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Rename your TV Series Files

Rename your TV Series Files

For those of you who use their computer for watching TV-Series, the following problem must sound familiar:

Filenames are inconsistent, odd characters in the filenames, missing titles, weird numbering, etc… Finding the correct names and renaming them all manually can be quite labor intense.

Thats is one of the reasons why I wrote: “Name My TV Series”.
It’s available for free for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X.

The main information source it uses is which offers the data for free. The only thing they ask, is that, if you’re up for it, you help in maintaining the database with TV Series information.

Note: Name My TV Series can now also be found on, and the Lazarus Application Gallery …

MacBook Pro – Switch Video Chip at will …

MacBook Pro – Switch Video Chip at will …

So you have a Unibody MacBook Pro and want to switch between the slow Intel and the faster nVidia video?

Apple equipped most of their Unibody MacBook Pro models with 2 graphics processors; one for long lasting battery life (Intel) chip and the other one for gaming and high performance graphics (nVidia).

The switching happens automatically and there appears to be no easy or obvious way to control over override the switching yourself … or is there?

MacBook Pro – How to add a second harddrive

MacBook Pro – How to add a second harddrive

How to add a second harddisk or SSD to your MacBook Pro

A while ago I replaced the harddisk in my Mid 2010 15″ MacBook Pro with a nice 160Gb Intel SSD. However, having both MacOS X and Bootcamp with Windows 7 installed – as you can guess – makes 160Gb eventually rather small. But getting one of those much bigger SSD’s is kind-a painful for my wallet, specially since I had a similar 160Gb Intel SSD spare laying around (long story).

But how do I get 2 harddisks in my MacBook Pro?

Raspberry Pi OpenELEC – Using a HD44780 display

Raspberry Pi OpenELEC – Using a HD44780 display

You might be familiar with XBMC, one of the best Media Center like systems/applications out there. You also might know about the $35 computer called Raspberry Pi, and that some folks managed to got XBMC to run on this little guy; RaspBMC and my favorite: OpenELEC.

Well, in this article I’ll show you how I got an LCD display (Hitachi HD44780 based) combined with LCD2USB for use with the Raspberry Pi running OpenELEC XBMC.

RaspBMC user might find this article useful as well.
If you want to use a HD44780 based display without LCD2USB then you might want to read this post that uses the GPIO port directly. The lcdproc manual pages show more details on how to configure lcdproc to use the HD44780.

Note: These instructions should be very similar for other OpenELEC systems (Generic, ATV, Fusion, ION, etc).

FavIcon shortcut on your MacOS desktop

FavIcon shortcut on your MacOS desktop

Windows users really don’t run into this problem, as it appears (mostly) to already do this for you. But how about Internet shortcuts on your Mac?

The MacOS desktop does not utilize the FavIcons of a particular website to make the icon look more distinguishable … and there appears to be no simple one click step to make this happen either.

Apple: Isn’t it time to add this to MacOS? It’s available under iOS? Why not in MacOS X …?

Anyhow; in the article a quick trick for now that makes this happen anyway.

Carmageddon Reincarnated

Carmageddon Reincarnated

For those who don’t know Carmageddon; this was a very popular (and often baned) racing game for the PC (and later PowerPC).

The main goal of the game: race a track within a given time frame. The time frame offered was super short though. To “buy” extra time you’d try to trash your racing opponents or … (as political wrong as it can be) run over pedestrians and/or cows.

After about 15 years it’s now available again! Woohoo!

The first released version is for iOS (Apple devices) but a Windows version is expected early 2013. MacOS, Linux, and Android versions are expected as well.

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