work frequently with. There is basically no limit to the size of this list, so sometimes you’d want to clean up some of these shows. For example shows you never or no longer use, or because the list became too long for your taste.

In this section you can remove individual shows or even clear the list completely.

Preferences – Filename Format

In this section you can define the format of episode filenames (see also the “File or Directory Formatting” paragraph above for details).
You can simply type in the “Filename format” field, whatever you want. Special codes can be insert (click “Show Format Help” for details) and some predefined formats can be picked by clicking the little arrow-down button.

As you type, or change the format string, you will see the example change as well.
The example is based on the 1997 TV Show “Stargate SG-1”, Season 2, Episode 7, “Message in a bottle”, 5.1 AC3 audio (6ch), 720p (1280×720) H264 video, as an MP4 file. It will give you an idea what the episode names will look like.

Preferences – Renaming Files

Display warning before renaming files (Default: enabled)

This option will popup a confirmation request when clicking the “Rename” button. This is great to prevent accidental clicking the “Rename” button. Others may find that annoying.

Rename similar named files (Default: enabled)

When checked, Rename My TV Series will rename similar named files (any!) found in the same directory.

To illustrate this, say we have a video file called “somevideofile.avi”, any file in the same directory that starts with “somevideofile” will be renamed as wel, even if what follows in the name is more than just an extension. Say we’d rename it to “episode 1.avi” then the following files would be renamed correctly as well;

“somevideofile.sub” to: “episode 1.sub”
“” to: “episode”
“somevideofile.trailer.mp4” to: “episode 1.trailer.mp4”
“somevideofile-sample.mkv” to: “episode 1-sample.mkv”

Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (Default: enabled)

By checking this option, Season or Episode numbers will always be at least 2 characters long, and if needed a leading zero will be added.
This option has been added since normally (%SZ) the maximum length of these numbers will be used as a guide to add leading zero’s or not. However, sometimes episodes or seasons beyond number 9 may not yet exist when released, which may result in a less nice looking file or folder name in the future.
Therefor this options forces a length of at least 2 characters, as many TV Shows do not exceed 99 episodes or 99 seasons.

Video Codec: Replace H26x with x26x (Default: disabled)

As an example H264 is the official generic name for a video encoding format, but x264 is the commonly used open source H264 encoder. So H264 is a format, and X264 is a software library to create H264 files. Some users prefer to see x264. This works for all codecs starting with H26, for example H265 will become x265.

Create log file of renamed files (Default: disabled)

To debug, undo, or just see what has happened, a log file can be created. In this log file you find the failures, original filename and directory, and the new filename and directory. After clicking “Rename” and the renaming process has completed a dialog will popup asking you if you want to save a log and where you’d want to save it.

Set Media Files Creation date to First Aired Date (Default: enabled)

The creation date, or last-modified date (depending on your Operating System), of your video file and extra files, will be changed to the first aired date. This gives you right away an idea when a given episode was first aired by looking at the files, and it allows for easier sorting of files.

Clear list after renaming completed (Default: disabled)

After a rename has completed, the “Selected Files” list will reflect the new filenames (or the old filenames if it failed). Personally I find it convenient to see this as a visual feedback, but some like to work faster and in that case, clearing the list right-away can be more convenient.

Save TV Show Banner (JPG) and info file (NFO) in parent folder of media file (Default: disabled)

This option will create a banner JPG file and an NFO file in the directory that holds the directory with the new named video file in it. For example if you video file is “C:\TVShows\MyShow\Season 01\MyEpisode.avi“, then it will create banner.jpg and show.nfo in “C:\TVShows\MyShow\“.

The NFO file will include some basic info about the TV Show.

Save Episode info (NFO) with Media File (Default: disabled)

Here episode information file (NFO) will be saved with the episode video file, with the same name.
Again, this file will include some basic episode information. Audio and Media information will be pretty basic, since tools like KODI tend to overwrite this anyway.

Capitalization: Series Name, Episode Title (Default: Do not change)

Here you can choose if a series name and episode title needs to be changed when it comes to using caps or not.
Your options are:

  • Do not change” (recommended),
  • Caps for the first letter of the first word“,
  • Caps for the first letter of each word“,
  • all uppercase” or
  • all lowercase“.

Keep in mind that this may give undesired results, for example “Stargate SG-1” looks weird if you’d choose caps for each first letter of each first word (Stargate Sg-1).

Capitalization: File Extension(s) (Default: all lowercase)

Extension of video files and similar named files are either set to either “all lowercase” (mp4, srt, sub etc) or “all uppercase” (MP4, SRT, SUB etc).

Move to folder (Default: disabled, “%N (%Y)/Season %SZ/”, current directory)

As mentioned before, renamed files can automatically be moved to a different location.

The destination is determined by 2 parts; “Base Path” and “Move to Folder“.

The “Base path” can be either the current directory of the video file “(currentdir)” (click the “X” button), or a path you select by clicking the “Select base Path” button.
The “Move to Folder” path where to move the file to is determined by the format string (%N (%Y)/Season %SZ/) which works the same way as the filename format.
When using directory separator symbols, make sure you use the right one (“/” for Linux/Mac and “\” for Windows).

All put together: <base patch>/<move to folder>/episode.avi

Preferences – Replace Special Characters

Sometimes, titles or names have funny characters in it, and depending on your Operating System this will cause problems.
Here we can define what characters should be replaced with what character or text.

Default for MacOS and Linux;

  • *” will be replaced with “x”,
  • double quote (“) will be replaced with “`”,
  • single quote (‘) will be replaced with “`”,
  • forward slash (/) will be replaced with “_”,
  • colon (:) will be removed (= replaced with “nothing”).

For Windows we additionally have the following removed (replaced with “nothing”):

  • less than (<)
  • greater than (>)
  • forward slash (/)
  • backslash (\)
  • vertical bar or pipe (|)
  • question mark (?)

Windows does NOT allow these characters in filenames (reference).

As you can imagine these characters can cause serious issues in filenames.

You can add/remove/change anything you’d like in this list.

If a character is a space, [SPACE] will be shown in the list, if a character is “nothing” then [EMPTY] will be displayed. This is for display purposes only, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the difference.

How to Uninstall

Not every program you try is all that great and awesome, or doing what you were looking for – suggestions are welcome, but incase you really want to remove Rename My TV series, follow these steps.


All executables are in the application that you’ve placed in “Applications” named either “” or “RenameMyTVSeries“. Just drag it into the trash.

Settings, banners and database are located in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Rename My TV Series , which you can drag into the Trash as well.


Under Linux you’ll find 2 executables; “RenameMyTVSeries” and “ffprobe” – delete those.
If you saved the icons as well, then you can toss those as well.

Settings, banners and database are stored in ~/.config/Rename My TV Series , so it’s hidden in your home directory. Delete that as well.


Under Windows you can use the uninstall option, which removes DLL’s, executables, settings, database and banner cache. Executables and DLL’s are usually stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rename My TV Series just in case you want to double check..

Settings, banners, and database are located in c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Rename My TV Series.

A word of gratitude …

I’ve spend numerous days in developing this application, but without the help and work of others, this may not have been possible at all. So I’d like to take a minute to thank some teams and folks for helping out, providing the means to develop, or tools that made my life easier, in no particular order.

Lazarus Pascal Team, for providing an awesome free tool to developers on numerous platforms, especial Dmitry (skalogryz) for his work on the Cocoa widget set and Leandro for his BGRA controls.

TheTVDB Team and users, without their work there would not be no data on TV Shows.

SQLite Team, for providing a compact, fast and cross-platform database engine.

FFmpeg team, for providing the tools to work with media files.

And of course some of the users here providing ideas, suggestions and doing beta testing.

Donation options

Donations are very much appreciated, but not required. Donations will be used for web-hosting expenses, project hardware or a motivational boost (a drink or snack). Thank you very much for those have donated already! It's truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our articles and small applications.


There are 292 comments. You can read them below.
You can post your own comments by using the form below, or reply to existing comments by using the "Reply" button.

  • Oct 28, 2018 - 5:25 PM - Mike Skultety Comment Link

    The mac version reports the app is damaged and needs to be moved to the Trash.

    Version 2.0.0


    Mike Skultety

    • Oct 28, 2018 - 5:35 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mike,

      thanks for testing this quick, as I had not caught that problem. 

      I’ve just uploaded a new version – seems to be a DMG issue. Please download again and try again.
      I’ve signed the DMG and the application. If it fails again, I’ll upload it without signing the DMG.



      • Oct 28, 2018 - 5:40 PM - Mike Skultety Comment Link

        Hans, same error I’m afraid.


        Mike Skultety

        • Oct 28, 2018 - 6:07 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Yep, I’ve noticed it … I’ve just uploaded a unsigned version – which did work after I downloaded it here.
          This means that when you start the application, you’ll get an “unknown developer” message and in System Preferences you’ll have to click “Open Anyway” under the Security and Privacy options. If you’re running “Little Snitch” it will bark that it’s blocking Internet traffic because the application is not signed and you’ll have to manually allow traffic to go through.

          It’s past midnight here, so I’ll give the signing thing another try tomorrow when I’m more awake.
          Thanks Mike for catching this so fast. I’ll add a note to the article for now. 



    • Oct 28, 2018 - 5:41 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hangon – I just downloaded the DMG and am getting the same message again.
      My local file works just fine … 



      • Oct 28, 2018 - 5:58 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Alright, found the problem, just not yet how to fix it 
        One pays $99/year to get the ability to sign applications and they make it far from easy. 
        So it seems that it doesn’t like my signature, I do not know why just yet … So I’ll try to make a DMG with an (for now) unsigned version.



        • Oct 28, 2018 - 6:44 PM - Mike Skultety Comment Link

          Got the unsigned version, opens fine. The application is generic. Get some sleep and thanks, great program!


          Mike Skultety

          • Oct 28, 2018 - 6:49 PM - Mike Skultety Comment Link

            May have found a bug, or a preference Im missing. Renaming Dr. Who under the old version would include the year (2005) in the name, the new version, while listed in the search, no longer includes the year. FYI.

            Mike Skultety

          • Oct 29, 2018 - 3:56 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Thanks Mike,

            oh man, the signing issue has been frustrating, oh well – another day, and a new attempt to fix it.
            I’m glad you could at least play with the unsigned version 

            As for the bug you found;
            On TheTVDB, some shows do and some shows do not have a year in their title in the (YEAR) format – unfortunately a little inconsistency.
            This could cause potential issues when using “%N (%Y)” in the filename or path string. With some shows it would produce “Doctor Who (1963)” and with other “Doctor Who (2005) (2005)” – so the user would not be able to define a filename string applicable for all shows.

            To remedy this, I’ve stripped the years from names, if they would have a year. This way all shows do not have a year when used in the format string, and a code like “%N (%Y)” would always work.

            So, the fix for you would be to replace %N with %N (%Y) in the filename and move-to-folder path format 


          • Oct 29, 2018 - 4:04 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Thanks for the reminder though – I’ve added the comment to the article! 


          • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:08 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Mike, I just updated the Mac version – still not signed though.
            Some minor bugs have been fixed related to languages and such.


  • Oct 29, 2018 - 7:08 PM - Tony Comment Link

    Hi Hans. I’m having trouble with the new Windows 32 bit version (I’m on Windows 7 x64 Service pack 1). It installs fine, all install options left as default. When it launches a window opens and says “SQLite Initial database created successfully). That window closes after a few seconds, and there are 2 grouped icons on the taskbar, but the app doesn’t bring up a working GUI, only the small windows as shown in this screenshot – .I’ve tried a few compatibility settings (I’m signed on as administrator) and reinstalled, but no luck yet. Do you have any suggestions? For what it’s worth, the older version worked fine. Thank you.



    • Nov 13, 2018 - 9:39 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Tony – I just uploaded v2.0.1. Would you mind testing this one under Windows 7? Thanks 



  • Oct 29, 2018 - 7:49 PM - Tony Comment Link

    I have found a fix for the above problem – it appears the program is launching minimised. I right clicked the right hand side box as shown in the screenshot above and selected ‘maximise’ and it works. It appears there are some sizing shenanigans present as resizing it is difficult.



    • Oct 30, 2018 - 4:26 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Tony,

      Interesting and good find! 
      I have no means to reproduce this issue though (only have Windows 10 available) – but the application does remember size and position by default and at startup resizes (if needed). I’ll triple check if there is anything in the code that may cause this.

      After restoring the size of the window, please check in settings: uncheck “Save Window Size/Pos”, and click “Reset Windows” – see what happens.



    • Oct 30, 2018 - 4:33 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      I remembered Microsoft has some free virtual machines available (link) for Internet Explorer testing.
      I did find one for Windows 7, which I’m downloading as we speak. I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce this issue.



    • Oct 30, 2018 - 8:41 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      I think I may have found what triggers this and it seems specific for older Windows versions. 
      I have one more bug to fix and then I’ll upload a new version. 



    • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:08 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Tony,

      just uploaded a version that may or may not fix this (never got the virtual machine to go, but noticed something while compiling that may have caused this issue).



  • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:36 AM - Martin Comment Link

    I’ve downloaded the Windows version yesterday and it works well so far. The only thing is, that it offers me only English titles, although there are also German titles available at TVDB. I have already changed the default language to German. No other languages are downloadable except of English.





    • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:39 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Martin,

      You can set the languages in 2 places: in the main window (temporary) and setting (more permanent, setting the language in the main window at program startup).
      Can you tell me what show you’re looking for, or what steps you’ve taken? I’d like to test and see if I can reproduce the issue.




      • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:46 AM - Martin Comment Link

        Hi Hans,

        thanks for your quick answer. I set it to German on both places, I also tried Italian. I tried it with Homeland, The Middle and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. For all 3 series are also German episode titles available on TVDB.




        • Oct 30, 2018 - 4:13 PM - Bob Comment Link

          Hi Hans,

          i have the same problem on my IMac. I set the languages to Italian on both places and, with more series, I have only the English titles available.




          • Oct 30, 2018 - 6:04 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Thanks Bob, I found the issue; the standard query for episodes does not seem to honor the accepted language return.
            I’ve rewritten things so it uses a slightly different query to actually pull the right language for the episodes.

            Because of this I noticed a bug when mixing TV shows in different languages, I hope to implement that tomorrow.

            Thanks for reporting and thanks for your patience … 


      • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:50 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Martin!

        Thank you too for the quick response 

        I’ll go test in a minute, I’m setting up a virtual machine to test Windows 7 for Tony, and after that I’ll test on Windows 10 as well.
        Which Windows version do you run?



        • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:53 AM - Martin Comment Link

          I use Windows 10 Pro (1803)

          Thanks in advance for testing it! :)



        • Oct 30, 2018 - 8:43 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          I think I found the issue. 
          The new TheTVDB API doesn’t look at the language with it’s default episodes query.
          I’ll try to implement using a different type of query that does look at the language selected.
          I hope to post a new version today.



          • Oct 30, 2018 - 8:48 AM - Martin Comment Link

            Great! Thank you very much! 


        • Oct 30, 2018 - 5:47 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          OK, fixed the issue – other languages work very well now.
          One bug did get introduced with this; when mixing shows in different languages.
          For those mixing shows; when adding episodes of a show in German, and the adding episodes in English will either result in all episodes becoming english, or blanks for where there are none. 
          I do have a fix for this in mind, but that will take a few hours to implement.
          I hope to post a new version tomorrow as it’s almost midnight here. 



    • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:09 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Martin,

      I just uploaded new builds that should address this issue – please give it a try.



      • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:15 AM - Martin Comment Link

        Hi Hans,

        many thanks for your work! I just downloaded and tested it, now it works well! 




      • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:51 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Awesome! Thanks Martin – this kept me busy for 2 full days, so I’m happy to hear things work well! 



  • Nov 1, 2018 - 9:17 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link


    New builds available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, addressing some language issues.
    Switching back and forth between language should work properly now. Please note that not all shows are available or complete in all languages. If this happens, Rename My TV Series will switch to English, most of the time automatically. I did notice that some TV shows have rather poor translations, with a weird sorting order for DVD. So your mileage may vary.

    You can now even mix languages in the Selected Episodes list – for those working with mixed shows.

    Some additional things have been added, like tracking the database structure version (for the language issues I had to change a few things in the database).
    In the future I may create a more elegant way to handle this. Right now, if the database structure is old, all data will be dropped and a new database will be created.

    Additionally, the similar named files will no longer be renamed if the related media file failed to rename. This will be indicated in the log file as well.

    When toggling languages:
    – When you were searching for a show, the search will be started again in the selected language. If the search fails, it will revert to English.
    – When selecting a show from the history dropdown, only that show will be attempted to download. If this fails, it will revert to English as well.

    Pending issue: Signing the application for MacOS.
    I’ve followed all the rules by Apple, but for some reason it refuses to work with FFprobe. I’ve reached out to other developers, but so far no clear fix for this issue.



  • Nov 3, 2018 - 5:14 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link


    Signing issue for MacOS has been resolved – the application is now signed officially, FFprobe and notifications work as they should!



  • Nov 7, 2018 - 11:44 PM - Pokewhat Comment Link


    So I haven’t used this in a while and didn’t know there was an entirely new one out. I just tried renaming a series with sequential episode count, and the old one was giving an error so I downloaded this, but it doesn’t have the option for sequential episode naming. Any chance you’d be adding that?



    • Nov 8, 2018 - 3:46 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi PokeWhat,

      actually, it does have the option to number episodes sequentially.
      Under the header “Episodes“, you’ll see the option to sort by aired or DVD … and the option to number “continuously“.
      When choosing that options, episodes will be numbered starting with episode 1, season 1. If Season 1 ends with episode 24, then season 2 will start with episode 25, etc.
      Episodes for Episode 0 (zero, a.k.a. “Specials”) will be ignored in this count.

      I assume this is what you mean?



      • Nov 8, 2018 - 11:17 AM - Pokewhat Comment Link

        Yes! So sorry about not realising it. I guess I was looking for it so hard in the place where it used to be, I couldn’t see it right under my eyes. Thank you very much!



      • Nov 9, 2018 - 2:15 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        No problem – it happens 
        At least you’ve found it now. 



  • Nov 13, 2018 - 7:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

    UPDATE (2.0.1):

    Minor bug fixes and some cosmetic improvements (mostly for macOS dark theme).



