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Tweaking4All Updated !!!

Tweaking4All Updated !!!

If you are a regular visitor, then you have already noticed the “big” changes. 

We recently (hence the 3 day down time) changed a few things here at Tweaking4All.

The most obvious changes are of course the look of the website. A cleaner and easier on the eyes look.

With the changes a few things got “lost”, most importantly all the comments that users have placed – and I’m really sorry about that since regular visitors contributed a great deal … my apologies for that.

I hope everybody will enjoy the new Tweaking4All …

What Changed?

When you browse through the pages you will notice most of the changes right away (the visual part) but you might not see some of the new improvements – and I consider that a good thing. Change should not make “new things” become obnoxious … 

Look and Feel

I completely started from scratch designing and developing the “theme” – and people that know me personally, know this has taken a lot of iterations.

The main considerations where;

  • Pleasant on the eyes – easy to read, modern look.
  • Focus on reading an article – increased readability.
  • Better editor for comments and forum.
  • Responsive design (cellphone vs tablet vs desktop).



Besides the look, new and/or improved functions have been added;

  • Forum – After years we have a forum again.
  • Messaging – Users can contact each other.
  • Downloads – We’re using a better download mechanism.
  • Rich Editor – Allowing better comments and forum posts.
  • Multi domain – (English) and (Dutch).
  • Retina support – Enhanced icons that stay crystal sharp on Retina screens.
  • Responsive – Try it yourself: resize your browser and see what happens!
  • Responsive – Mobile users can choose: mobile view or desktop view. It’s up to you.
  • etc.


What did we loose?

Well, this big of a change did come at a price (besides the enormous amount of work);

  • We lost the comments …
  • Some articles got dropped (outdated) and will be replaced in the near future.
  • Links are no longer the same … (which from an SEO perspective sucks!)


Enduser in mind …

In the end I did most of this to enhance the user experience … and I hope you enjoy the new Tweaking4All.



Support Us ...

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Support can also be done by sponsoring me, and even that can be free (e.g. shop at Amazon).
Any funds received from your support will be used for web-hosting expenses, project hardware and software, coffee, etc.

Thank you very much for those that have shown support already!
It's truly amazing to see that folks like my articles and small applications.

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  • Jul 1, 2013 - 3:50 PM - ThinkCat Comment Link

    The new design looks cool Hans! 
    Love the new comment editor – haha those smileys are awesome!



    • Jul 1, 2013 - 11:04 PM - hans Comment Link

      Thanks ThinkCat!

      I very much appreciate the feedback specially since I did build this editor from scratch … 



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