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ConnectMeNow – Version 1.6 available …

ConnectMeNow – Version 1.6 available …

ConnectMeNow, a small application for Mac OS X to quickly mount network shares, has been updated to version 1.6.

In this version I have added the requirement to enter an admin password to reveal passwords.
This way the tool can be used on machines used by users who should not see the actual password in a safe manner.

Additionally, even though the implementation of SSH isn’t the best, I’ve increased the time-out for waiting for login information request by the server. Initially this was 1 second and has now been increased to 2 seconds. The 1 second wait worked just fine, however, slower servers, like a server outside of your home or business network, might take too long to respond. In those cases a higher time-out value proved easier to work with.

With the help of Whistle Master, I’ve been able to add WebDAV support as well.

A minor bug when entering the server alias name has been resolved as well.

And finally, you might have noticed it already, I’ve changed the App icon.

For  download of the latest version, please read the original article (Quickly connect Network shares on a Mac with ConnectMeNow), where you can also ask questions or report issues. Or … find the application on our Downloads Page.

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