  • Nov 15, 2018 - 4:39 AM - Michael Comment Link

    For users of Arch, I created a PKGBUILD for easy installation. You find it here
    If you are a KaOS user, it’s in the KCP repos, install from Octopi or with kcp -i renamemytvseries.



  • Nov 15, 2018 - 4:24 PM - mfu Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    sorry for raining on the parade but I’m experiencing pretty severe issues with this 2.01 version I just discovered recently, I was using version 1.8-ish for a while.

    As I write this, RmTS as been renaming a season of Reign (2013) for over 40 minutes, the program title bar showing ”not responding” most of the time.

    The 2 blue boxes above episodes list show: ”Renaming in progress” and ”Renaming files 12/16”

    When it behaved liked this just before, I had to kill the process but it nuked the files it had already renamed (2 of, at this point) to zombie files (playing error ”this file does not exist”).

    I had to go in safe mode to delete s01e01 and s01e02, otherwise they were in use by ”system”, even after a reboot.

    I wish I could send you a log file or something you cloud look at and see what’s going on…



    • Nov 16, 2018 - 3:32 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mfu,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issue.

      Could you tell me more about your setup;
      – which OS are you running
      – Where are your TV Shows stored (local? networkshare? USB drive?)
      – Seems it got stuck on the 12th file; do you have any details on that file? Were there extra files? Strange characters in the filename? Access rights?

      You can enable the “Create log” option in preferences, but that may not be of any help, since the application somehow freezes up.
      To do some testing, I usually test with dummy files, here an article I wrote on how to make dummy files.

      Feel free to email me directly; webmaster at tweaking4all dot com, or reply to this notification. 



      • Nov 16, 2018 - 7:19 AM - mfu Comment Link


        the pc I was working on runs win10 pro (brand new custom built i78th gen)

        Most of the time, the files are on the same pc, but when I encountered this issue, I was working on files on a different pc (win7), by network share.

        It eventually got stuck on episode 12, but it took 40 minutes to get there (meaning it did not zoomed thru first 11 episodes, then stall on 12th

        Plain ordinary mp4 files, there was nothing special about them.

        I’m pretty sure the issue was a result of the files not being on the local pc. That said, I have no permission issue at all.



        • Nov 16, 2018 - 9:32 AM - mfu Comment Link

          The reason I had to get my files renamed a 2nd time from the network share is because they were misidentified by my media library software.

          The series I was working on is Reign (2013). Even though RmTS id’s this show as Reign (2013), it didn’t include the year in parenthesis in the file name. My media software was fooled into identifying it as some Asian anime series (with a totally different name). Instead of removing (2013) manually from almost 100 files, I chose to have file name corrected by RmTS.

          Which brings me to question this new behaviour when dealing with year in parenthesis. In previous version, RmTS would put the year in file name only when needed (and would not when not needed). Since, v2, it seems we have to make this choice ourselves.Since I don’t want or need to have this by default, I chose a format without. But this eventually causes identification error in media sftwr. In my usage scenario, I need to keep switching file name format to with or without year.

          Any chance we could go back to automatic treatment of adding year to file named only when needed?



          • Nov 18, 2018 - 8:25 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Hi MFU,

            Per your request;
            I just released v2.0.2, which should support the format code %NY for your purposes.
            This parameter will use the show title as defined by TheTVDB, so it may or may not include a year – depending if a year was included on TheTVDB (the old method).


      • Nov 17, 2018 - 4:04 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi MFU,

        you’re correct about the years. The thought behind that was that show names either have or do not have years behind them.
        The “automatic” part is fully determined by TheTVDB. I can see your situation though, and will see if I can bring back the year in the title.
        I’ll probably make this an option in preferences, since %T (%Y) will no longer work reliable (ie. show with a year in it, would show the year twice now).
        Maybe I’ll introduce a new tag for %T = “Just the title” and %TY – “Just the title and year if TheTVDB uses year as well”.

        Since you had a rename issue on a network share; could it be that your media library software was working on those files at the same time?



        • Nov 18, 2018 - 10:01 AM - MfU Comment Link

          Hi Hans,

          Lesson learned: I will not work anymore on actual media file over the network. I might test with dummy files.

          IMHO, what happened is RmTS was ”buffering” the rename jobs of the 13 episodes, meaning it started renaming 1 of 13, 2 of 13 and so on, then for some reason crashed or hung indefinitely before it could finish all episodes. So those 2 files were renamed as per RmTS, but in Windows Explorer, they were still showing original file name (hence ”this file does not exist” error when trying to play it.  And my media software could not have been working on those files, as before I started to rename them, I first removed them from the monitored folder to an un-monitored’s. Maybe it’s Windows that caused the problem, even though I have a clean install, 1 week old powerhouse pc, I have randomly experienced issues with ”file in use by system”.

          Now, what about the GREAT news? I’m a loyal and daily user of your fine program for many years, and even though I was a little surprised at first when I opened V2, and even though I had an issue (which may not even be on your side), I strongly believe your program is the best of its kind, bar none.

          And a special thanks for merging 2 episodes into one single file feature. I made that request a while back., and I already had 2 scenario where I needed it. 1st time I looked around and around (if not mistaken, it is not documented) and eventually figured it out intuitively. 2nd time around took me like 2 seconds.

          Another BIG thanks for bringing back naming with or without year as per TVdb’s own ”inconsistent” way, it makes it much smoother.

          And in general, your software looks better than ever, is much quicker and very intuitive.

          One last thing: Is it me or we could save our preferred file naming formats before (I like to use ”Stargate SG-1  S02E07  Message in a Bottle”

          My heartfelt donation to you will follow soon, and please keep up the good work !





        • Nov 18, 2018 - 10:24 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Thanks for the compliments – it’s very much appreciated! 

          Yeah the buffering would be a Windows related issue I’m afraid – and I’d be inclined to link it to network issues or network issues in Windows.
          I’ve done some testing on my virtual machine (running Win10, and accessing files on my QNAP NAS), and had zero problems. Which could men “lucky me”, but it kind-a sucks that I cannot debug a problem that I cannot reproduce. 
          With network connectivity, I have had my own share of issues as well, even on the Mac (eg. file lists not refreshing properly, showing files that actually no longer exist).

          Are you running over WiFi or Ethernet? (I always prefer Ethernet)
          Also something to look at: do you have explorer show previews/thumbnails? I always disable it, as it used to lock files on my Windows setup in the past.

          I’m very happy to hear all the positive news! After weeks of hard work, it’s always very motivating to get compliments like this. So thank you so much for that!
          Your preferred filename format should save, each time when you change it, it will be stored in the database (if not; then please let me know).
          Your preferences will however not appear in the dropdown list (previous version didn’t do that either).
          I can add yours to the menu though if you’d like … but since releasing new version is a pain (making a setup, keeping Win/Lin/Mac in sync, signing applications etc), I’ll have to add it for a next release (I already added this in the code for when I compile it next time – 2 spaces between name and S02 and 2 spaces between E07 and Message – right? Like this: ‘%N S%SZE%EZ %T’).

          Donations are always much appreciated, no matter how small or big … but nice compliments here, or sharing the link on social media or elsewhere is excellent as well. 



          • Nov 18, 2018 - 2:59 PM - MfU Comment Link

            You are so right about network issues. And yes, all my computers are Ethernet wired.

            You might even be a genius, as you just probably just nailed what caused the problem: thumbnail preview!

            On my former pc, I used to have this switched off, but the feature is enabled (by default?) on my new build… I even had a thought when I first noticed it, mmm, how will this work out with my HUGE media libraries.  While pleasing to the eye, it tends to bug down on large sized folders.. I’ll be turning this off before you can say Thumbs.tb ! 

            I think my personalized filename format was not saving because I kept switching from w/year to without, and the 2 dashes (between show name/sXXeXX and sXXeXX/episode title) kept popping back.  ie: Stargate SG-1 – S02E07 – Message in a Bottle, instead of Stargate SG-1  S02E07  Message in a Bottle.

            About donation, I tried that Flaterr thing (even though I never heard of them), but could not find the way to send the deposited amount to you. I am not at ease with Bitcoins. How about you setup a Paypal account? They’ve been around forever.
            Thanks again


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 4:11 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Hi Again 

            Wired network is the way to go .
            I wouldn’t call myself a genius, but I have encounter this kind of “crap” before haha. Windows indeed has this default enabled, and I have experienced this issue since Windows XP – so you’d wonder why Microsoft hasn’t found a better way to do this yet . Like you said: it not only locks files, but it also bogs down your system with large media folders. I always use Explorer in details view without preview just because of those 2 reasons. 

            As for the saving of the format string; Glad the new code %NY may fix this for you! 

            Donation; yeah Flattr kind-a sucks anyway – I should remove that and create a “buy me a beer” and utilize PayPal for that.
            I used to have a PayPal donate button, but this caused PayPal to block my account – stating I was offering illegal downloads (which I’m not). But as with all large companies; you have no leg to stand on and there is no normal person to talk to or discuss the situation with. I’m not sure at what moment institutes like that became the self appointed Internet police. However; PayPal donations can be made to hans at luijten dot net. 


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 4:25 AM - mFu Comment Link

            Hi again,

            so yesterday, I installed v2.02

            This morning was testing time for the show name with/without year aspect we discussed.

            Doctor Who (2005) is identified correctly, but named just Doctor Who (like the 1963 ”original”), and further more I noticed all episodes numbers were triple digits (e007).

            Triple digits seems to apply only to Doctor Who (2005), so I went to tvdb and could not see this on their end.

            I went in settings, chose the format with year, which corrected show name, but then when I tried to rename Outlander, it wanted to rename to Outlander (2011).

            Please advise.


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 4:43 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Just checking this out;

            Dr.Who (1963) goes into the triple digits since there are 106 “Specials” (ei. Season 0), which makes me wonder if I should skip (optionally?) season 0 when determining the max number of digits for an episode number. So this can be explained.

            When testing Dr.Who 2005 (and using the format code %NY), I do get “Doctor Who (2005)”.
            Dr. Who 1963, just shows “Doctor Who”.
            Are you sure you’re using v2.0.2 and the code %NY? (I’ve tested this on the Mac, but I can test under Windows [same source code] if need be)


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 5:28 AM - MfU Comment Link


            My bad, I was NOT using %NY

            All is well !


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 7:54 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

              … happens to the best of us 


          • Nov 19, 2018 - 9:40 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Thanks for the donation – I’ll make sure I’ll convert it to a few beers during my upcoming trip!  


  • Nov 18, 2018 - 8:24 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

    UPDATE (2.0.2):

    – Added parameter for %NY which allows to use the show title as formatted by TheTVDB (which means a year may or may not be included in the name),
    – Implemented Database upgrade mechanism,
    – Improved language support

    Additionally (thanks Michael!) for KaOS and Arch (Linux) users; a package has been made available for easier installation.



  • Nov 23, 2018 - 2:12 PM - MfU Comment Link

    Hi again,

    About the episodes merging feature, I noticed the original title remains. If possible it would be preferable to get end result like: ”Serie Name  s01e01e02  Episode 1-Episode 2”, as opposed to ”Serie Name  s01e01e02  Episode 1”.

    Also 2 very little fix:

    1) In the right section (Selected Files), when I mouse over the Sort button, the little caption is the same as if I mouse over Add Dir(s): ”add directory to…”

    2) In settings, top right section Generic Application Settings, there’s a typo (resoltutions)

    Last, I could not retrieve my deposit on Flaterr, but managed to have you named as recipient, just want to make sure you got my gift.

    Thanks again for everything,

    J-L, aka MfU



    • Nov 24, 2018 - 4:55 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi MfU!

      Merging; Yes I can try to implement an option to keep both titles. It will have some big implications for the code though, so for now I’m adding this to the “To Do” list.
      Maybe I can find a neat trick to make it easier to implement, I’ll have to see …

      Thanks for the little cosmetic fixes! Especially a typo is pretty bad.
      I’ve just corrected it in the source code, so next time a release will come out, these will be fixed.
      (making a release is a pain, so I’ll wait until I have some more issues that need to be resolved)

      Flattr is indeed a pain, and I suspect they must be making a lot of money. I am having difficulties retrieving my funds, so I’m glad you used another solution to donate – and it’s greatly appreciated.



      • Nov 24, 2018 - 6:02 AM - MfU Comment Link

        Episode merging is indeed more complicated than it first seems.

        Sometime, its ”Episode1-Episode2” (this is easiest)

        Sometime its ”Season Opener (part 1)-Season Opener (part 2)”, but that makes for quite a long title; I would tend to overwrite it with ”Season Opener (2 parts)”.

        Flather (notice how I never spell it the same way… ) was a pita.

        But even Paypal was greedy, they took almost 25% in commission/conversion fee (to US$ fund !?!?!).

        Hopefully you’ll get flattttERR donation as well, well deserved on your part !



        PS: Almost forgot, do you think Rename my TV Series could eventually prompt the user at startup that an update is available?



        • Nov 24, 2018 - 6:12 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Well, as you can read in my other response; I did already implement it. Had a bright moment (thanks to some extra coffee hahah).
          I’m thinking of using the format “Episode1 – Episode2” so a space, a dash and a space.

          Prompt for updates has been on my mind for a while now. I’d prefer a “Update now” button, but with all the security crap (signing under macOS and such), I have not found a satisfying way to do this. But … It’s on my mind! 

          Flattr is indeed a poor name marketing wise haha, I have to stop and think each single time I type it, and yes PayPal is a rip-off as well.
          Haven’t found a better alternative, maybe I should go for sending money by old fashioned snail mail .
          Donations are very rare though and I very much appreciate that folks like yourself donate – so thanks again!



    • Nov 24, 2018 - 5:58 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      OK, after some extra coffee, I figured a way to implement using both titles (not yet released).
      I’ve implemented it as a preferences option “Use both episode titles when merging 2 episodes”.
      Just wondering if we should use “Episode1-Episode2” or “Episode1 – Episode2” (the latter looks cleaner).



      • Nov 24, 2018 - 6:13 AM - MfU Comment Link

        I agree the later looks cleaner, but its longer by 2 characters.

        Hence I personally favour the former.

        You know what they say: You can’t please everyone AND your mom”




        • Nov 24, 2018 - 6:14 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Very true! 

          While I’m thinking of an update notification, I’ll also let the ” – ” issue sink in and see what I’ll come up with. 



  • Nov 26, 2018 - 12:59 PM - Dave Comment Link

    Windows 10 and Trend Micro both try any stop me from installing. If I bypass the warnings the installation says it’s installing 2.01



    • Nov 27, 2018 - 4:48 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dave,

      My bad about the version number (fixed it and uploaded a setup with the correct version number – this is the same version).

      As for Windows 10/Trend Micro; Thanks for the heads-up!
      It seems Windows (I’m not a fulltime Windows user) is going the same route Apple is.
      They want developers to sign their applications. I’ll look into this to find out how I can sign Windows applications as well.



    • Nov 27, 2018 - 5:21 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Still researching this, but it seems certificates to sign applications for Windows run between €200 and €500 per year

      Developing these applications is just something I do for fun, and I do not see myself paying that kind of money yearly for a certificate.
      I’ll keep looking though … but there is no way I can afford that. Interesting to see how society, again, uses “security” to make a buck.

      Apple used to charge $99/yr, but for non Apple Store apps it’s now free. Maybe I can find something like this for Windows as well.
      It’s sad that a good protection method (signing applications) not only become expensive, but will also stop development and innovation done by hobby developers.

      If anyone has a suggestion; feel free to comment. In the meanwhile I’ll keep looking for an affordable alternative.



      • Nov 29, 2018 - 1:15 PM - Dave Comment Link

        I downloaded and installed (had to bypass Windows and Trend warnings). When I tried to rename Trend refused to do so, a ransomeware warning for every file. Went back to ver 1.8.4



      • Nov 30, 2018 - 4:18 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Dave,

        sounds like a false positive by Trend Micro – other Windows users have not reported anything like this.

        However; I do take this very serious, so I just did an extensive virus scan with multiple virus scanners.

        Windows Defender: 0 threads found.
        Trend Micro (Housecall): No threads found.
        Eset: Infected Files: 0. All Clean. (70 scanners for viruses, malware and spam)
        Kaspersky: No threats detected
        F-Secure: No harmful items were found

        So my best guess …

        1) Trend Micro created a false positive in your setup, not sure why.
        2) You did not download the application directly from Tweaking4All.
        3) Your computer was already infected.

        I’d be more than happy to do more tests.
        It is a little strange that Trend Micro’s “Housecall” did not report anything either.
        I’ve submitted the application (setup and individual files) to Trend Micro for re-evaluation through this link as well.



      • Nov 30, 2018 - 6:11 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Dave,

        well, I have installed and tested the application (renaming files) numerous times now, with Kasperky, Eset and Windows Defender, but still did not get any warnings.
        A full scan before and after (which takes forever it seems), still nothing detected by either.



  • Dec 1, 2018 - 7:48 PM - Mark Comment Link

    Hi guys, thanks for the new v2.  I just tried it and I found an issue.  I see a previous message that talks about date/year.  I am not sure if this is the same issue but here I go:

    The series is called Goldbergs.  When I search, I see there are 2 series with that string.  The series I am interested in is called ‘The Goldbergs (2013)’

    I select that series name and it downloads the proper listings.  When I click on an episode and rename it, it leaves off (2013) which makes it the *other* series.

    V1 example after renaming:  The Goldbergs (2013) – 06×08 – The Living Room A 100 Percent True Story

    V2 example after renaming: The Goldbergs – 06×08 – The Living Room A 100 Percent True Story

    Thanks for everything so far!



    • Dec 3, 2018 - 9:48 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mark,

      thanks for the thank-you note! 
      As for the issue with the year; 
      There are two codes you can use for a file or directory name:
      %N which displays the name. If the name had a year in it, then the year will be removed to avoid issues in situations where one would like to use the year always (%Y).
      %NY will display the name as defined in TheTVDB, which means that some shows will have a year and some will not (as done in V1).
      Hope this answers your question! 


  • Dec 2, 2018 - 10:46 PM - Mark Comment Link

    I am finding the search a little fuzzy.  Stuff that worked in V1 is not working the same in V2.

    Example:  paste this into the search box  “8 Out of 10 cats”

    It will find 2 TV Series containing that string.  immediately click search again and it only finds 1.

    I actually found that was a difficult series to find under V2, even pasting the TVDB name into the box did not work.

    Under V1 it was an easy search.

    ps: I posted something yesterday and it did not show up on this website.

