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Rename My TV Series Locks up

Rename My TV Series Locks up

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    yea that might be your best bet. that said tv maze is no different than trakt, simkl, or tvtime.



    Good point – my experience with TVMaze, TMDB etc has been minimal.
    I’ve always relied on TheTVDB, for at least a decade now.

    Oh well … I’ll “revamp” RMTV when the time comes, or maybe I should say: when all the other problems are off my table haha.
    And I hope this will be soon. If only one of those billionaires could donate a million or so, then I could do this full time (which is almost the case already). 




    Yep, I’m honestly not sure what is going with TheTVDB.
    They “used” to have a well organized development team, but I suspect that who ever is “managing” this is dropping the ball over and over again.

    I just tested RMTV to make sure we’re not again running into issues, all worked OK (a little slower than usual though).

    All good indicators to move on 



    yea i noticed again yesterday that it wasa little slow again.  did i mention fanart. they’re what duckietv uses now.  might want to head over to their github pages and message garfield as to who else they might use. dtv’s artwork doesn’t seem to be taking the hit the banners in rmtv is.



    Thanks for the tip.
    For now I’ll focus on finding time to implement TVMaze and The MovieDB – and maybe set it up so the user can select a preferred “order”.
    Eg. start with TheTVDB, but automatically switch to TVMaze or TMDB.
    Or maybe (I had done this in v1) retrieve data from ALL sources. But with that I’ll have to make sure the user “sees” where data is coming from.

    Back in the day I used – I’d scrape their data, since they appeared very solid.
    But they do not seem to like that, and they do not seem to have an API.
    On top of that: I haven’t looked at them in the past years, so I’m not sure how “stable” they are.

    For a while I did consider running a database on my own web-server, but it comes with a lot of maintenance and I’m just one person.
    It would become an almost full time job, and at the moment I still need my “normal” job to survive hahah.



    i like youre option 2, but i have gig internet with unlimited data now so what is pulled in doesn’t matter to me. there are still plenty of peeps who would need on;y one or the other selected to save bandwidth. i say set whichever one you want as default during install and when the goes into settings they can change it or add others. 



    Did you mean running it on my own server?
    I like that option as well, but I just do not have the time or resources to actually get that going.

    My website and the free applications I’m offering here, are slowly turning into a full time job.
    Which I wouldn’t mind, but as you can imagine: it is not even close to paying the bills 

    Right now I barely break even with ad revenue versus server costs.

    I will keep it in mind though … 

    p.s. I have a 1Gb fiber connection as well – it’s awesome, but I do realize not everybody is that lucky .



    n you completey misread my post. i’m talking about the various databases already out there. i’m thinking default popup asking peeps with one or ones they want rmtv to use. in my case i could select all you have added, others couple simply select just one. as for running your own database i think even without anything else to do it would be more than one person could deal with.



     OMG … I can’t believe I misread that.

    Forgive me, it’s been a rough week 

    Yeah, the idea I have in my head right now is this:

    Option 1;

    The user can define his/her own preference order:

    • TheTVDB
    • TVMaze
    • TMDB
    If RMTV runs into an error or an exception, it will use the next service in line, until it works.
    As far as I can see, TVMaze and TMDB link to theTVDB-ID’s as well, so that could theoretically go pretty smooth – I hope.
    Option 2;
    The user can select more than one source at a time, so search results will actually show multiple duplicate shows.
    Up to the user to make their selection and when it fails, they can select the other one.
    I’m guessing this is what you had in mind.
    Oh well, either way I’d have to implement the other 2. Let me do that first and go from there.
    Maybe I’ll start next week … I need vacation hahaha.



    i see your point on the multiple instances of a show. maybe a separate button from the normal settings that will drop down a menu with the databases listed to select which to switch to if one should need or chose to. i do have a couple of things about the forum that bug me. first one is the edit, it’s to short. second one is when you come to the forum from clicking a link in a email and login you get taken to the first page of the thread instead of either to the last page or last post made.



    The forum is indeed far from optimal.

    As for the edit field: when you press enter a few times, you’ll see the edit box growing.
    I hated the original edit field, so I created this one myself from scratch. Definitely not ideal either, but better than the original or the bloated tinyMCE editor.

    And yes: the link that WordPress sends out, totally s*cks. It annoys me as well.

    The reason why it sends it out like that is probably related to pagination.
    So the link bbPress generates is for example;

    The first one is what we see with the notifications right now and the implementation is just bad.
    The second one is useless, since it will not show the correct post because of pagination,
    and the third one is the one we’d like, but bbPress is not offering that option.

    I’ll go dig a little deeper into this today and see if there is a “fix” for this out there.
    bbPress just updated to 2.6.x, so maybe the learned something 

    I’ve been looking for a replacement forum, but the biggest issue is integration.
    Most good forums (like phpBB, or Simple Machines) use a “bridge” to link user accounts and these notoriously break with forum or WordPress updates, or are simply unstable, or have not been maintained in the past years. So not something I’d want to burn my fingers on.

    There are a few forums for WordPress specific, but they are either crappy, confusing, or very heavy (in bytes and PHP load). 



    Could you email me one of the notifications you receive (webmaster at tweaking4all dot com)?
    I’m curious how different they are from the Admin notifications, since there is no template in the admin pages to define this for regular users.

    I’m considering if I should write my own code of this.



    You can ignore this reply – just testing 😊 



    Allright, since we’re on the topic of the forum;

    I’ve increased the initial height of the editor – note that the editor automatically grows when you’re reaching the end of the text box.
    For new topics I have also increased the width of the title text box (since that annoyed me as well).

    I’ve tried to clean up the notifications, and the link should jump straight to the right place.
    Concerning my previous note on the links: I think this is what I experience on the admin side of things.
    That’s why I was curious about the notifications you receive.

    p.s. thanks for having a constructive discussion – I appreciate it! 

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)

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