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nVidia Shield (2017...
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[Solved] nVidia Shield (2017) - Kodi keeps quitting Playback of videos

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Having recently purchased an nVidia Shield (2017 model), running , I ran into some issues with playback by using Kodi (17.2, 17.5 and 17.6 all showed the same issue). Playback would quit on me every 3 to 6 minutes, which makes watching even the shortest TV show episode a nightmare.

I found that when going into the nVidia Shield Settings, under Network, that disabling IPv6 and disabling Scanning for Network seems to have resolved this issue.

Some technical details of my nVidia Shield that is showing these issues:
Kodi versions tested: 17.2, 17.5 and 17.6, I'm using MySQL for the shared database.
Device: nVidia Shield (2017), model P2897, version 7.0, hardwired Gb network. Shield Android TV System version 6.2 (24.32.406.417)
Android security patch November 5, 2017, kernel 3.10.96+ (Nov 19, 2017), build NRD90M.2427173_1007.9973.
Video files are stored on a QNAP NAS and the shares are shared over SMB and the NAS is NOT used for storage of nVidia Shield data/files.

Playback keeps quitting, several times during the playback of a video file and reverts back to the menu.
Clicking the video file again allows continuing where the video stopped.
A few minutes later (typically 3 - 6 minutes each time) it stops again and reverts back to the menu again.