    Are the posts filtered?



    • Dec 3, 2018 - 10:05 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mark,

      Posts are filtered for spam and every post needs to be reviewed the first time a user posts. Even then I still check the posts – I just get too many inappropriate posts (spammers, folks advertising their stuff etc), to let it go all automated. Anyhoo – I was traveling so I didn’t get to approving your post until just now.

      The search; the actual search is executed at TheTVDB, so I have little influence on what the results will be. However … the effect you’re seeing (I may need to refine this) is related to calling history items (things you’ve searched before). Once a search is done, the selected show ID will be “stored” so other lists can access the show ID. The way I implemented it seems to come with a little “glitch” when clicking search twice. I’ll add this to my ToDo list and see if I can make this work better.

      Thanks for reporting! 



    • Dec 3, 2018 - 12:39 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      I did find a really easy fix (in the code) to avoid the double-click-search issue.
      I’m in the middle of moving some buttons around and maybe even replacing the buttons with native buttons (tricky).
      When all that is done, I’ll make a new release including the fix for the search issue. 



  • Dec 5, 2018 - 3:30 PM - MfU Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    I have (again!) a couple of feature request for you about RmTS, both about its ”starting section”: TV Shows.

    1) When using the previously retrieved show feature, I get a screen-full of partial shows listing from ”A” to ”G”.(I get about 4 pages of history in there)

    If I need to get much deeper down, say, to ”The Walking Dead” or ”Vikings”, the only way to achieve this (that I’m aware of) is to click-hold the tiny down arrow down below, which unfortunately scrolls rather slowly, 1 line at a time. It would greatly speed-up the process if we could also/rather use the mouse scroll wheel or keyboard directional arrows/page down/page end.

    2) When getting more than 1 result searching a tv show, it would be consistent to be able to just double click on the proper result to have the 2nd section (Episodes) populated.

    You are already doing it in at the next step: when we double click an episode, it populates to the 3rd section (Selected Episodes).

    Thanks for your software(s) and happy safe holidays,




    • Dec 5, 2018 - 4:07 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Thanks again MfU for your suggestions! 

      1) The long history list menu;

      This must be am OS limitation. On my Mac, I can use the scroll-wheel to go fast through the list.
      I’ll do some testing for Windows and Linux as well. I have to admit that it took me a lot of clicking to get such a long list 

      2) Double click found result;

      This was originally implemented as you described, but … I ran into some weird focus issues when doing the double click (I think it was under MacOS – but I wanted to keep the applications consistent over all 3 platforms). I’ll do some more testing and see if this issue has been resolved.

      Thanks again for the suggestions, I’ll see if I can play with that in the next few days (I’m traveling).
      Happy and safe holidays for you too! 



  • Dec 7, 2018 - 10:41 AM - Marius Dalacu - Author: Comment Link

    Very nice application. I love it!
    It also goes well with my app in my workflow!

    Great showcase for Lazarus. 


    Marius Dalacu

    • Dec 8, 2018 - 7:39 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Marius!

      Thanks for the compliment and I’m glad you like it in your workflow and as a Lazarus Showcase …. 



  • Dec 8, 2018 - 8:37 AM - Carl Robinson Comment Link

    Hey HANS

    Really enjoying the new program.

    It does however seem to be struggling with some special characters (found that “/” cause issues) which causes the rename process to simply fail. (Windows version)

    I think you got around these in previous versions (1.8.4)

    As an example I’m renaming an anime series called “Bloom Into You” and almost each episode has a “/” in the title. In the older versions of the program it seems to remove the “/” in favour of a space


    Carl Robinson

    • Dec 9, 2018 - 8:18 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Thanks Carl! 

      Glad to hear you are liking the application.
      As for the special characters, is “/” included in the special characters (in the Preferences window, on the right)?
      If it is and still fails, please let me know – it should be there by default, if it’s not showing press the “default” button and it should appear.



      • Dec 10, 2018 - 10:26 AM - Carl Robinson Comment Link

        Hey Hans

        Thanks very much for the reply. Idiot that I am I hadn’t noticed those options in the new program.

        Added the characters in question and all working correctly now.



        Carl Robinson

      • Dec 10, 2018 - 10:40 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        No worries Carl, happens to me all the time as well.
        Glad to hear it’s resolved 



      • Mar 3, 2019 - 2:45 PM - Giles Comment Link


        Just to follow on to this, the / is not excluded by default on the Windows version.

        Pressing default gives me the following:

        * = x

        ” = `

        ‘ = `

        \ = _

        : =

        # =

        ? =

        Also want to mention that the program is excellent :)




        • Mar 3, 2019 - 3:05 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Giles!

          Thanks for the compliment and for the great catch on the slash – with all the differences in the file systems, I must have overlooked that one (probably because of the directory separators). In the next release I will add it to the default list. 



  • Dec 13, 2018 - 10:21 AM - Peter Comment Link

    Hello Hans,

    So far your application is the best I’ve used for renaming TV series. And I’ve used a lot of them. Your effort is appreciated. Your older versions were fantastic too.

    I have found a episode merging bug in the Windows version. Workaround in my description below.


    When you right click on two selected episodes to merge them, the selection deselects itself and the “Merge 2 Episodes” popup is not available. The popup that is visible states “Merge 2 Episodes – You need to select 2 episodes”


    Select the two desired episodes and press the menu key on the keyboard to bring up the “Merge 2 Episodes” popup. Now you can click on the popup.

    For those who don’t know what the menu key looks like or where it is located on the keyboard (note: some keyboards don’t have this key); look between the Alt & Ctrl keys on the right hand side of the space bar.

    For those whose keyboards don’t have the menu key; Shift + F10 or Ctrl + Shift + F10 will do the trick too.

    For a picture of the menu key look here: Wikipedia – Menu Key



  • Dec 17, 2018 - 5:14 AM - Alexander Comment Link

    Hello Hans,

    I’ve tested RenameMyTVSeries 2.0.2 on linux – good work! thank you very much!

    I also have some ideas for new features in future – let me know what you think about it:

    – a quick search in episodes list

    more file formats: if a file has an additional audio track, it would be
    great to get the episode title additionally for the second audio track
    in the appropriate language and to save the language id to the track if

    Bob the Builder – 20×02 – Strandgut und Treibgut (Flotsam and Jetsom) [720p AC3-2ch de en].mkv



    • Dec 17, 2018 - 8:37 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Alexander,

      thanks for the feedback! 

      As for excellent your suggestions;

      Quick Search Episodes; I can see that relatively easy to implement, maybe by using a search-as-you-type kind of solution.
      If there are enough users interested, then I most certainly will add this to the To-Do list.

      Names of multiple tracks; Mentioning the additional languages and their title in the extra language, will come with quite a few challenges. It’s not impossible of course, but it will take a bit of work retrieving the data, since the current flow does not support more than 1 language. Not to mention what to do when shows are incomplete in the other language. I’ll have to think about this one …



      • Dec 20, 2018 - 1:49 AM - Alexander Comment Link

        Thanks Hans,

        that would be a big win for RenameMyTVSeries!

        I’d also like to see some more enhancements like filebot does:

        – An automatic title mapping:

        If your source is

        StarTrek Discovery - 1x01 -something.mkv 


        StarTrek Discovery - s1e01 -something.mkv 

        and you search for Star Trek Discovery episodes it could automatically map titles on the basis of 1×01 or s1e01 to the correct title:

        Star Trek: Discovery - 01x01 - Leuchtfeuer [HEVC 1080p AC3,AC3 6ch,6ch].mkv 

        Files that couldn’t be mapped automatically should be skipped for manual mapping.

        – Files with two audio tracks: as you see above RenameMyTVSeries sets AC3,AC3 and 6ch,6ch.
        This is not so pretty. If both tracks have the same codec like AC3, one
        codec information should be enough with listing the language of these
        tracks subsequent to the codec like:

        Star Trek: Discovery - 01x01 - Leuchtfeuer [HEVC 1080p AC3 de en].mkv 

        So everyone can see quickly that there is a german and an english audio track in AC3.

        What do you think? Thanks!



        • Dec 20, 2018 - 9:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Alexander,

          thanks for the great input and ideas.

          The automatic mapping appears to come with quite a few challenges, I’d have to look and see what smart trick the filebot guys used.
          With all the experiments I did, I never got it to work reliably. I’ll look into this again, once I have my other projects finished .
          Oh and any suggestions on how to do this are most welcome of course!

          As for multiple Audio tracks; I found the metadata in files quite often to be incomplete, incorrect, or simply missing.
          I’m a little hesitant to add this for that reason, but … I’ll add it to the To Do list and see what I can come up with.
          This will probably bring up the question regarding subtitles as well … so I need to spend some time thinking about an elegant solution.



          • Dec 21, 2018 - 2:36 AM - Alexander Comment Link

            Hi Hans,

            automatic mapping: what about a string search with regular expression for [0-9]x[0-9][0-9] or s[0-9][0-9]e[0-9][0-9]. If found, you have the episode number and you can take a look into the episode list the user has searched before. Only set titles automatically that are unambiguous.

            multiple audio tracks: if metadata like language is missing it could be omitted or set empty. Anyway one who wants to rename all titles correctly maybe also wants to set metadata correct and can fix this after finding missing metadata.

            Thanks and best regards!


          • Dec 22, 2018 - 8:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            The problem I keep running into is the inconsistency amongst the file names, and season/episode numbering. I’d have to have a large test set to try regular expressions with, and considering how I’ve build RMTV, all files should be of the same show. Unless I completely change things again. But … I’ll keep it in mind.

            Multiple Audio tracks; yeah I suppose I could omit the “unclear” ones.
            Since RMTV is not build (database) with multiple languages in mind, I may have to change that as well.

            I have added both suggestions to the “to Do” list for RMTV.
            Once I’ve completed my other applications, I’ll take a look at it again and see what is feasible or not. This may give us time to find the “right” algorithm as well 

            Thanks again and Merry Christmas! 


          • Jan 2, 2019 - 3:33 AM - Alexander Comment Link

            Happy New Year!

            I have some additional more simple requests:

            – Sometimes titles in the episode list column are too long to read. Please make column width of all panes customizable.

            – In the selected Episodes column sometimes there are mistakes in proposed names. Maybe a right click could make a proposed filename editable for a quick change before renaming all files?

            Thank you very much!

            Best regards,



          • Jan 3, 2019 - 8:29 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Happy New Year to you Alexander! 

            Your suggestions;

            I’ll add resizing of the panels to the to-do list. However, I’m not 100% sure how you’re envisioning this. The window is basically divided in 4 “blocks”; TV Show – Episodes – Selected Episodes – Selected Files. The first 2 are already set at a minimum width, so I’d rather not see those get more narrow. Are you thinking of a divider between Selected Episodes and Selected Files?
            Also: what screen resolution are you working with? Just for my reference. 

            Editing proposed filenames; I’ll do some experiments with this and see what I can come up with. The challenge here will be that the names get refreshed frequently based on TheTVDB info, which would not be the same as the info after you edited it. I’ll have to think of a good way to store this. Is there any type of mistakes you see recurring? 


          • Jan 7, 2019 - 6:49 AM - Alexander Comment Link

            Hi Hans,

            My screen resolution is 1920×1200. I’m thinking of a divider between the second and the third pane: Episodes and Selected Episodes. Sometimes the titles in episodes are very long and this pane is too slim for displaying the whole title. I had some files with a longer prefix string in episode name. The second part of the episode name was not visible due to a too slim pane. So I could not find the correct episode to assign to the files.

            But between the other panes it is also good to have a divider because the name for selected episodes or selected file can be very long!

            Editing proposed filenames:
            Some continuous TV shows set the year of production to the season number. Single special episodes set 0000×0001 instead of 0x0001. It is good to remove leading zeros except one for these files. Maybe it is good to have this as an additional option. But I thought it also would be good to correct single filenames directly before renaming. Maybe someone finds spelling mistakes and could correct it on the fly.

            When get names refreshed based on TheTVDB info? When you get episode names (first pane) aren’t these static until you refresh them with a new click on the button “get episodes”?

            When you assign episodes to selected files aren’t these selected episode names static to the assigned selected files?

            Best regards


  • Dec 30, 2018 - 8:48 AM - Peter Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    Renaming Issue.

    When two or more series have the same title but different broadcasting years; e.g. Genius (2009) & Genius (2017), your previous versions always added the year to the filename so that our media players or media software can scrape the correct info for each episode of series with identical titles.

    For example:

    Genius (2017) S01.E01 – Einstein ~ Chapter One.mp4


    Genius (2009) S01.E01 – Catherine Tate.mp4

    The latest version of your software does not add the year to the filename, causing media players and media software to scrape the wrong information for a series.

    It does however display the year next to the title in the TV Shows list in your software but doesn’t carry it over into the file naming process.


    Open Settings and add the year in the Filename format textbox for the specific renaming session of a particular series. Remember to delete it again when you’re finished.



    • Dec 30, 2018 - 10:32 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for bringing up. However, an easier fix would be to use %NY instead of %N in the name format string.

      %N = just the name of the show with the year removed, even if TheTVDB provides one.
      %NY = the name as provided by TheTVDB, which may or may not include the year.

      So far I have not ran into any issues myself, but one media player is not the same as the other.
      I think Kodi pickup the show info from the NFO file and works correctly – but I could be wrong.

      Hope this helps 

      Happy New Year!



  • Dec 30, 2018 - 9:31 PM - dan Comment Link

    Hi, looking forward to using the program but after installation and running the program I get a “SQL3Connection : Database is locked”  “Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.”  “Press Abort to kill the program.” popup window.  No matter which choice I make, the program does not open.  I am using Win7 Pro 32bit Service pack1.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your time, dan…



    • Dec 31, 2018 - 8:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dan,

      this happens when something (typically the program itself) has the database open.
      Not sure what may have happened, but usually this means a task in the background is accessing the database.

      Easiest approach would be (since you’ve just installed the program) is by deleting the database, which can be found here:

      c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Rename My TV Series

      Delete this directory and restart the program.



  • Jan 3, 2019 - 3:45 AM - Alexander Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    After some more tests with your software I’ve got some more suggestions:

    Loading many files takes a long time to load and meanwhile the program
    is blocked. It looks like frozen. I guess you read all meta information
    from these files when loading. You could add a loading screen or
    something like that to show the progress until all files are added. Much
    better is to list all added filenames directly and start a background
    thread for reading meta information.

    – Currently the rename
    button only works if the number of selected episodes is equal to the
    number of selected files. It would be great to add an additional
    possibility to rename files:If you select some files or
    episodes in the lists and these selected entries have episodes or files
    allocated, the button rename should allow to only rename these selected
    entries from the list. This allows to rename files of a TV show with
    many files step by step.
    – Currently it is
    possible to reorder files or episodes by drag and drop. Maybe it is good
    to have buttons up/down for each list to move and reorder selected

    – Please make an option to select a global directory for log files in the settings so that it will not ask after each renaming.

    What do you think?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards



    • Jan 3, 2019 - 9:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Alexander!

      Thanks again for your input and feedback!

      The loading of metadata and files depend on the speed of TheTVDB and the speed of your Internet connection – at the first load of a show. Depending on your expiration settings, default is 7 days, data is retrieved locally and should be fast.
      This is why I implemented the use of SQLite database. While loading data the headers of the sections indicate activity.
      Loading data from TheTVDB, in a separate thread, would not be impossible – but the implementation will take some work (and I have to finish a few other applications before I can start this). I’ll add it to the ToDo-list.

      Renaming only the selected files; I may or may not implement this. My concern with this would be that a user could have selected a row by accident and not anticipate that with that selection only one show gets renamed.

      Adding Up/Down buttons is a good idea! That goes straight to the top of the ToDo list.
      And the same goes for the default path for the log file. I think right now it defaults to the related directory, but I may be wrong. 



      • Jan 7, 2019 - 7:20 AM - Alexander Comment Link

        Hi Hans,

        I think we have talked at cross purposes. Try adding 200 files or more at once. It will take very long until your program responses again without showing activity meanwhile. This one is to speed up – list all files in the pane “selected files” directly and get file metadata or whatever in background.

        You described the waiting for downloading episode titles after clicking on “get episodes”. Of course this depends on your speed of your internet connection and is good for me. ;-)

        Apropos “get episodes”. If the TV show is in cache, does this button only gets episodes from cache or does it compare them with thetvdb too if there has been an update? If not, please add a button “refresh” to the episodes list for refreshing the complete episode titles from thetvdb.

        Renaming only the selected files:

        You could change the button from “cannot rename” to “rename selected” if some files are selected and to “rename all” if none is selected. Also possible is to add another button “rename selected” next to “cannot rename/rename all”.


        Best regards



      • Jan 7, 2019 - 10:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Alexander,

        I’ll try answering your questions of both posts here;

        Grid width

        Alright, I think I can do a divider between the 2 “Selected” columns. I hear you on some filenames getting too long.
        I’m not sure how helpful this will be, but since you (as a user) see it to be helpful, I’ll try to implement this.  
        For testing I’ll set my display to 1920×1200. I’ll play a little with additional options as well.

        Leading zero’s for Season 0

        I could implement an option “No leading zero’s for Season number for Season 0”. I see that making sense. I wish TheTVDB would be more consistent with this – not a big fan myself of using year numbers to indicate a season, but that is a personal preference. I have seen some shows where regular season numbers and years have been mixed.

        (I hope I understood this right)

        Editing filenames in the grid

        For this I’ll need to make some big modifications, but I will take it in consideration.
        Since you’re referring to typo’s, for a minute I was thinking of doing this in the “Found Episodes”, to then realize, once the data get’s updated, your correction would be lost again. Then again; if you’d want to rename an episode you’d have to manually override anyway. What are your thoughts on that approach?

        Refreshing TheTVDB data

        RMTV will automatically (default) update data, if the data in the database is older than 7 days. You can change this in settings “Cached episodes will expire in x days” (special values: 0 = ALWAYS update, -1 = NEVER update).
        I hav thought about a “force refresh” button, just couldn’t find a suitable place for it.
        Every time you close RMTV, it will forget what episodes you assigned to what files. I did this on purpose, since I didn’t see much use in “remembering” this (data may change over time, files may be moved over time, or even renamed again by one or the other media tool).

