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ApplePi-Baker v1.9.3 update for MacOS Sierra (beta 2)

ApplePi-Baker v1.9.3 update for MacOS Sierra (beta 2)

ApplePi-Baker has been updated again.

This version addresses a minor issue with MacOS Sierra (beta 2) causing an index out of bound error.
Please report any issues you might run into when running MacOS Sierra, at the original ApplePi-Baker article where you can also download the latest version.

Special thanks to Manuel for testing and sending me the log file .

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  • Jul 27, 2016 - 3:48 PM - hikmet Comment Link




  • Sep 8, 2016 - 8:43 AM - Mervyn Comment Link

    Hi there, I know I’m being dumb but there are 3 separate “download” buttons on this page, none of which actually download PiBaker and the other (non-download) links all seem to go round in circles. Would it be possible to have a single big “Download PiBaker” button on the page which simply does what it says on the tin? It sounds like a great app that does exactly what I need so it would be great to get moving with it. Thanks, Mervyn.



    • Sep 9, 2016 - 8:12 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Mervyn,

      I’d love to improve my website, so any input is taken serious and taken into consideration.
      However, in your case: I can’t find 3 download buttons on this page?
      Please let me know where you found the download links.

      The download can be found with the original article, as mentioned; 

      “Please report any issues you might run into when running MacOS Sierra, at the original ApplePi-Baker article where you can also download the latest version.”



      • Jul 27, 2017 - 7:13 AM - Lindsay Comment Link

        Basically, there are Google ads right where you’d expect a download link to be. You click on them and end up downloading something else. It’s inexcusable for Google to be hosting ads that pose as download links and hijack the site. Perhaps you can do something about it by having a clear link for the download. At the moment I am searching the page for the word download and am coming up with nothing.



        • Jul 28, 2017 - 8:49 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Hi Lindsay,

          Could not agree more   … I filed several complaints with Google directly and through their feedback forms.
          Additionally I blocked the advertisers that I found myself, but obviously I do not see all of them.
          For me to submit/block I do need the link to the website, so if you do happen to have the link, feel free to reply to the email that notifies of this comment so I can add it.

          It is sad that Google allows this … still … in a time where they enforce extra security they still allow garbage like this that can pose a much bigger security risk. 



  • Mar 17, 2017 - 6:51 PM - mitchell Comment Link

    why wont this app find my sd card??



  • Sep 1, 2017 - 9:22 PM - Barry Comment Link


    Good evening.   Two items for Apple Pi Baker, 1 is a bug, the other is a request.  The request first.

    Now that Raspian has gone into a more secure mode one has to touch /boot/ssh to be able to get it to work in a headless configuration.  Since Apple Pi Baker ejects the disk automatically, I often forget to do this. It probably isn’t necessary for anyone else, but can you put an optional check box of enable SSH and then do that automatically before you eject the SD Card.

    I have encountered this bug myself.  Evidently you are writing the last block of the file short.  It gets to an apt-get install problem.  This has benn showing up since July 2017…. here is the link describing the problem, and potential fixes, from what I can understand of it.




    • Sep 10, 2017 - 2:59 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Barry,

      apologies for the late response. A visit from hurricane Harvey has added an additional load on my regular work. (All OK here, I got lucky for sure!)

      Interesting read! Thank you for the tip – I will try to start playing with this some more and see what I can do to resolve the issue.
      I’m considering a big change for v2.0, so I will make time to include this info and make sure things get even better.



      • Sep 26, 2017 - 3:45 PM - Barry Comment Link

        Well Hans,

        As long as you are working on version 2.0, Apple has a new surprise for you :-/  You probably know this, but … Staring in January 2018 (really with mac OS High Sierra) 32 bit apps will not be supported.  They will not be immediately dumped, but the way I read it you won’t get out of 2018 with the ability to run 32 bit apps, and this could come at any time via a security update.    I use ApplePi Baker and ConnectMeNow quite a bit — so that is a concern for me.   You will probably have to recompile your apps and make them 64 bit apps.   Normally isn’t a big deal depending on what you are doing in the code, but then who knows, so that means testing.   If you ned a beta or alpha on those apps, let me know.





        • Sep 30, 2017 - 2:11 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

          Thank Barry for the heads-up!

          Unfortunately, going from 32 to 64 bit is not as straight forward as one would hope.
          In the 32 bit environment Carbon was mostly used for UI. In the 64 bit environment Cocoa replaces Carbon which means a rebuild of the UI elements and … the need for a developer environment that supports this.

          I use Lazarus Pascal and they are just in an alpha phase of implementing Cocoa (no pun intended though, since Lazarus and FPC are created for free by a bunch of volunteers – and I appreciate it very much). The alternative would be Delphi, but Delphi is very expensive, does not do Cocoa/64bit either, and … produces very larger executables.

          I am however experimenting with Cocoa under Lazarus, and the annoying signing of applications (which seems to be a trend under Windows as well). I hope all this impractical stuff will not take away the fun of developing applications …   



          • Oct 1, 2017 - 12:40 AM - Barry Comment Link


            Not trying to tell you what to do, in anyway for or manner — you are doing a fine job just by yourself… but you might want to consider Swift… which seems — I am just looking at it myself — to be a kind of python version that runs under Objective C.   While that doesn’t handle the windoz side, it seems to be the way Apple is going, and you might be able to distribute through the App Store.   You start with XCODE which I have been using as the development IDE for the python stuff I have written for the RASPI.   It isn’t a bad environment, but maybe the switch to swift will be problematic.   Still there is no fee for either one, and while not ideal, you could maintain two versions of the code, one in C# and one in swift.  While not compatible, they aren’t that dis-similar, and might be a reasonable development model.  For myself I think I am trying swift for an iPhone app I started on the Pi using python, and  Qt/MySQL.   At this pint I don’t know if I will follow through, as it interferes with my main addiction woodworking.  Anyway, I hope you can keep up the great work… Love the two apps (Pi Baker & ConnectMeNow.)


          • Oct 1, 2017 - 2:59 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

            Hi Barry,

            Good tips are never bad 
            I did consider Swift, but I really dislike X-Code, prefer Pascal as a language and … I like to write cross platform. Which kind-a eliminates Swift and the likes. Apps written in Lazarus can be distributed through the app store, well, once it does 64 bit and Cocoa haha. I’ve already been working with signing applications. 
            Having said that; Apple (and Microsoft following right in it’s foot steps) is not making it very appealing to be a developer. Things are becoming overly complicated in the name of security. I do support security improvements but have found that half of my time of developing an application involves changes made for that purpose.

            Oh well … I tried working with Qt, not a big fan though. SQLite and MySQL however are my favorites when it comes to databases 

            Funny – I like wood working, but main main addiction is software and web development. But, in all cases there are people out there MUCH better than I am … 


  • Jan 13, 2018 - 8:03 AM - n0rf3n Comment Link




    • Jan 21, 2018 - 1:35 PM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Thanks n0rf3n!

      Much appreciate you taking the time to post a Thank you note!! 



  • May 23, 2019 - 9:02 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

    Open invite to test 2.1.0 beta (download here).

    Version 2.1.0 comes with some major changes;

    – significant speed impact (while testing, backup almost 3 times as fast as before),
    – optimized backup (parts of the disk that are not partitioned will be skipped),
    – option the shrink or expand Linux partitions on your Mac.

    Since I have a limited number of Macs to test with, I’d love to hear feedback from other Mac users.



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