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Proxmox - Update ap...
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Proxmox - Update apt-get lists for non-subscribers

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I'm using Proxmox, without the subscription, for my private little experiments.
With that I noticed an update warning "TASK ERROR: command 'apt-get update' failed: exit code 100".
Looking at it in a shell, running apt-get update, I noticed errors with the source of the updates, to find out that as a non-paying users, I cannot use the enterprise grade update sources. So that sucks ... but there is a fix for it.

Open a shell, and got to the directory where the update source files are:

cd /etc 
cd apt/sources.list.d/

(Note: modsecurity, the rules that protect this website, didn't like it when I typed this in one sentence - any experts out there that can help, it's rule 950018)

Here we will create two files. 

Tip: I like using "nano" as a text editor, which you close with CTRL+X.

nano pve-no-subscription.list

and paste this content in this first file;

# For non-paying users:
# NOT recommended for production use

deb  bookworm main contrib
deb  bookworm-updates main contrib

deb  bookworm pve-no-subscription

# security updates
deb  bookworm-security main contrib

Now create the next file:

nano ceph-no-subscription.list

And paste this in that file:

deb  bookworm no-subscription


Now that we updated these sources, we will need to do a few updates:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Seems recommended, I'm not an expert, to always run "apt-get dist-upgrade", and not just "apt-get upgrade".
I read somewhere that dist-upgrade ensures that all packages and their dependencies are updated.

Also not that the no-subscription repositories may not be guaranteed to be stable and more likely to be cutting edge. So Promox does not recommended this for enterprise/production environments.

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