        Adding a lot of files

        Ah that makes more sense ….
        When adding 200 files, things should go very fast, UNLESS … you use ffprobe. FFprobe needs it’s time to analyze files and maybe I can do this in the background. There are 2 reasons why I have not done this yet;
        1) I’d need to start threads in the background, which comes with it’s own set of issue (fixable though),
        2) I need to “block” the user from clicking the “Rename” button until the background task has been completed.

        Personally, I’d rather not see resolution etc in the filename. Filenames get long enough as it is, and tools like KODI determine quite a bit on their own in their own local database, so I didn’t see an added value for myself. I only included it for the very few users requesting this. So in my setup I have uncheck “Enable FFprobe” in Preferences.

        Rename Selected

        Yeah, the though I had was add an option in preferences “Allow renaming only selected rows” or something like that.

        For this to look OK, I’d prefer a selection to be spanning both lists (which in turn is a “problem” when removing rows). I really have to think about what I can do to make this intuitive for the user.
        If not spanning the selection over both lists, then what would the user anticipate to be to rows matching ‘Selected”?

        Thanks again for the input – I very much appreciate it and it will help make the tool even better! 



        • Jan 14, 2019 - 6:23 AM - Alexander Comment Link

          Hi Hans,

          Grid width:

          don’t forget a divider between “episodes” and “selected episodes”. Sometimes Episode titles are too long – e.g.:

          Die Sendung mit der Maus Spezial: Making of - Shaun das Schaf

          This is a complete episode title for some specials. The name of the TV show is set again in the episode title (bad naming, but that’s it in thetvdb) and the episode title is cut at “Die Sendung mit der Maus Spezial” in my pane. I cannot differentiate between titles for mapping.

          Leading zero’s for Season 0:

          sounds good with that option in preferences. I saw these continuing TV shows with season numbers and then changing into year for season naming too. Ugly but that’s it…

          Editing filenames in the grid:

          It doesn’t make sense in “found episodes” because this should show the episode titles get from thetvdb only! Editable filenames should be the list in “selected episodes”. There are the filenames shown how they should be named after clicking on the button rename.

          Refreshing TheTVDB data:

          Yes I know the “expire in x days” option and the default is ok for most TV shows. However for some weekly continuing shows I’m weekly waiting for an update in the episodes list on thetvdb. There a “force refresh” button makes sense to see if the last episode already is added to thetvdb!

          Of course RMTV should forget what episodes you assigned to what file. There is no need to save such information!

          Adding a lot of files:

          Yes I’m using ffprobe and I need it! Of course Kodi saves additional meta information in its own database but it’s good to have some additional information in filenames for a quick view on the filesystem. That’s why I’d like to have these information expanded.

          Rename Selected:

          an option in preferences sounds good


          Best regards



        • Jan 15, 2019 - 4:47 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Alexander,

          Thanks for the heads up of a divider between both episode columns … Die Sendung mit der Maus – hahah that’s awesome, I used to watch that as a kid (my mom’s side of the family is German and we could receive some German TV stations in Die Niederlände haha).

          Editing filename in the “Selected” grid is going to be a very significant change. I’ll see if I can come up with a smart fix for that.

          The Force Refresh has already been implemented in my test version .

          I’ll try to find some time in the next few weeks and see what I can and cannot implement. I do have 2 major other projects that need my attention as well .



  • Jan 5, 2019 - 1:45 PM - Rimartic Comment Link

    Dear Alexander!

    I’ve sent a note before but, yet I want to ask again:

    1- does your software support movies too? And if not do you suggest any similar program for movies too which I have same problems with my movie banks.

    2- and also another similar question about my music archive which has way more messed up data’s! More than my t v series and I’m sorting albums, songs, singers and groups by categories, genres and even I brought up my own system of dividing! With (change Icon) software to personalize every category and folder and after, that I start’ed to correct every song and folder one by one!.

    Although I’ve use’d software’s like “Tag Scanner” but yet they’re not simple and practical as your program and more than that its not working mass-producing!

    It takes much more time to move forward step by step and consider how long it takes to correct my 2 TB mp3 music archive.

    So I would be glad and much more if you guide me and help me to correct and categorize my movies and songs like the way I’ve done my T V series with your software.

    You have no idea how much you made me happy when I used your software for first time, and I was just like crazy people looking at monitor and keep saying ” man, is this for real, … I mean that easy and for FREE…..!?.

    Thanks man, and I’m looking forward for other genius works of you.



    • Jan 5, 2019 - 3:17 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Rimartic,

      Thanks for this great comment again, it does put a smile on my face imagining your enthusiasm! Thanks man! 

      My application does not do movies – sorry. Consider Tiny Media Manager for your movies – it’s free as well.
      For Music, I could probably try Media Monkey – but I have not used it in a very long time, so I’m not sure how it evolved and if it would meet your requirements.

      Thanks again for the compliments – awesome that you enjoy the application. 



  • Jan 5, 2019 - 1:49 PM - Rimartic Comment Link

    I’m so, so, sorry

    I’ve called you “Alexander!” in my last note.

    Again please accept my apologize



  • Jan 6, 2019 - 3:00 PM - Rimartic Comment Link

    Hi Dear “Hans” (This time I’m glad I said it right) 

    Thx for your reply and attention and sorry for my not so good English writing.

    I have to say:


    A – As a user I believe its important you (as a software designer)  know  more and more about exact needs of software users to help you for better upgrades and developing new one’s.

    B – Your winner card in this software is ease of operation in general usage. (Open it, write the TV series name, get the result) that’s it!

    C -beside easing the process of renaming TV series and episodes so fast and quite simple, your software made the outcome of episodes clear from all other useless information’s which most other apps and programs force you to have them.!

    D- The best part for me is “Preferences” which enables me to choose and correct the output in different types and forms

    for instance: I usually decide to write all my TV series name like below;

    (name of Serial  – S00 E00-Video format-Video resolution-Genre)

    and even some of those parts doesn’t exist in “format string” or special characters, but in “filename” box, it’s editable so i as a user can write other parts and apply them to my current setting.! 

    – And last but not least! I have some Questions too and I would be glad if you answer them.


    1- when I’m adding my series parts to “files” box, this message appears: (Error; Cannot find FFProbe

    reinstall My TV Series or FFProbe)! For approving every file, I’ve to
    click “OK”one by one and then it accepts them.

    At last the “Access Violation Box” appears and as you actually know it
    says (Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Or Press cancel to
    kill the program)

    What is that for and what should I do to get rid of it? I mean why it happens?

    Although, there is this great and useful “format String” item which
    makes it easy and editable to personalize file name writing but I don’t
    know How some items doesn’t work? I mean for example I know arranging codes will
    make the output form for instance; I wrote; (%N – S%S2
    E%E2-%T-%VR), and the output appeared as; (Travelers – S01 E01-Pilot-    )

    I mean the parts as (file name, Episode – Season number – Episode number –
    Episode name) are obvious but codes like “%VR” don’t show the exact video resolution.

    As my
    serial episodes have their own video resolutions and it seems the program doesn’t
    find out what it is and therefor even I’ve put “%VR” in my filename path hopping in output name there be the resolution too, but yet there isn’t.

    But, when I write a specific resolution instead of “%VR” in “filename box” it would be OK and it will add to all chosen video files as I requested.

    But I have to change it for different resolutions or other new ones.

    3- Why there isn’t “R-Click” function in (Episode and File) part? I mean don’t you think there can be some functions which can be managed with “R-Click” as same as you enabled it in (Aired episodes box).

    For instance in (Files and Episodes) “shift+Cursor” or
    “select all” by holding down and moving left mouse click doesn’t work

    4- I saw a “video format type” in the
    “Example Filename (based on Current setting)” part which for example
    was “.avi” in program’s sample.

    But according to my arranged codes
    (as i wrote in paragraph number 2) the output video filename didn’t show any “video
    format” at the end of filename Which my original file format was (HDTV).

     I mean is the software able to find out video file format by itself? And if not what is the best way to make the arrangements

    Anyway I’m so sorry for this long note and wasting your time and again sorry for my not so well English
    i really look forward to seeing more and more programs from you because you showed us beside many opportunist software designers who are just thinking about money and money at all! and ruin their apps and works with ton’s of annoying advertises and other stuffs, There are people like you who put time for real thing and what a great pleasure if makes ton’s of money for you because you deserve it.I hope best of all for you.



    • Jan 7, 2019 - 9:14 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Rimartic 

      Thanks again for the compliments and showing me the strengths of the application from a users perspective! It’s all I had in mind when designing the application. Sometimes though, a developer gets lost in his/her own design and forgets that the user may or may not think the same way. I have actually seen with most of my applications used in surprisingly different ways than what I originally designed them for. All good though .

      Now coming back to your questions …

      1) Cannot find FFProbe

      This means that the application could not find ffprobe. Under Windows this is ffprobe.exe which should reside in the same directory as the application executable, the same goes for Linux (file is called “ffprobe”). For MacOS X, the ffprobe executable is in the .app package, so the user wouldn’t even see it (or remove it).

      Since the Windows setup is done with a setup executable, it kinda surprises me that it’s not there.
      Please verify and let me know, so I can start digging into this and see what may have gone wrong.
      Also; if you wouldn’t use video or audio info, then in preferences you can uncheck the “Enable ffprobe” option.

      2) %VR format String

      %VR will not work in your scenario, since ffprobe fails and RMTV therefor does not know it’s value.
      If we resolve issue 1), then that would resolve this issue as well.

      3) R-click / Grid behavior

      I’m not 100% sure (maybe I’ll need more coffee, I just woke up ) what you mean with this question.

      As for the behavior of the grid of the selected files and episodes; this is because I had to use a different control to keep both lists synchronized when scrolling. The list of episodes is a so called Listbox, where as the “Selected …” lists are string grids.
      I’m waiting for improvements when it comes to that from the good folks of the Lazarus team (who did an awesome job so far!).

      4) Video format

      I guess this is a topic we should look at once we resolved issue 1).
      The video format is expressed in 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc. (Eg. not HDTV).
      Media tools like Kodi can read this.

      It will pick the format based on what ffprobe comes back with (which it doesn’t right now).

      Thanks for wishing me tons of money – if I could make a living out of this, I’d be super happy!
      However, like you, I’m a user of software as well, and just hate how some developers/companies milk the users for more and more money. Not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, hosting a website is not for free, so you will see a few ads on my website, but I hope I’ve one this in a tasteful manner.

      Thanks again for your enthusiasm, it does keep me motivated to do more … 



      • Jan 8, 2019 - 2:27 PM - Rimartic Comment Link

        Hi Dear Hans

        thanks for your time and answers

        I got most of the answers I needed

        1- what I was trying to say about enabling mouse right click on video files, was to be able to open that useful menu and use most of the software options according and in need of the specific place you open’ed it” or some other useful functions you might find out and put it in right click box.

        Therefor we would also reach to software functions in every place we are working in it and have tools right with us. (you know what I mean!!) !!. After all I’m just a user and as you said with a bit of enthusiasm!  But you’re the designer and know very much more than I do in this area!

        All I’m saying is having right click menu in your software can be very useful and I’m sure you will find some other important functions in it. I believe such a thing will make your program more dynamic

        2- As you noticed, beside video resolution I was asking about video “format” and do you mean both of them are related to FFProbe problem?

        And I should adjust and write those data’s by myself (which I’m fine with it)

        3- as you guided me, I downloaded “Wondershare TidyMyMusic” software for editing music tags online and so far so good, it seems a good app but there is a problem with it

        first of all “drag and drop” doesn’t work on it! And when I open one of my music folders or a music album folder, when there isn’t any info’s beside songs names, it goes for editing and adding song tags like (genre, Year, Bit rate, …)

        but when songs tags do exist and there be a few incorrect data’s, you should choose songs “ONE BY ONE” and it doesn’t give you the option to choose all at same time for getting correct and I don’t know why?! 

        but man I even wiped all tags of a song and wrote “unknown” as the name of song but yet it did find songs data and correct tag!!

        But when I want to organize my  albums, sort them and add or remove some tag data, I use one of the best software’s (like yours)  The “Tag Scanner” and actually I think it would be good if you have a better look from technical angle to this software which shows exactly what I meant by using right click menu” in every inch of it.! It’s really a cool reliable and easy app.

        Well although I’m 48 years old but I’m kinda Geek in PC and specially hardware’s and smart phones!

        Many of my friends and colleagues  come to me when they want to buy a computer or upgrade their desktop system or mobiles (for free of course!)

        But you might be interest to know I’m an Architect and my expert y has nothing to do with that!! But I love everything related to computers

        anyway thanks man and I wish you be able to do your best and have a great life. by



        • Jan 9, 2019 - 8:57 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Rimartic,

          enthusiasm is never wrong 

          1) Right click

          Ah now I get what you mean; that’s actually not a bad idea. Not sure yet how to implement this cross platform though, but I’ll add it to the to-do list so I will explore this in the near future.
          Right now I’m thinking of using right click to “open” the selected file in RMTV and automatically add it to the “Selected Files” list. Other functions will need to be handled in the RMTV application (select show etc).

          2) Video Resolution/Format vs FFprobe

          Yes, FFprobe is the tool that analyses the video file(s) and tells RMTV about resolution, format, audio, etc.
          Did you verify if “ffprobe” (or “ffprobe.exe”) is in the same directory where the RMTV application is?

          3) MP3 library

          Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with “Wondershare TidyMyMusic” – I actually tend to avoid WonderShare, even though I’m sure their applications are not horrible. Something about them just annoys me (like how the advertise and kinda mislead folks a little bit) – but that’s just my personal feeling 
          The tool I used to use is called Media Monkey – but I’ll admit not having used it in years.

          As for age … Hey, 50 is the new 30 hahah (I’m actually 51 years old haha).
          So keep up the good work and keep enjoying computers and other gadgets – I know I do 
          Architect, oh wow, nice – my dad used to be an Architect!
          My last job was CTO of a medical laboratory – so work is related to computer stuff 



          • Jan 9, 2019 - 2:42 PM - rimartic Comment Link

            Hi Dear Hans,

            As I believe I have asked most of my questions and also I do believe your time is  Precious, therefor I won’t bother you anymore with my questions.

            I hope to see huge and great outcomes of your job (actually not every huge outcome!!)  and honestly I really wish to see you as one of the greatest programmers for Great jobs.

            I’m sorry because of my financial situation and unfortunately not so well outcomes of my job for me in past last year, (not that outcome, which hopefully no matter what, still comes out!!) -[Sorry for rude jokes! It was just for laugh] I can’t support your site by donating at this moment.

            But what I can do is according to your open source program and also free of charge, I know a few multi program provider websites which have over 50k to 100k visitors and I will introduce your software and put download link of your site over there and I hope it helps more people around the world to see and download your program.

            And also at least, I like to visit your website from time to time and beside seeing what’s new, click on ads which is not anything special but I will do it with all my pleasure because me and I believe other users of your software should be fared and reasonable

            because when you have given us result of your work for free (even if it be temporary) so anyone who uses this app should at least do something in front of its wonderful problem solving work.

            And at last, I have joined this website but I couldn’t figure out how to add my photo because in “edit profile” there wasn’t any option for uploading photo (clicking on photo part didn’t respond either.)

            Also in this comment box, I didn’t saw the upload or attach file icon.

            So for last question of all bothering questions, how can I do that?

            Hope to see you someday

            good by and best lucks With Always “Huge” Outcomes, where ever or however be useful for you!!

            Again sorry if I was out of line.


          • Jan 10, 2019 - 8:53 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Hi Rimartic!

            Nothing wrong with asking question 

            Thanks again for the compliments, I don’t see myself as that great a developer (still got lots to learn) – but do very much appreciate the compliment.

            Don’t worry about donating; I actually enjoy a nice compliment so that on it’s own is a great donation 

            Promoting the application elsewhere is always good – I could use some more visitors for sure. 
            I very much appreciate that! And visiting my website is great as well!

            Posting photo’s or pictures in general are turned off on purpose (however: forum does allow posting pictures and upload files). The reason for that is that some users in the past would post inappropriate pictures and/or advertisements in the comments. So I wanted to avoid that from happening.

            If one day we run into each other, then that would be great!

            p.s. you were not out of line – all is good. Thanks for the nice interaction! 


  • Jan 9, 2019 - 2:45 PM - Idan Comment Link


    Thank you very much for this amazing software

    I’ve been using it on my Windows machine and it works flawlessly

    However, on my Mac OS Mojave machine, whenever, I try to rename files, I keep getting a message saying 

    “Renaming failed”

    Any idea what it could be? I tried it with a lot of files and it keeps failing



    • Jan 10, 2019 - 8:58 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dan,

      This problem has not been reported by other Mojave users.
      There are several reasons why this may happen;

      1) Access Rights

      If your files are on a network share; make sure you have the proper access rights that allow you to rename the files.
      A good initial test would be by trying to rename a file under MacOS manually under the same user account that you use to run RMTV.

      2) Files Locked

      Now I have not see this under MacOS, but for example under Windows a thumbnail preview generator can “lock” a file temporary. I have seen this happen with some network shares as well, where one machine is trying to access a file (scan for meta data, create a thumbnail, etc) while your Mac is trying to rename the file.

      Hope this helps 



    • Jan 10, 2019 - 8:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      p.s. you could enable “Create log file” and see which files are failing in the log file.



  • Jan 10, 2019 - 10:40 AM - Jason Comment Link


    I’m quite enjoying how easy your software is to use and how it allows me to match up files by episode title only by matching the episodes scrapped. I’m running into an issue though with a specific show called Face Off ( It’s not grabbing all the episodes in the list, specifically between episodes S04E08 and S08E13. What could be the issue for this and is there an easy fix I can do on my end?



    • Jan 10, 2019 - 11:06 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Jason,

      glad to hear you are liking the application. Sorry to hear you’re running into an issue.

      So when looking for Face Off (TVDB:214831), I see that S04E08 and S08E13 appear just fine on my setup.
      A few things that may have caused this in your situation;

      1) TVShows and Episodes are downloaded from a maintained website.

      With that I mean; the good folks at TheTVDB are constantly changing and updating the information at hand. You may or may not have picked up the show data at the “wrong”moment.

      2) Data is being cached.

      So, if you indeed picked up te data at a “wrong” moment, the wrong info would be stored (or be missing) in the database as well.

      The cached data in the database is updated (by default) only once every 7 days (I’m planning on adding a “Force Refresh” button).
      So it would take 7 days before RMTV would try to get updated info.

      Now having said that; when looking for a show, the initial data will always be retrieved from TheTVDB. If the last updated date provided by TheTVDB is newer than the one stored in the database, the database data will be updated. But … this date is not always provided correctly (it seems).

      So to force an update of the data, go into settings and set the cache expiration days to zero – it will ALWAYS update. 

      Hopefully you’ll get the correct data now and the missing episodes will show. 

      After that you can (if you want to) set this back to 7 days.
      Picking up all data every single time does not only slow down RMTV but also causes an increased load for TheTVDB.
      But the choice is entirely up to you 



      • Jan 10, 2019 - 11:42 AM - Jason Comment Link

        Setting the cache expiration to zero did not cause it to update. It immediately repopulated the same episode list with the same missing episodes. I ran the program on a different computer, and it grabbed all the episodes just fine. So no big deal, as I was planning on using this other computer for this job from this point forward anyway. But a force refresh button would certainly help in this situation. And I’m not sure why setting it from zero didn’t force it to update either.



        • Jan 10, 2019 - 11:46 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Thanks Jason!

          I’ll double check the zero day update issue 
          The “Force Refresh” is already implemented for the next release.
          There are a few other requests (see above from Alexander) that I want to include. I’m guessing a new version will be available somewhere by the end of next week (I’m still traveling so I’m a little handicapped right now ).



  • Jan 14, 2019 - 1:34 PM - rimartic Comment Link

    Hi dear Hans

    I’m glad talking again with you

    Actually I have a question about your software

    although I’m enjoying this program indeed, but there was a problem;

    1- Why my series names can’t be deleted or removed from “Series title” after Editing.

    And related to that, how can I remove episodes from “aired episodes” box?

    2- what (Clear show history) button exactly does because when I push it, it doesn’t do anything.

    Thanks again and best of luck



    • Jan 15, 2019 - 4:51 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Rimartic 

      1) If you mean in the list of previously searched shows; you can remove the undesired ones in the Preferences window. Then again, I main not entirely know what you mean. (need more coffee)

      2) The “Clear All” button (in Preferences, under “TV Show History”) should clear the list … which version and what OS are you using? (so I can test specifically, just tried it under MacOS with v2.0.2 and there it works as expected).



  • Jan 20, 2019 - 2:13 PM - rimartic Comment Link

    Dear Hans


    Actually after a while using your wonderful software I felt like I owe you a big thanks again.

    Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal for some users but you have no idea how much your app can be useful for people like me as an archive r! And my most and primary problem for my archive system was arranging them with regular episodes’ info and files data s

    But actually better than the general purpose of your program, it’s the abilities and useful function’s such as:

    1- Many special characters which can be chosen according to needs and any sort of “Renaming or correcting Tags data”.

    2- Beside that, even user can write, edit and even change original tag data s due to (his, or her) line of arrangement in (format String) part.

    3- Capitalizing words in any way we want (separately or all to gather).

    Although, some functions doesn’t work quite as they spouse to do with windows because of FFProbe.  but even that didn’t come in the way and just with few steps more it does the same work

    and believe me, much more other things which I don’t want to take your time with telling them to you (who’s the God of this program)!

    But all I want to say is I’m very thankful for your work and hope to see much more piece of ART’S like this one from you and more than that, I thoroughly wish  other users and people find out how great works are out there (Like this software) which have been gifted FREE to us as the users, with no annoying ad’s.!

    Great Job Man, Great Job

    It’s not just about designing a multi function app or program, but at least I believe those soft wares and apps which are providing great functions within minimal designs, those are great works

    otherwise, many programs with huge lines of writing and program design and vast of options can give lot of multifunction s, but

    the Great piece of Art work always comes with less!

    Hope to see great works from you again.



    • Jan 21, 2019 - 5:52 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Rimartic!

      Thanks for your kinds words – probably one of the best motivating words so far! 

      Spread the word 
      And yes I’ll keep developing tools for sure!



  • Jan 21, 2019 - 4:45 PM - Michael Noble - Author: Comment Link


    Just started using. Wish list item  – simple drag ‘n drop rename like theRenamer does.


    Looked through the messages, did not see this mentioned, but might have missed…

    %S and %SZ yield the same result. “02” for season 2  NOT %S = “2” and %SZ = “02”

    (Checkbox – Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide… is unchecked).


    Michael Noble

  • Jan 21, 2019 - 5:03 PM - Michael Noble - Author: Comment Link

    RE: My previous post just tried again and the %S and %SZ worked properly???? Don’t lnow what the original problem was, but tried to get them to work properly several times and did not succeed. Perhaps restarting the program fixed the problem – not sure why it did not work then did work. 


    Michael Noble

    • Jan 22, 2019 - 5:18 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Michael,

      I’ll take a look and see what may be going wrong. If anything is “fixed” by restarting the application, then I may have made a boo-boo writing and activating preferences.
      Since I’m working on other projects right now, I will add this to the “To Do” list so I won’t forget for a next version.

      Thanks for reporting, it’s most helpful.

      As for Drag and Drop – this should already work. What OS are you running?
      For Windows, Linux and MacOS, drag and drop on the application is implemented.
      For MacOS additionally; drag and drop on the dock icon should work as well.



  • Jan 22, 2019 - 3:42 PM - MfU Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    since this morning, I can’t open RmTS. As soon as I try, I am getting this error message:


    Connection failed.

    Possible reasons:

    – No internet connection

    – Firewall blocking internet access.

    – The TVDB API is down

    Rename my TV Series will now close.

    (OK Button)

    Hitting OK indeed closes the error message.

    My internet connection is OK with everything. I am at a loss to understand what is going on.Any suggestions are more than welcomed.



    • Jan 23, 2019 - 1:47 AM - MfU Comment Link


      this morning everything is back on track (sigh of relief).




    • Jan 23, 2019 - 4:16 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi MfU (and others that may see this message),

      there are several reasons why this message may occur;

      1) Your Internet is down,
      2) Your firewall is blocking traffic to/from TheTVDB and/or RenameMyTVSeries,
      3) TheTVDB is down for maintenance,
      4) TheTVDB is blocking your traffic (unlikely – never seen that),
      5) Your ISP is blocking certain traffic (unlikely – haven’t seen this with TheTVDB either),
      6) DNS calls do not get resolved properly (seen this with a local ISP with other domains).

      There are probably a few more reasons, but these are the ones I could come up.
      My advise; reboot router/modem, reboot PC/Mac, and/or wait a while to see if it reconnects at a later time.

      You could enter the link to theTVDB API in your browser:
      This typically shows the message:

      {"Error":"Not authorized"}

      But this is no guarantee that TheTVDB API is up and running at full capacity. More API details can be found here.



      • Jan 24, 2019 - 4:41 PM - MfU Comment Link

        As far fetched as it might sounds, I do believe it was reason# 4: TVDB must have reported my ip to CloudFlare.

        Everything else internet related was ok on my side, and I asked some friends to try to acces, which they managed without a hiccup.

        Even was telling me tvdb was up for everyone (other than me).

        While RmTVs could not run, I could not acces as I was redirected to a CloudFlare page asking to go thru a captcha (that did not even let me thru, even less so RmTVs.

        I am a user of Emby server and Emby for Kodi clients and recently, Emby introduced a major (read huge) update to their system. That caused a complete rescan of my “substantial” (read really huge) library. To make matter worse, once the Emby library rescan was over, a similar rescan of all 3 Kodi clients was needed. In effect, I hit their servers 4 times in a 24/36 hrs span of non-stop media info fetching.

        I am so relieved that everything is back to normal.

        Take care and keep up the good work !

        PS: when can we expect a RmTVs update, even a rough estimate?    



      • Jan 25, 2019 - 5:26 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Oh wow … I’m surprised to hear that Cloudflare blocked you, but I guess it’s not impossible (considering your tests). 

        Yeah sounds like you did hit TheTVDB unintentionally pretty hard.

        As for an update for RMTV – I just got back from a long trip, and have to finish another project first before I can finish RMTV.
        Unfortunately, society wants me to have a full time job as well … Oh I so wish I could do development like this full time.
        During my trip I did some poking around at RMTV, trying to see how fast I can implement some of the requests. The resizing shouldn’t be too hard. The renaming is going to be a PITA … but we will see what I can do.



        • Jan 25, 2019 - 2:49 PM - Mfu Comment Link

          You know what they say: “if you day job clashes with your favourite past time, quit your day job” HA HA HA!

          Seriously, that day I couldn’t use your fine program reminded me how much I rely on it day in, day out for many years now (and counting).

          Thank you for providing us with free, intuitive, malware free, well performing software AND friendly support too.

          We could use a lot more Hans out there.




        • Jan 26, 2019 - 4:17 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Thanks MfU! 

          You’re very welcome and I very much appreciate your kind words!
          Always a good motivator to keep doing what I’m doing!



  • Jan 30, 2019 - 1:51 PM - rimartic Comment Link

    Hi dear Friend

    Long time no talk!! 

    Actually because of your expertise in software area and specially about multimedia, I have some questions which I couldn’t find clear answer for them till now, and I hope you could help and guide me.

    *- Because most (actually all!) of Downloadable movies and serials in vast amounts are piracy codecs and formats, and also because of many  codecs, bit rates and worse than that, combination of them, … It’s hard to find better quality and more important, a “measurement” for differences between same formats with different codecs or same codecs with different formats!!!

    You know, usually after release of a movie in internet, based on time of releasing, it starts with Cam, HDCam, HDScrn, and, … many other sort of craps!!!

    But usually most common codecs to download after a while, would be;

    [HDTV – HDRip –  WEB-DL – WEBRip – Blu-ray – BluRip]

    It’s almost obvious the difference between formats and which one is better in picture quality, but the problem is other suffix’es and tons! Of formats like  for instance:

     [WEB-DL  MkvCage – WEB-DL  MkvNitro  – WEB-DL  MkvPsa –  …..]

    [WEB-DL MP4    WEB-DL Divx ….. “and here we go again for HDTV or Blu-ray……’]

    To make it easier for you to help me, I know and its obvious:

    Blu-ray > WEB-DL > HDTV (In same Bit rates and resolutions) but the confusing part for me its Combination of formats with lots of codecs and …


    1- what are those suffix’es after codecs like (Mkv Cage,  Mkv Nitro, Mkv RMT or MP4Nitro, MP4 RMT and ……) and also what would be the difference of quality between A format like HDTV if it comes with Mkv or MP4 or MPEG4 or…..

    Man, I can feel it right now your head is about to explode!

    And I’m not asking you to answer all my question’s because I know it will need more than time! To answer all these questions.!

    But your best help for me can be guiding me to the best website which describe and explain the “Comparison” in best and complete way.(like all data’s in one complete table)

    But for short answer, Can you tell me

    1- which one of these formats are better than the other in picture quality;

    (HDRip  —  WEBRip  —  HDTV  —  BlurayRip  —  WEB-DL  —  BluRay)

    2- What would be the difference between formats like; BluRay-Mkv with Bluray-MP4 or Bluray-Mpeg4 or ….

    I think you got what I mean and what is my confusion. All I need to know is sort of grading or table to have all the differences and grades of quality at same time more than going throw the rabbit hole and sink in all these data’s of this area.

    Anyway, again sorry for bothering you and asking so many questions

    wish you the best of all and although it’s late but (HAPPY NEW YEAR)!

    I deeply believe, 2019 would be a great change and huge success in your fortune although life is always tough on Honest and good people but finally everyone has their own personal chance’es and who knows, maybe 2019 is your (personal) game changer.!

    Best of all



    • Jan 31, 2019 - 3:28 AM - MfU Comment Link
    • Jan 31, 2019 - 4:43 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Thanks MfU for chiming in!!  

      I would have sworn I once wrote an article about this – but that must have been my old website (oh yes I did: see this link – but it’s outdated).

      So in short:

      • Cam – A copy made in a movie theatre using a camcorder or mobile phone. Typically horrible quality and do not be surprised to see shadows of people walking by.
      • Telesync – This was shot in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a good camera, directly connected to the sound source. Quality is not horrible but not great either.
      • Workprint – A copy made from an unfinished version of a film produced by the studio. Typically good quality, but with imposed text/numbers/effects.
      • Telecine – A copy captured from a film print using a machine that transfers the movie from its analog reel to digital format. Almost DVD quality. Not too good.
      • Screener – These are early DVD or BD releases of the theatrical version of a film, typically with something like “do not make copies” and “property of…” messages in it.
      • R5 – The R5 is a retail DVD from region 5 – quite often Russian with English soundtrack.\
      • DVD-Rip – A copy of a commercial DVD.
      • (HD)TVRip – Typically a sat/cable box recording.
      • BRRip/BluRay Rip – A copy of a commercial Blu-ray Disc.
      • HDDVD – Like BluRay, but a format that lost the format-wars (see also this Wiki page).
      • WebDL – A rip of one or the other streaming service – often very good quality, sometimes video moves a little less smooth.
      Hope this helps …



  • Feb 4, 2019 - 12:06 PM - noblemd Comment Link

    Reccommend you add the following as defaults to the Replace Special Characters since Rename My TV Series will not rename files with “#” and “?” charaters (had multiple instances where this occurred).

    Character #      Replacement EMPTY

    Character ?      Replacement EMPTY



    • Feb 6, 2019 - 4:36 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Noblemd!

      I didn’t realize those characters would be a problem, but it does make sense (especially the “?”).
      I’ll add these to the defaults in the next release, thanks for bringing them up! 



  • Feb 12, 2019 - 6:07 PM - noblemd Comment Link

    %S%EZ.%T is my filename format : Example: 207.Message.lnABottle.mp4

    Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed) – UNCHECKED

    Shetland (2013) most recent episode Shetland.S05E01.720p.mkv and older episodes converts to: 

    51.Episode.1 (no season leading zero).

    Selected Episodes added list display as (Season 5 example):

    1. Episode 1
    2. Episode 2
    3. Episode 3
    4. Episode 4
    5. Episode 5
    6. Episode 6

    Also noticed occuring with other shows with single or double digit first Episodes number –> 1 Episode 1

    If “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed)” is CHECKED converts to: 0501.Episode.1

    Perhaps separate checkbox for Season and Episode leading zeros would fix (as in)

    [ ] Season numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed) 

    [ ] Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed) 



    • Feb 12, 2019 - 6:11 PM - noblemd Comment Link

      51.Episode.1 (no season leading zero). should say

      51.Episode.1 (no EPISODE leading zero).



    • Feb 13, 2019 - 9:40 AM - noblemd Comment Link

      Other examples: 

      Victoria (2016)

      1. Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown
      2. London Bridge is Falling Down
      3. Et in Arcadia
      4. Foreign Bodies
      5. A Show of Unity
      6. A Coburg Quartet
      7. A Public Inconvenience
      8. The White Elephant

      Renames to: 35.A.Show.Of.Unity (example S03E05)


      Project Blue Book

      1. The Fuller Dogfight
      2. The Flatwoods Monster
      3. The Lubbock Lights
      4. Operation Paperclip
      5. Foo Fighters
      6. The Green Fireballs The Scoutmaster
      8 War Games

      Renames to: 16.The.Green. Fireballs (example S01E06)



      • Feb 15, 2019 - 4:41 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Noblemd,

        I’m trying to understand what you’re going for …

        So taking ‘Project Blue Book” as an example, and your string being “%S%EZ.%T”, and “2 digits minimum” unchecked.
        The result should be: “106.The.Green.Fireballs” (season1, episode 6)?



        • Feb 15, 2019 - 9:12 AM - noblemd Comment Link

          Yes, %S%EZ.%T should yield as the example shows,”207.Message.lnABottle.mp4″ even if Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed) is unchecked.

          The “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed)” checkbox seems to be redundant since the “File name format” should do the same job.

          Nothing should override the “File name format” (with the exception of something similar to the wishlist item below – IF/THEN). 

          I only use Season # leading zeros if the TV show has more than 9 seasons (10+). The following would be convenient (wishlist item)…

          Add a chechbox (and appropriate supporting code): 

          [ ] TV shows with greater than 9 Seasons (10+) – Season numbers at least 2 chars wide (leading zero’s if needed).



          • Feb 15, 2019 - 10:16 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Please check version 2.0.4 that I just released – I hope that fixes the problem for you 
            Not a 100% guarantee that it fixes it, but I think it will … 


          • Feb 17, 2019 - 2:59 PM - noblemd Comment Link

            Upgraded to v2.04 still getting the problem with 1 & 2 digit episode numbers.

            Filename format: %S%EZ.%T

            Example  Glitch (2015) 

            Season 1 & 2 list as (both the same)

            1   Episode 1
            2   Episode 2
            3   Episode 3
            4   Episode 4
            5   Episode 5
            6   Episode 6

            Rename as: (no episode leading zero.)


            Should rename as: 

            101 Episode 1.mkv


          • Feb 17, 2019 - 9:50 PM - noblemd Comment Link

            Here is the log entry from another example:

            RENAMED: \\TV.Series\Current\T\Traitors\Traitors.S01E01.720p.HEVC.x265.mkv -> \\TV.Series\Current\T\Traitors\11.Episode1.mkv


          • Feb 18, 2019 - 5:30 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            OK I see what you’re getting at, I guess the numbering system you’re using keeps throwing me off a little.
            I’ll split the minimum of 2 chars to a separate one for seasons and episodes in the next release.

            For now this may fix it for you:

            Format string: %S%E2.%T

            Uncheck “Season and Episode number at least 2 chars wide“.

            Hope this at least keeps you going 


          • Feb 18, 2019 - 8:23 AM - noblemd Comment Link

            Format string: %S%E2.%T seems to have worked. 


            Will continue to watch.


          • Feb 18, 2019 - 9:02 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link


            I’ve added the request to the “To Do” list … 


    • Feb 13, 2019 - 9:47 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Noblemd,

      Excellent number of examples!
      I’ll try to take a look tonight or tomorrow during the day.
      I have noticed in a quick look that there may be a minor issue with number of digits for season/episode (both being the same, noticeable when season numbers are years -> episode numbers now become 4 digits as well).

      I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible 



  • Feb 13, 2019 - 10:43 AM - Mathias Comment Link


    There seems to be a problem with episodes with the character “?” in it. Take for instance The Simpsons episode “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” (season 6-7, both episodes). Could you please make it so that the character “?” is just removed from the filename since that is not a legal character.




    • Feb 14, 2019 - 3:56 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mathias,

      depending on your Operating System, a question mark may or may not work in a filename.
      If it doesn, then please go to settings and add this to the “Replace Special Characters” section. 

      Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you and please let me know what OS you’re running. I could make it a default for that particular OS.



      • Feb 14, 2019 - 11:07 AM - Mathias Comment Link


        That resolved the issue for me. I feel foolish for not finding the option in the settings menu.

        I am using Windows 10 and a Linux distrubition on a Synology NAS – both can’t handle the character “?” in filenames.

        Otherwise thanks for a great piece of software.



        • Feb 15, 2019 - 4:44 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Mathias,

          don’t feel bad hahah – happens to the best of us.
          Interesting to hear that your Synology doesn’t handle “?” in file names – my QNAP seems to have no problem with that.

          Oh well, I’ve added “?” to the default list for the next version. 



  • Feb 15, 2019 - 10:14 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link


    – Fixed counter bug in list found episodes

    – Added Force Refresh button (forces to redownload TheTVDB data)

    – Added a splitter allowing you to resize the SelectedEpisodes and SelectedFiles lists

    – Added button to reset the splitter position back to the middle

    – Added # and ? to default replacement special chars to be replaced with nothing (removed)

    – Added in Preferences: when double clicking a row in the “History”, that row will be removed

    – Added in Preferences: Optional have no leading zero’s for the “Extras” (season 0)

    – Added the option to load episodes right away when selecting a search result as an alternative to double clicking a show (see Preferences)

    – Added the option to use both titles when merging 2 episodes (Eg. title 1 – title 2)

    – Bug fixed: when more files are shown than episodes listed a would show name dummy for the missing episode in the list

    – Renamed and repositioned some buttons in the main window (space needed for the new buttons)

    – Work around for selecting from history and clicking search a second time – now shows results (removed year from edit field)

    – Resolved issue with minimum number of characters for Season and Episode (for example with shows that have a year number instead of a season number)

    – Fixed: For TV shows that miss a First Aired date, an attempt will be made to retrieve it from the first episode’s airdate

    – Added AutoLog option with fixed path for log files – logs will be stored in that directory automatically when this option is enabled

    – Added an optional default log location

    – Added seconds to log filename (for those who are really quick)



  • Mar 2, 2019 - 12:50 AM - David Comment Link

    Hi Hans

    I am a new user and I love your program, it has some great options, I love the move feature as one of them.  I have found one issue I am using release for Windows 2.0.4; the issue is with ” Optional – Rename Similar Files”; I have this checked and it does not pickup and rename .srt files even though it is named exactly the same.  Is their something I am doing wrong?





    • Mar 2, 2019 - 4:18 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi David,

      glad to hear you like RMTV 

      As for your question; this should work – maybe you ran into a little bug.
      Do you have some example filenames for me to test?
      I’d need full path and filenames.
      (feel free email me)



      • Mar 2, 2019 - 4:36 PM - David Comment Link

        Hi Hans

        I wasn’t sure what address to get you via email so I created a Dropbox account via your site and sent you some links in an email that I sent through the “Contact Us” form on this site.





      • Mar 3, 2019 - 4:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi David,

        well done! I’ve copied the filenames and was able to reproduce the issue .
        Feel free to remove the files from DropBox. For next time; I only need the filenames, no need to copy/upload the actual files. With these kind of tests I always create an empty dummy file. 
        I’ll try to tinker on this today.



      • Mar 3, 2019 - 5:56 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi David,

        I found the problem. Seems one of the standard functions was giving an unexpected result.
        So I created a function of my own that should handle this correctly now (version 2.0.5). 

        Let me know if you run into issue, and/or if things work now. 



        • Mar 3, 2019 - 8:13 AM - David Comment Link

          Hi Hans

          Version 2.0.5 works great regarding “Renaming Similar files”; thanks very much.

          I have found another issue, (unless I am miss reading something):

          1. If “Move to folder:” is selected and

          2. format is %N\Season %S and

          3. “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (Leading Zero’s if needed)” is selected then

          The format for folder created is [Base]\Stargate SG-1\Season 02 not [Base]\Stargate SG-1\Season 2

          1. If “Move to folder:” is selected and

          2. format is %N\Season %S and

          3. “Season and Episode” is not selected

          Then format for folder created is [Base]\Stargate SG-1\Season 2

          But file created has only 1 width for season and episode e.g. Stargate SG-1 – S2E7 – Message in a Bottle.mp4  No matter what “File Format” field states

          It seems you can’t have “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide” selected and achieve a folder format creation of Season 2 when moving.  I have tried a few different codes and numbing options hoping to get it to work but no luck.





        • Mar 3, 2019 - 8:46 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi David,

          glad to hear that fixed at least one problem 

          I’m trying to wrap my head around the issue you’re running into.
          You’re using “Move to folder” with a format “%N\Season %S”.
          As I understand, you’d like your folder to be: Season 2 (not “02”).
          And your filenames: Stargate – S02E07 – Message.mp4.
          I hope I understood that correctly? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

          To accomplish this;

          Uncheck the “Season and Episode numbers at least 2 chars wide (Leading Zero’s if needed)” (an option I should maybe drop anyway).
          For the filename you could use “%N – S%S2E%E2 – %T” and for the folder name use “%N\Season %S“.

          That should do the trick. %S2 forces a width of at least 2 numbers for season numbers (and %E2 for episode numbers).



          • Mar 3, 2019 - 5:30 PM - David Comment Link

            Hi Hans

            You did understand me correctly in what I was trying to achieve. 

            I followed what you said and it worked.

            Thanks very much for your effort and your program.




          • Mar 4, 2019 - 3:49 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Hi David,

            You’re welcome and I’m glad it now works for you as well 


  • Mar 3, 2019 - 5:57 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

    UPDATE 2.0.5

    Minor bug fix in 2.0.4 when renaming similar named files.



  • Mar 5, 2019 - 9:27 AM - Michael Comment Link

    BUG  ver 2.0.5

    CHECKED –  Create log file of renamed files. 

    Changed directory to Desktop. (left active for several days)


    Log file still being created.



    • Mar 6, 2019 - 5:27 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Michael,

      I’ll test this hopefully today – thanks for reporting. 
      Since I didn’t change anything, I would assume this bug exists in 2.0.4 as well. Did you restart RMTV after making the change? 



      • Mar 7, 2019 - 9:29 PM - Michael Comment Link

        Yes, restarted several times since unchecking. Still creating log files.



    • Mar 8, 2019 - 4:04 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Found what bug … when “Default Log Dir” is checked (even when it’s disabled) then log files will be created even if “Create log file of renamed files” is unchecked. This should be an easy fix, which I will incorporate in the next release. Silly mistake on my end – my apologies. 

      Temporary workaround to disable the log files:

      1) In settings check “Create log file of renamed files” (so “Default Log Dir” is enabled)
      2) Uncheck “Default Log Dir”
      3) Uncheck “Create log file of renamed files”

      Now log files will no longer be created.

      Again apologies for the inconvenience. 



  • Mar 10, 2019 - 7:48 PM - Dan Comment Link

    So I am trying out your program on Ubuntu and dropping some shows in that are 1080p and even with ffprobe ticked the renamer only wants to name them 720p.

    I ran some 720p shows through and it ranamed them with the resolution as blank.

    Whats going on there?




    • Mar 11, 2019 - 4:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dan,

      well, I don’t know what to tell you without any examples.

      A little test you could do with the specific files.
      Please post the results, but please limit it only “width” and “height” lines, so we’re not having huge output lists here);

      ffprobe -v quiet -print_format json -show_format -show_streams <yourfile.mkv>

      The output should be something like (just an example, and I removed some lines and we’re looking for the bold lines):

        "streams": [{
          "index": 0,
          "codec_name": "divx", ...
          "width": 320,
          "height": 240,
        "format": {
          "filename": "somefile.mkv",
          "nb_streams": 1,
          "format_name": "mkv", ...



      • Mar 14, 2019 - 5:55 PM - Dan Comment Link

        I’ve given up on Ubuntu for now, we are not friends – lol

        Gone back to my nice and comfortable MacOS where things work as I expect them to



      • Mar 15, 2019 - 4:42 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

         Yeah Linux has come a long way, but it’s still far from what MacOS and Windows have to offer when it comes to convenience for the end-user.
        I’m not using Linux very often either, even though I do look at it every now and then (Mint is my favorite at the moment).
        Things are a little counter intuitive and not as convenient as I’m used to – so I mostly use it to compile my applications for Linux only – which has it’s challenges as well.



  • Mar 11, 2019 - 10:39 AM - Jordan Comment Link


    This is a beautiful piece of software with a highly polished and user-friendly GUI.

    I would however like to request an addition to the available file formating codes.  The “%Y” code returns the Year a given show started which is great for an ongoing series but for series that have ended the addition of a “%YZ” code returning the Year the show ended would allow for formatting the move to folder with the total year range of the seires.

    So if we take your standard TV series example a format of “%N (%Y- %YZ)/” for the move to folder would result in “[Base]\Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007)\” for the file path.



    • Mar 12, 2019 - 9:13 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Jordan,

      Thank you very much for the very nice compliment and I do like your way of organizing your series.
      For this new parameter we could indeed take the last episode air date, if a show has been ended.

      I do find two potential issues with this;

      1) Some shows “end” but years later start up again (X-Files for example), making the end year invalid again.
      2) Once a show “ends”, the directory name changes – certain tools like Kodi will then loose what files you have watched or not.
      3) In the format, what should we display when the show has not ended yet? (and the “- ” may not be removed automatically, since I cannot assume we all would use this as a separator)
      4) Some media players and media managers already seem to have issues when the year has been added (when the year did not exist in TheTVDB). Adding 2 years will be a problem for those as well – but I’m not too worried about this one.

      So to define a new variable (I know you just mentions %YZ as an example), I could say “%YE” (Year End) which is either blank (show not yet ended) or “-<YEAR ENDED>” (issue 3 “solved”). 

      Now the question how we would want to handle shows that you started before they ended, and what to do when they actually did end.

      I’ll add the parameter to the “To Do” list, so I won’t forget. I’m just not quite sure yet what to do with directory names that already existed before the show ended. Then again, it would probably only be a niche group of users that may use this.



  • Mar 12, 2019 - 3:05 AM - Alexander Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for 2.0.4 including things like setting a default log dir and a force refresh button.

    Please, can you add a splitter to resize the Episodes list too? I also still hope for a quick search/filter in the Episodes list.




    • Mar 12, 2019 - 9:17 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Alexander,

      You’re welcome 

      A splitter for the Episode list (left side) is on the “to do” list, but would take more work than the other one that I have implemented. Still stuck in one of my other projects, I try to not jump too often between projects.

      A quick search/filter option for the episode is something I’d like to add as well, again, waiting to find some time to actually do it – but it’s on the todo list!



  • Mar 14, 2019 - 5:52 PM - Dan Comment Link

    Now that I have this working on Mac (the OS I am most proficient with) I really like how quick and simple it is to just do a rename and move – kudos, and the resolution thing is working as expected now – go Mac OS FTW

    Question on TV shows in languages other than English.

    Im trying to rename Velvet (2014) which returns nothing with the year in the search and three shows without the year:

    Tipping the Velvet (2002)

    Velvet (2014)

    Velvet Collection (2017)

    When I select Velvet (2014) no episodes are shown from theTVdb – as the episodes are only listed in Spanish with all blanks in English on the website so that makes sense, however when I change the language to Spanish the app refreshes, selects Tipping the Velvet (as it is first in the list I guess), and reverts back to English. I have also tried setting the default language to Spanish in settings to no avail. This is on Mac OS btw, I gave up on Ubuntu for now.

    Also have you considered offering themoviedb as a source for TV shows as well? 



    • Mar 15, 2019 - 4:52 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dan,

      I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t work as smooth under Linux – but I’m happy to hear it works well for you under MacOS. Thank you very much for the compliments! 

      The bug you’re encountering probably is related to the empty episode list (that I see on my Mac) when selecting Spanish.
      When no episodes are found, RMTV reverts back to English automatically. And while testing this, I can see this to be slightly annoying.
      Note: on TheTVDB page, Spanish is not listed, and the English titles appear to be blank (RMTV skips those intentionally).
      My best guess is that one or the other TheTVDB user is working on it, so maybe we have to be patient until that person is done. You could also participate and complete the list yourself.

      I have not considered TheMovieDB – the data seems pretty complete there though.
      On my list of additional source, I do have MazeTV. On MazeTV the list seems complete, but the titles are in Spanish. Implementation will take quite a bit of work and I’m currently working on one of my other applications. But it is on the “To Do” list .



      • Mar 20, 2019 - 3:51 AM - Dan Comment Link

        Haha yep, Linux will be a challenge for another time.

        Yeah I figured it might have to do with the titles missing from the sources, looks like I will have to go plug them, I’ve done this for a couple of shows on the movie db, but tend to shy away from thetvdb as the mods can be overly strict about things and they sometimes throw logic out the window due to their strictness – hence why I prefer moved – logic is allowed to overrule with those mods 😜

        Will go check out MazeTV also – thanks for the heads up




      • Mar 20, 2019 - 5:37 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Haha, yeah Linux has a way to go before I can fully switch to it – unfortunately, because even Apple is throwing up some roads block that I (as a developer) do not particularly like haha.

        It will take a bit before I’ll start working on MazeTV, so please feel free to provide feedback! 



  • Mar 18, 2019 - 10:39 AM - Ryan Comment Link

    Hi there! :)

    I’ve just ben checking out your app as a replacement for TheRenamer, which apparently stopped working because of some sort of API thing with theTVDB – I don’t know exactly how this all works – I just learn the bits I need to know :) 

    Anyway… I have just one question, if I may: I’ve checked through your nicely-created guide, and so please forgive me if my answer is there, but been missed, but… is there a way (or could there be?) to batch drag and drop, and with one click, have the app read through the source directory, match shows and episodes, and suggest any mis-matches or conflicts?

    TheRenamer used to be able to batch-scan a list of files, made up of different shows, and while it wouldn’t suggest anything, it’d rename upon closest match – which was 99% accurate. And if anything was wrong, you could go into the settings and correct the show ID number so that, in future, it’d get the correct show (for example, per your example somewhere above, if there are multiple Doctor Who series, then it tends to pull the first/oldest one, unless you change it in the settings).

    So, it’s pretty much a one-click process, with the resulting files automatically being moved (as yours does) to a destination folder, inside which each folder/file gets slotted in with the appropriate show.

    I hope I’m making sense. :)

    I just thought I’d ask, because otherwise, it’s a lot of work to rename a bunch of shows and episodes, one show at a time, etc., matching up episodes, etc.

    I must say – it’s a very smart interface, BTW – I’m just hoping there’s more a a one-click-batch thing that I’ve not yet seen in it. :)

    Thanks so much! :)



    • Mar 18, 2019 - 12:06 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Ryan,

      Well, TheTVDB did change their API to v2 – hence my new version as well. Not sure if that was the motivation for TheRenamer to stop.

      Thanks for the compliment and … questions are always welcome! 

      There is no mechanism to “auto” rename a batch. Yes you can rename batches, but unfortunately finding the matching show an episode is manual.
      I have yet to find code that does the auto matching very well (but I’m open to suggestions).
      So if TheRenamer is really “off the market” then maybe it’s creator is willing to share the source code …?
      I have not seen any source code of TheRenamer and the website seems to suggest he/she is still actively developing this tool?



  • Mar 20, 2019 - 2:31 AM - Alexander Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    Could you (also) support the long pattern when merging two episodes please?

    The short ones look confusing:


    The long one should look like this:


    which is much more clear.


    Best regards



    • Mar 20, 2019 - 5:35 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Alexander,

      I’ll add your request to the ‘To Do” list, since Kodi supports this 
      Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I had no clue this has been implemented as well.



  • Mar 27, 2019 - 6:32 AM - Doug Comment Link


    I have been using the software for a year or 2 and Love it. Just installed 2.0.5 and like the changes.

    But just wanted to know if you were going to make the TV show drop down box scrolling? Because I have more than 40 shows that I work with.

    Thanks Doug



    • Mar 28, 2019 - 6:39 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Doug,

      Glad you like the new version! 

      As for scrolling the dropdown list – It is on my To-Do list, but at the moment I’m stuck with what Lazarus Pascal (or the OS for that matter) offers. I assume you’re working on Windows with RMTV? I’ve just tested it under Windows 10 (and finding that many TV shows went a little beyond my imagination hahah). 

      When there are too many items in the list, you should see a little arrow at the top and bottom of the list, allowing you to scroll through the list. Granted, I would have preferred using my mouse scroll wheel for this – but it appears OS specific (MacOS, for example, allows using the scroll wheel). 

      I’ve taken note of it and will keep an eye open for a more elegant fix.

      Hope this helps.



      • Mar 28, 2019 - 9:58 AM - Doug Comment Link

        Thank you for the quick response. That helped me a lot. Here is information for you. I am running Windows 10 dual monitors but not the same size. 

        My main display was 1280 x 1024 and my second one was 1600 x 900. So I was running Rename program on the second monitor because it fits in the landscape and with the info about the arrows at top and bottom I just saw the top arrow. So I slide the program to my main display then I saw both arrows. 

        I then made my second monitor (1600×900) my main display and all works just fine now.

        I hope this helps you to make better updates.

        Thank you so much for all the hard work you and everyone else do, to make a better program for us.

        Thank you Doug  



        • Mar 28, 2019 - 10:52 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Doug,

          I had no clue this scenario would be a problem – thanks for letting me know though, and I’m glad you figured a working method.

          Normally, it’s the task of the OS to pass the correct display size to the application, and the task of the OS widgetset to adapt to this. So my own code actually doesn’t do anything with it.
          In the past I used a so called dropdown box for this, but since that did not work consistently well over the 3 platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux), I changed it to a popup menu. I’ll keep an eye open for better alternatives though – like I said: it’s on the list! 



  • Mar 28, 2019 - 10:12 AM - Kevin Comment Link

    Right now when I have a series that has multiple episodes per video file, I import in the episode names and then have to select each 2 shows starting from the top and right click to merge them.  Would it be possible to add a feature so that all the shows can be selected, right click to a menu and there I can pick to merge 2 shows together and the system will work from the top down merge every set of two?





    • Mar 28, 2019 - 10:54 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Kevin,

      interesting challenge – the merging of episodes is something I have seen rarely, let alone a bunch of them.
      I will add it to my ToDo list, something like “merge all episodes in sets of 2”?



      • Mar 29, 2019 - 9:15 AM - Kevin Comment Link

        Thank you.  Seems to happen on kids shows a LOT.  For a 30 minute episode, after commerical removal you are left with about 20-24 minutes of show.  They will break the show into two episodes of 10-12 minutes each. will list each as an episode, but most of the time they are available as they were aired, so two episodes in a single file.  



  • Apr 4, 2019 - 1:50 PM - andre Comment Link

    The Linux version displays “WARNING: TGtk2WidgetSet.InvalidateRect refused invalidating during paint message: TfmRMTV” on launch  Any advice on how to clean this up?  Thanks!




    • Apr 6, 2019 - 3:38 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Andre,

      I’m not a Linux expert, I just recompile my application for Linux.
      I did try to find an answer for this issue, and so far I can only see that it has to do with a paint event that is triggered while another paint event is being handled. To debug this, I’d need to be able to reproduce the issue myself.

      Can you give more information about the Linux version/distro you’re using, etc.?
      I know there are a few Linux users out there using RMTV successfully, and it works fine on my Mint Linux setup – you’re the first one reporting this (which probably means that the rest of us got lucky).



    • Apr 6, 2019 - 3:43 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Doing some more reading I find that this is actually not stopping your program. It’s just a warning.
      Something else must be preventing the application to start.
      Can you see anything else in the system logs?



      • Apr 23, 2019 - 11:27 AM - Andre Comment Link

        Using Debian/Buster and KDE Plasma, the application starts without any visible error in the GUI but, in the CLI, the message repeats itself before over 100 times before launching the app.



      • Apr 24, 2019 - 4:09 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi Andre,

        I’m unfortunately not a Linux expert, and have tested it only with a few distro’s.
        Did you download the application straight from here, or did you use the KaOS or GitHub alternative?

        Do you know the message you see in the CLI?
        For example, I do know that under macOS, you’ll see several messages in the Console (log) – but none of these are a problem, and seen with tons of other applications as well.

        The only message (I just tested it) that I see in the commandline is:
        WARNING: TGtk2WidgetSet.InvalidateRect refused invalidating during paint message: TfmRMTV

        This seems to be a warning that appears when the application is doing a repaint of the form (TfmRMTV in this case) while doing something that causes a repaint again. For the next release I will see if I can do something about that – but it’s not fatal.



      • Apr 24, 2019 - 4:42 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Allrighty! I think I have found the issue (the downside of working cross platform I guess) – it was easier than I expected.

        So I’ve released version 2.0.5b just now, and used v2.0.5b since it is just a small bugfix and I’d rather not see version numbers run amok 

        Let me know if this fixes the issue for you as well. I’ve tested it with the Linux distro Mint.



        • Apr 24, 2019 - 6:02 AM - Andre Comment Link

          Thanks, Hans!  Confirming that it is now working without the warning.  Excellent work!



        • Apr 24, 2019 - 9:03 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation Andre! 



  • Apr 7, 2019 - 7:11 PM - igobythisname Comment Link

    I’m very happy I found this site and application, thank you! But I cannot figure out how to use it for the life of me! It is INSANE how difficult it is. Please post a tutorial video on YouTube or something, I’m running this on Windows 10 -thanks!!!



    • Apr 8, 2019 - 8:16 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Igobythisname,

      The flow is actually pretty simple;

      1) Search and select a TV show on the left.

      2) Drag and drop the files you’d like to rename on the application.

      3) From the episodes list on the left, select and add the desired episodes to the list on the right.

      4) Click rename.

      The extra features are just nice to have incase you have special requirements.
      Feel free to ask if there is anything you’re getting stuck on.



  • Apr 19, 2019 - 4:35 AM - babak Comment Link

    i use windows 10 x64 update 1809 . 2019

    i run app from admin when i click on tv series . app cant show episode and hang and close error.

    i kill program from task manager , close process tree and run again but again error when clicking on name tv series

    now i removed ver . 2 and again install ver. 1 

    please chech this error  and fixed and update program




    • Apr 19, 2019 - 5:27 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Babak,

      I’d love to find the issue you’re running into.
      However, I cannot reproduce the problem (Windows 10, x64, version 1809, OS Build 17763.379) and you’re the first one to report this (so far it’s been downloaded bij more than 8,000 Windows users).

      If the application hangs; do you have antivirus and/or a firewall that may be slowing down or even blocking Internet access and/or limiting access to “C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Rename My TV Series” (you can delete this directory if you want to clear all data)?

      If you get an error message; what is the message?



  • Apr 22, 2019 - 4:15 PM - cam Comment Link


    Excellent job! 

    I was using FileBot even though I don’t like it very much (and it’s expensive price for a year…). This software is my new friend for organising my library.

    Thank you very much!




    • Apr 23, 2019 - 3:40 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Cam!

      Glad to hear this, I’m sure FileBot is a good application as well, I just didn’t realize they were using a subscription model – yikes.
      If there is one thing I’ve learned from writing this application; every user has their own way and workflow .

      Happy to hear you like it though!



      • Apr 23, 2019 - 4:34 AM - cam Comment Link

        You still can buy it with no subscription for a hefty price (8 year subscription) …



      • Apr 23, 2019 - 5:02 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Developing tools like these do take a lot of time, so I can imagine it not to be entirely unfair (you’re not suggesting it’s unfair either).

        Having said that; as a user I hate these kind of approaches (hefty price or subscription model) with a passion – so I will not do this to folks using my tools either. Probably the reason why I still need a job hahah … I just hope my visitors will keep coming back, click the occasional advertisement, do a small donation, or shop at Amazon (USA, Germany) though my links – I suppose that was a shameless plug for my own stuff hahaha 
        (and none of it is required!)



        • Apr 23, 2019 - 5:08 AM - cam Comment Link

          Don’t worry I totally get it and I know it takes time to do that kind of work and this is why I wanted to take the time to thank you .

          I’ll consider making a donation as your work is worth, at least, as much as the FileBot developers charge! I also know that it is not easy to live from a passion 



  • Apr 23, 2019 - 1:05 AM - cam Comment Link

    Good morning Hans,

    I wanted to share my early experience here. First I’m having an issue on macOS 10.14.4, sometimes after a search (while choosing from the results) I get the macOS spinning wheel until I kill the app.

    I also got an error sent to the macOS notifications after moving files from one network folder to an other network folder using the “move to folder” option from the settings. Error was weird since the files have been renamed and moved correctly. Maybe an option to choose move or copy could be useful. 

    Maybe Having the possibility to modify the name by right click, double click or two simple clicks would be nice especially with merged episodes.

    Other than that it’s great and powerful software, I really do love it! 



    • Apr 23, 2019 - 3:48 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Cam,

      RMTV has been tested thoroughly under Mojave (10.14.4), so I’m a little surprised why you’re getting the beachball. The only thing I can come up with is that it will try to automatically download an entire TV show, and sometimes this can be a lot of work.
      You could try disabling the function “Automatically download Episode list show is selected” (I see that I made a typo there – something to fix in the next release) under “Finding TV Show” in “Settings”. 
      I hope this will improve your experience.

      As for the Error message, I don’t know what the message was (and I’m sure you tried to catch it).
      One thing I do know is that when you’re using a NAS, network traffic can be congesting – especially with less capable models.
      I can say this, since I complain about this as well (as a Path Finder user – where Path Finder freezes up every now and then for seemingly no good reason).
      Having this choice “Copy” or “Move” is a good suggestion, I will add this to the “To Do” list.

      As for renaming “in grid” by right clicking; a good suggestion as well, and this has one been requested before, but it does come with a significant change. It is on the “To Do” list, but I do have to finish at least 2 other projects first before I get to it mand on top of it, my website isn’t making enough money to be considered and income so I do have to go to work every now and then .

      Awesome to hear you still like it even though you ran into a few snags 



      • Apr 23, 2019 - 4:55 AM - cam Comment Link


        I disabled the “Automatically download Episode list show is selected” function, I’ll let you know if it’s better now.

        About the notification, I believe it only said it failed. I’m not sure so I’ll try this again this afternoon.
        I know that networks can have a lot of traffic but I don’t think this is the problem here, I have configured everything myself and I have pretty recent and capable hardware. I would rather say that copying from one network share to a different share with the iMac in between is a probable cause for the failed notification even though it worked.
        The ability to move the files after the renaming process is actually is a very nice function to have 

        There’s no rush to modify a typo and add few features. I was just giving my personal feedback here. 



        • Apr 23, 2019 - 5:05 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          When you run into the error; let me know – I’d be happy to investigate what may have gone wrong.
          You’re probably right that the Mac-in-between may contribute to the error message.

          Your feedback is very much appreciated – I really like interaction with users, and see where we can make the application better. 



        • May 13, 2019 - 8:04 AM - cam Comment Link

          Hi Hans,

          I wanted to share that since I disabled the “Automatically download Episode list show is selected” function I never had the error again. I just update the list myself and it works great.



        • May 13, 2019 - 5:02 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Thanks Cam!

          I figured that may be the culprit 
          In previous versions this option didn’t exist and the user had to click to get the list. However, for some users (myself included), this does not seem to be a problem.
          Maybe this is related to your Internet speed? (I enjoy a 1Gb Up/Down fiber at home )



          • May 14, 2019 - 2:05 AM - cam Comment Link

            I don’t believe the internet speed is causing this, I also have optical fiber but only to 300Mb. 1Gb cost a bit more and is not very much required :DPlus, it is not really a problem since I can use the software without issues.
            Thanks for your hard work ;)


          • May 14, 2019 - 2:41 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            A garee, 300Mb is excellent for speed. In my case I had only 2 choices: no Internet or 1Gb up/down .

            Glad it works though and thanks for the compliment! 


  • Apr 24, 2019 - 8:29 AM - Alexander Comment Link

    Hi Hans,

    I added a TV show with the only 4 episodes I have from a DVD and renamed it. I got 1×1 up to 1×4 but I’d prefer 1×01 up to 1×04. There is the option to fill leading zeros but I’d like few seasons not having a leading zero. Could you split this setting to fill zeros for season and episodes?

    Also I’d like to select my favorite banner if there are more available for a TV show. Maybe a click on the banner could open a window with all banners available and let the user chose the one for downloading?


    Best regards,




    • Apr 24, 2019 - 9:19 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Alexander,

      Leading zero’s …

      There is another way to enforce/set leading zero’s. Look at the “Show Format Help” in the settings window (upper right corner).

      %EZ – This enforces leading zeros if needed. All episodes will be equal in length. So if you have more than 9 episodes (in sequence) then the number <10 will have a leading zero. If you have more than 99 episodes, number 1-9 will have 2 leading zeros, 10-99 will have one leading zero.
      For seasons, there is %SZ.

      %En – where n is a number between 1 and 10, will enforce to a width of at least a given width “n”.
      For example, %E5 will make all episode numbers at least 5 digits long and adds leading zeros if needed. If however the actual season numbers go beyond this length, the maximum observed length will be used.
      So if you use %E2 and you happen to have a 3 digit episode, say 123, then all episode will become 3 digits long.
      For seasons, there is %Sn.

      In your case: %Sx%E2 could do the trick.
      If you have less than 10 seasons, the seasons will be one digit.
      Episodes will be at least 2 digits long.
      But since I’m not sure about your other scenarios, this may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

      Prefered banner …

      I will take this in consideration for a next release. No promises though – there are more requests, but it is on the To-Do list now  .



  • Apr 24, 2019 - 9:41 PM - John Doe Comment Link

    You have scaling issues regarding 4k monitors. I forgot what 1080p uses for scaling % on Windows 10, was it 100%? 150%? Not sure, For 3840x2160p (4k) Windows 10 defaults to 300% scaling, but your utility is not taking advantage of it. The developers of VLC were faced with same issue the last few years and finally got around to fixing it so text would be correct scaling and readable. I’m sure I’m not the only using a 4k monitor these days, so you might refer to their forums on how they resolved it but i guess you could figure it out.  

    Enclosed is a screencap where the buttons are completely unreadable. Looks like nothing but —— on the screen. I have resized the image to 1920x1080p for your convenience so you can get an idea what I’m talking about. Thanks for this resource.

    4k screenshot, incorrect windows scaling.


    John Doe

    • Apr 24, 2019 - 9:50 PM - John Doe Comment Link

      In fact it’s not even 4k resolution. It’s not making any usage of Windows 10 scaling. I dropped all the way down to 800×600 and varied all through % scaling makes no difference, that miniscule text is nothing but monitor specs on Windows 10


      John Doe

    • Apr 25, 2019 - 2:55 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Oh wow, that sure is an issue. I have not seen this happen before.

      Do you know what the DPi settings of your screen are?
      Would you be willing to do a few tests (I could email you directly)?
      I do not see this on my screen, so testing is a challenge on my end, but I’d love to resolve this as soon as possible.

      p.s. I took a part of your screenshot and glued it into you message for future reference, I hope that is OK with you.



    • May 8, 2019 - 7:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      I think I found the issue.
      I’ve uploaded version 2.0.5b for Windows, which should address the scaling issue.

      Hope this helps 



  • Apr 26, 2019 - 2:30 PM - Dawn B - Author: Comment Link

    I have been using this program for over a year or so now and have not figured out if its possible to add episode or movie description information yet or if its possible to add episode “Titles” yet. I understand how too change the episode file name or movie file name but not the actual “Title” name in this program.

    There is another program that I use to add the “Title” as well as coverart. But if its possible to add or change “Titles” with this program I would like to do so. I would like to show show title and then season # and then episode # like it currently dose but the episode “Title” is also on the file name which I don’t mind but I would like to also just have the “Title” as the words that show up on “VLC Media Player”. When I click on the episode I want to watch the “Episode Title” normally shows but sometimes there is no “Title” or sometimes the “Title” shows as random stuff or sometimes the same episode title repeats on several of the episodes even if there different episodes.


    Dawn B

    • Apr 27, 2019 - 4:05 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Dawn,

      I apologize for not quite understanding what you mean. I suspect you may be referring to the so called metadata of an episode – VLC may use that to show the title, which (if this is the case) is not necessarily the same as the filename. In the metadata, one could also store cover art (commonly doen with for example music files).

      However, RMTV at this time does not support adding or modifying meta data. I’ve looked into this in the past, but it can be pretty complicated to do this correctly for all the available formats. I will however, if this is what you’re referring to, add this to the “To Do” list and see how hard it will be to implement this.

      Please let me know if I understood your question correctly. 



      • Apr 27, 2019 - 1:07 PM - Dawn B Comment Link

        Yes your correct maybe I can stop the vlc media player from showing title and just show the file name instead. That way it will match each episode that plays.


        Dawn B

      • Apr 28, 2019 - 10:26 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Personally, I’d love to modify the meta data as well – however, it would slow down the process (in what I have found out so far) significantly.

        However … using the filename in VLC is a well hidden option.

        For macOS: (p.s. IINA is a GREAT alternative)

        In the menubar: VLC -> Preferences -> Press the “Show All” button.

        Select “Input/Codecs“, and scroll all the way to the bottom, where you will find “Change title according to current media“.
        There you enter $u (just the filename) or $F (full path and filename, which is often way too long).

        Next, click the “Save” button, and finally quit and restart VLC.
        Now the filename will appear instead of the meta data.

        Under Windows and Linux things will work similar, you’ll have to find the Preferences option though.
        I believe under Windows it’s under the “Tools” menu (instead of the “VLC” under macOS).



      • May 7, 2019 - 3:02 AM - Ansem Comment Link

        It would be really cool if we could update metadata too! Just the title would be enough for me :)



        • May 7, 2019 - 4:21 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Ansem,

          adding meta data, unfortunately, is quite a process.
          In essence the file needs to be ripped apart and rebuild from scratch (with the update or new meta data added).
          This would slow down renaming a lot, and I’m not sure how folks would like that (considering it will take quite a bit of work to build this feature).

          Now having said that; if ANYONE knows a FAST method to do this, then I most certainly am willing to look into this again.
          For the record: I’ll take a quick peek, and see if I can find a fast method, but don’t hold your breath .



        • May 7, 2019 - 5:17 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          OK, I did some quick testing with ffmpeg, just changing the metadata title for a few video files (tested mkv, avi and mp4) and these are the findings.
          I ran this on a fast 12 core Mac Pro, 64Gb RAM and the files on SSD.

          ffmpeg -i video1.avi -metadata title='some title' -codec copy video1b.avi

          Setting the metadata title to ‘some title’:

          video1, SD, AVI, 300 Mb in size, took 4 seconds.
          video2, 720p, MP4, 1.5 Gb, took 8 seconds.
          video3, 1080p, MKV, 1.3 Gb in size, took 11 seconds.
          video4, 1080p, MKV, 7.0 Gb in size, took 47 seconds.

          So if you’d want to rename 10 files, this would take between approximately 1 and 8 minutes (depending on file size).

          Since most probably have 720p or better for their files, renaming a lot of files can be quite a long process (which may or may not be acceptable).

          Note: ffmpeg cannot update the file “in place” (meaning: it always must create a new file).

          Suggestions, comments, and alternatives are most welcome … 



  • May 2, 2019 - 7:08 AM - Franck Comment Link


      I would like to translate the application into French, is it possible?



    • May 3, 2019 - 7:21 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Franck,

      Thank you very much for the offer. 
      Unfortunately, at the moment I did not provision for a translation mechanism in RMTV.
      The main reasons for this are that once translated, any updates need potential translation as well, and the translating mechanism isn’t the most fun to work with.

      I will add it to the list of things to consider though for future releases.



  • May 3, 2019 - 6:58 AM - Paul Comment Link

    Just wanted to say thanks for this great application.



    • May 3, 2019 - 7:22 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Paul,

      thank you very much for the compliment and for taking the time to post it!
      It’s very much appreciated! 



  • May 7, 2019 - 2:39 AM - Lance Comment Link

    Thanks for the amazing software. No more manually renaming tv shows. Added the amazon affiliate link. 1 tiny little problem when the program is full screen it cuts off the right side of the program. Running windows 10.



    • May 7, 2019 - 4:12 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Lance,

      thanks for the compliment – motivating and much appreciated!

      As for running the program full screen;
      I’ll admit that I never run my programs full screen, so I never even thought about that hahah. 
      Testing it here (I do have an UltraWide Screen), things work fine. What is the resolution of your screen (maybe I can test it in a virtual machine)?



      • May 7, 2019 - 11:58 PM - Lance Comment Link

        Running at 1920×1080 but on a 60 inch tv. I have the scale and layout settings at 150% in windows 10 or else everything is to small. Changing to 100% scaling fixed the issue. Pics below. Not sure if you can fix the issue for the 150%s like me.

        150% scaling. 




      • May 8, 2019 - 4:31 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Thanks Lance for posting the pictures.
        There seems to be a scaling issue for some Windows users (text in the buttons can become tiny), but I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my Virtual Machines (VMWare Fusion). I’ll set up BootCamp again on one of my Mac’s and will give it a try.



      • May 8, 2019 - 7:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        I’ve uploaded version 2.0.5b for Windows, which should address the scaling issue.

        Hope this helps 



  • May 7, 2019 - 2:58 AM - Ansem Comment Link


    I tried today this program and is great! Really thanks a lot for your help!

    I wanted to ask you two things:

    1) I usualli punt [END] in the name of the last episode of the season. It would be possible to do it with this program? If not, can you maybe make an option for that?

    2) There is any hope that you will publish the code on github or other open source repository?



    • May 7, 2019 - 4:16 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Ansem,

      Thank you for the compliment! It’s very much appreciated!

      As for your questions …

      1) Ehm, I have never heard of this, which doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

      One problem I’d have with this (besides it not being a commonly used practice) is what to do when a TV Show devices to pick up again one or more years later? For example TwilightZone and X-Files, but there may be more. These shows have been marked as “ended” as some point, but continued years later.

      So, I’m not sure what to do with this.

      2) Open Source

      I’m a little code shy, and am not looking forward to have so called experts (not referring to you by any means) bitch and moan about how I did things. I think I did a good job, but some folks always know better. So for now I’m holding off on making the source public. Sorry.



      • May 7, 2019 - 4:48 AM - Ansem Comment Link

        Thanks for the answer :)

        1) I do this since I mainly watch anime, so I never had problems like the one you mentioned. With Filebot, while it was still free, it was possible:

        I linked you the topic I made years ago, maybe it could help you understand if it’s possible to do something similar with RMTS :)

        2) I never heard of people being rude while reading other people work. Maybe sometimes they can suggest you some other way to write it and it’s even a good occasion to learn something new :) In any case, I won’t insist since it’s a personal choise it’s perfectly fair that someone fear to be judged :)



      • May 7, 2019 - 5:51 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        You’re welcome!

        Fair enough … I’ll add your request to the “To Do” list. 
        Maybe add a “%L” parameter (last episode), and a field where users can enter their preferred text.
        So if this is the last episode, add the preferred text at the location where the user indicated.

        As for open source; I will reevaluate my position in the future – not sure how many people actually work with Lazarus Pascal, but I can see an advantage to sharing code (to add more powerful features). Maybe one day … (unfortunately, some people can be quite rude – but I agree that it most certainly is not the majority)



        • May 7, 2019 - 6:19 AM - Ansem Comment Link

          I used delphi and Borland Pascal while I was at school! I knew that they where still in use, even if not popular, but I never found any app that use it.

          If you’ll publish the code I’ll surely look at it!



          • May 8, 2019 - 4:29 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Cool, I started with Turbo Pascal, ignored Turbo Pascal for Windows (crap), but fell in love with Delphi 1.0 and have worked with Delphi since.
            When Lazarus became available, I started working with that. It’s truly amazing what they offer for free, with easy cross platform support.
            Anyhoo – I’ll keep the open source option in mind, maybe one day … 


  • May 8, 2019 - 3:54 AM - MfU Comment Link

    Hi Hans.

    I have an issue for a month with a specific show, I can’t seem to fix.

    The Voice : La plus belle voix (2012) in French. The RmTVs listing ends at s08e09, while the tvdb listing, currently at s08e13 goes all the way to s08e16.

    Force refresh doesn’t yield the missing episodes, also tried in settings to wipe out the show from cache (” brute” force refresh), to no avail.

    Usually, this happens when something’s wrong in the tvdb listing, but this time, I can’t seem to find anything wrong pointing at them.



    • May 8, 2019 - 4:08 AM - MfU Comment Link

      Maybe pointing at them after all.

      From Rename my TV 2.0.4, while I have the show selected, if I change French to English I get a lone specials episode and the whole season 8, up to e16.

      Funny thing is it doesn’t give s01 to s07. On tvdb page, when looking at complete season 8 (e01-e16), I noticed the English button was blue, I hit Francais button and there was s08 e01-e09 with blank spaces for e10-e16.

      So it looks like human error on tvdb once again.

      Keep up your good work



    • May 8, 2019 - 4:34 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi MfU,

      you are not very lucky when it comes to TheTVDB data 
      Thanks for posting your findings though – I’m sure you’re not the only one running into TheTVDB inconsistencies.

      This asks for MazeTV for sure – it’s the first item on my ToDo list.
      Unfortunately, I have at least 2 projects to complete (ApplePi-Baker and ConnectMeNow) before I can start implementing MazeTV for RMTV .



      • May 8, 2019 - 5:56 AM - MfU Comment Link

        Overall, its not bad (tvdb), but as with any large database that is user-operated, I guess errors and inconsistencies are to be expected.

        Once in a while, I edit/add movie content on Maybe I should do the same for

        But even that seems a lot more straightforward to achieve on themoviedb than the mayhem universe of tvdb

        Your plan to eventually add MazeTV as an additional data source sounds great to me.



      • May 8, 2019 - 6:36 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        I agree, TheTVDB is not bad at all, and I very much appreciate all the involved users updating the data we’d like to use.
        Completing RMTV by adding MazeTV is a good thing though, as the main provider or the provider to complete the selection 

        I’ll keep you posted (here) when I get to implementing this – it will come with a new parsing engine and probably some database changes.



  • May 8, 2019 - 7:09 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link


    I’ve updated the Windows version, in order to resolve a scaling issue.



  • May 21, 2019 - 5:18 AM - Chris Comment Link

    Hi. I may have found a bug but couldn’t find the correct forum so I’ll post here. It all seemed off-topic!

    tl;dr : The formatting of the apostrophe is wrong way around in the setup screen and changes perfectly good “‘” to “`” (not used in TVDB shows).

    Using the TV Renamer V2 (which I love) introduced a little problem to my workflow while sorting TV shows and feel it’s an oversight in the software.

    My plan was to rename all my shows so my WDTV Live media streamer can find the shows once it scanned the HDD. I found there was a certain few shows that it couldn’t find. I managed to find the solution.

    As TVDB needs exact spelling/punctuation, I found that when I ran my files through the TV Renamer, it had changed the original “‘” to “`” in the conversion process.

    Eg: “I’m Alan Partridge” became “I`m Alan Partridge”. This means my WDTV Live couldn’t find the TV show in the TVDB. I had many like this. Mostly was words that end in the same format Eg: “Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters” was changed to Alan Partridge`s Mid Morning Matters”.

    Solution: From installing the App, the default setting shouldn’t change ‘ to ` as this will edit a lot of files to a character that isn’t widely used (I couldn’t even find It on my Mac without copy/paste!).



    • May 21, 2019 - 6:58 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Chris,

      The reason this change was put in place is because some Operating Systems (I think certain Windows versions) didn’t like the ” ‘ ” in a filename.
      In a next version, I’ll make the change form ” ‘ ” to ” ` ” only for Windows then, this should resolve the issue for Linux and Mac users .
      I’m not 100% sure about this, but I do recall a user having the same issue as well with a particular brand NAS (Synology?) – but it’s been a while and it could still be the operating system not liking it.

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll add it to the to-do list 



  • May 27, 2019 - 3:40 PM - volt72 Comment Link

    Hello I am receiving the following error trying to extract the files “C:\Users\XXXX\Downloads\RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Linux64bit.tar.gz: The archive is corrupt”. Can you please upload a copy that can be extracted, thanks.



    • May 28, 2019 - 3:57 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi volt72,

      I justed tested the download of “RenameMyTVSeries-2.0.5b-Linux64bit.tar.gz” on my Mac, and the archive extracts just fine.
      One note though: the archive you’re extracting is for Linux, and you seem to be extracting it on a Window machine.
      Are you sure you have the right download?



  • May 30, 2019 - 5:01 AM - John Comment Link


    Is there any chance you can add different scraping options? As site has become extremely restrictive. As an (ex) contributor to their site (I used to supply TV series info, episodes, etc.) it is impossible to deal with them. You can’t even alter your own information, like altering uploaded pictures, without contacting them. They won’t reply to alteration requests, & the amount of shows that are becoming out of order is growing, as are the malcontents on the site. One example: the episode listings of the series ‘Ancient Aliens’ is completely incorrect, from season 4 onwards, compared to sites like Trakt & Wikipedia. Yet, the two progammes I use: your renameMyTVSeries & Mediaporatl’s MP-TV Series both use this site exclusively. Yet they refuse to adjust the listings.

    I will also be requesting the author of that plugin to allow alternative scraping options.

    Thanks for your consideration. I really like your programme (small footprint, & idiot-proof ;-)): it is a great addition for all multimedia users. However, it is fast becoming an obsolete option, for the above reason.



    • May 30, 2019 - 11:45 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi John,

      I agree to some degree that has become a little messy – even though it seems to work well for most shows.
      I want to add TVMaze as a source, which will take some work to implement, but it seems more reliable.
      Having said that; I’m finishing up one project I’ve spend a lot of time on, and am starting a new project (ConnectMeNow) which will take some time as well.
      After that project, RMTV will be updated – it’s definitely on the “To Do” list 


      – good to hear that others have an interest in other data sources as well.
      – RMTV does not scrape, it uses the official API of TheTVDB. TVMaze offers a similar API.




  • Jun 11, 2019 - 2:06 AM - Peter Comment Link

    Hi there, Nice product and great layout.

    Have a question though, when I type in the search box for the show, the characters get duplicated  i.e. cchhaarrcctthheerrss, and this only happens with this program.  If I run it as Administrator, no issues at all.

    Running on Linux Mint 19.1 Mate 64 bit.

    Any ideas?




    • Jun 11, 2019 - 8:59 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Peter,

      well, you’re the first one to report this. Odd indeed.

      Unfortunately, I have no explanation for it. I’m running Mint 19 as well, but my account is the only account on it.
      Obviously not running as root. Works fine on my end.
      Could there be something else running on your machine that may trigger this?

      In this (old) post folks are talking about bounce keys. Maybe this is what you’re looking at?
      Menu -> Preferences -> System Settings -> Accessibility -> Typing -> Bounce Keys.
      Enable it and then adjust the slider for the ‘acceptance delay’.
      Not sure if it will help, but worth a try (I never even knew this existed).



      • Jun 11, 2019 - 9:37 AM - Peter Comment Link

        Mine is also the only account, and as I stated this only happens with this app.  I did try your suggestion, but it made no difference.  In fact it made it a pain typing in other apps.



      • Jun 11, 2019 - 9:43 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Sorry to hear that didn’t do the trick. I guess it was worth a shot. 
        I’ll take a look (later this week, when I get a chance – I’m on vacation haha) in the code if there is anything that may cause this. But I highly doubt it. If it’s not in my code then it could be either something in Lazarus Pascal or something on your system. I assume you use the regular US keyboard layout.
        Can you test with a second account, without any apps installed, and see what that does? (trying to rule out influence from other apps)
        Never done that myself, but I’d assume this should be possible.
        Another thing I have seen in the past is the video driver being an issue – I think it may have been nVidia cards related, but it could also have been AMD cards.



  • Jun 18, 2019 - 6:17 AM - BlaBla Comment Link


    First of all I wanted to thaks for this great app! It works great and I’m loving it!

    I would still signal 2 things:

    1) Not sure if it’s a bug: When I use, it seems like it has two program open at the same. Here’s a screenshot:

    2) Feature: It would be possible to sort the episodes by default when you add them?



    • Jun 18, 2019 - 8:01 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Blabla!

      Thanks for posting a compliment – it’s much appreciated 

      As for your questions;

      1) Double Window – I had not noticed this on my Windows setup but you seem to be right. As if there is a ghost window. Under Linux and MacOS this does not happen, so I’ll have to see if I overlooked something.

      2) Default sorting of episodes; maybe this is what you are looking for:
      In Preferences, under “Finding TV Shows” you can check the option “Always sort all files after adding files“.

      Let me know if that’s not what you had in mind. 



      • Jun 18, 2019 - 9:21 AM - BlaBla Comment Link

        1) I can confirm that this “issue” is in both W7 and W10, on different PCs

        2) I have that one checked, but still got this issue:

        Maybe it’s because I’m working throught my VPN, and the connection is a little slow?



      • Jun 18, 2019 - 10:09 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Hi BlaBla 

        1) Ghost Window; yeah on my Windows 10 Virtual Machine, I only show the icon of the application and the “ghost” window is sitting behind that. So it’s very hard to see – but I can see it now and I will see what I can do to fix that.

        2) In your screenshot; I cannot see what the season numbers are. I suspect these are 2 season, but I could be wrong.

        Your VPN should not matter in this case. RMTV downloads all season and episode information in one go. So, the order should not be affected by that.

        Unfortunately, I’m on vacation, so it’s a little challenging to verify what may do this.
        Do you have a particular TV show / Season(s) / Episode(s) for me to test?
        (you can email it to me if you’d like; webmaster at tweaking4all dot com)



  • Jun 22, 2019 - 7:52 AM - Yoh Comment Link


    First and foremost, thanks for this amazing software I just discovered!

    I’ve been going through my little collection, and noticed that the “%F” format tag is not working on my machine (Windows 10). My full format is as follow: %N – S%SZE%EZ – %T – %F
    (I checked the “Enable FFprobe” option in settings)

    And if you look on the screenshot:
    The format shows on the “selected episodes” list, but not on the files themselves (I guess it wasn’t detected properly). Files are MKV by the way.

    Here is another screenshot of the metadata of the first episode (sorry it’s in French, but well quite understandable I think, the data speaks for itself ^^):

    Is it something I did wrong? Or some incompatibility?

    Thanks for your help :)



    • Jun 22, 2019 - 9:42 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Yoh!

      I’m sorry you’re running into issues, unfortunately I cannot see the screenshots is giving a 404 error (document does not exist).
      I assume ffProbe is installed (default) in the same directory as RMTV, otherwise you’d probably gotten an error message.
      MKV files are supported by ffProbe, so that should not be a problem either.
      Since I cannot see the screenshot; does it not show %F correctly in the application and/or does it not rename the file properly as well?
      Does this affect all files you’ve used?



      • Jun 22, 2019 - 10:41 AM - Yoh Comment Link

        Sorry about that, wanted a hosting where the images wouldn’t stay for life, didn’t think they would stay less than a day :p Here you go with a screenshot showing the files and the settings:
        But yeah ffprobe is in the same directory, no error message. As you can see the format works for the episodes added but not the files. And yeah I’ve done 4 TV shows, all of them have the same problem (last one being MP4 files)



      • Jun 23, 2019 - 11:30 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

        Thank Yoh!

        that clarifies things. Having images disappear after a day is indeed weird haha – I would not have expected that either. 

        It looks like RMTV is not picking up the data from ffProbe (for whatever reason).
        You can test the output from the command-line, if I recall correctly:

        ffprobe -show_format -show_streams -v quiet -print_format ini yourvideo.mkv 

        Where yourvideo.mkv is your video file (full path if not in the same directory) – I hope I remembered that correctly and made no typo’s .

        Now for the bad news (not so bad for me though haha);
        I’m on vacation, so I do not have my tools and example files available, so I cannot even see if I can reproduce the issue.
        I will be back home next week though. You can test ffprobe if you’d like, otherwise I’ll have to get back to you when I’m back home.



      • Jun 23, 2019 - 3:53 PM - Yoh Comment Link

        Here is the result from ffprobe:



        • Jun 23, 2019 - 3:54 PM - Yoh Comment Link

          And don’t worry, enjoy your holidays, it can wait!



        • Jun 25, 2019 - 8:21 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Cool – thanks for the ffProbe output.
          I’ve added this topic to my Calendar for when I get back 



  • Jun 30, 2019 - 2:39 AM - Kombat1978 Comment Link


    I really love this app…. makes my life so much easier.

    I do have a query…. How do I merge 3 episodes? I recently got a show from my childhood it had 3 episodes per file….

    Thank you in advance




    • Jul 2, 2019 - 1:07 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Maurice,

      Thanks for the compliment and happy to hear you’re enjoying the application. 

      at the moment there is no option to merge 3 episodes unfortunately.
      I will add this as a feature request to my To-Do list, and will see if this is an relatively easy option to add.
      I’ll have to make some changes in the database structure, and the code, so I’m not sure how quick I can add this option.



  • Jul 2, 2019 - 8:27 AM - Kombat1978 Comment Link


    Thank you for you response. Was wondering that is all.

    Keep up the good work….



    • Jul 4, 2019 - 4:35 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Well, I’m happy you brought this to my attention.
      If more folks report this, then I’ll have to somehow revisit how I implemented merging 2 episodes and see if I can make a more generic solution (eg. allow any number of episodes to be merged). 

      (I’ve added it to my to-do list)



  • Jul 9, 2019 - 7:47 PM - James Comment Link

    do you have a paypal account i can donate to? i don’t have bitcoins or anything but would like to support you for this great software. not as powerful as filebot, but much easier to use and more accurate detection. for my needs (i can’t really automate), this is the clear winner. thank you so much for your work, and i hope you continue to develop this great program!



    • Jul 12, 2019 - 3:36 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi James,

      thank you for your compliments and kind offer. If you’re still up for it; hans at luijten dot net would be the email address I use.
      Of course, donation is not required, other ways are sharing the link on social media and shopping at or through the link in the upper left corner. 



  • Jul 11, 2019 - 9:40 AM - noblemd Comment Link

    Just noticed a minor item…

    When using the arrow key to navigate a long TV Show dropdown list, when reaching the top the list it cycles to the other end of the list, however, when using the mouse on the top arrow the list does not cycle to the other end. Cycling to the end is a very convenient way to get to the end of a very long list. It should cycle the same way using the mouse as it does using the arrow key.



    • Jul 12, 2019 - 3:56 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Noblemd,

      Interesting catch! 

      I’ll take a look and see what I can do (what OS are you running?).
      I do have to warn you though that this is most likely defined by the widgetset (controls) either defined by Lazarus Pascal or by the OS.
      I’m adding it to the list as soon as I know what OS you’re running (so I can test). 



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