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macOS - How to add a spacer to the Dock  

By Hans, 19 hours ago

  Something I didn't know until just now ... you can add one or more spacers to your Dock. Open Terminal, and type (or paste): defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{tile-data={}; ti...
macOS - Instant show Dock (when Dock is set to Auto Hide)  

By Hans, 19 hours ago

  As some know, we can do quite a few settings in Terminal (Application -> Utilities).Here is one that shows the dock instantly when it is set to Auto Hide; defaults write autohide-del...
Lazarus – macOS – Download a file (HTTPS) without OpenSSL  

By Hans, 1 day ago

  I posted this for Windows already a while ago, and one for macOS as well, but for some reason it wasn't showing here, so here again ... Apple discourages the use of OpenSSL so we will use standard App...
Shottr - Free and one of the best Screenshot tools, and annotation tools, for macOS  

By Hans, 2 days ago

  I've always been quite content with Preview, the tool that I use to work with screenshots. Well, today I bumped into this little YouTube video where Shottr was shown and boy is this a cool tool to hav...
RE: LED Effects - Star Trek Phaser Array  

By Hans, 2 days ago

Forum Arduino
  Sorry for not replying yet - running into some issues here 😞 We should probably start with how we want to interface this, next define the Star Trek effects and last the extras? I'm just guess...
RE: LED Effects - Star Trek Phaser Array  

By Trace, 2 days ago

Forum Arduino
  @hans And what about Nav-Lights? An easy way for simple LED´s to make them blink in different patterns. Like, single blink with adjustable timings for on and off time. Double blink also with adjustabl...
RE: Seeking a Program to Type Text on Screen (above all programs, desktop, etc)  

By Hans, 3 days ago

  How about one of these: Screen-marker-and-recorder or Epic Pen. ScreenMarker seems a good application for this as well, however they either no longer exist, their domain expired, or their website got ...
Seeking a Program to Type Text on Screen (above all programs, desktop, etc)  

By cmstewart, 4 days ago

  Hey! I am seeking a program to type text above everything on the screen, where it does not interfere with anything as I work -- it just stays there (as notes as I work). I just imagine if I were to ...
The Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners - Sinner mode (cheats)  

By Hans, 4 days ago

  I'm pretty sure most VR gamers have, or have at least played, The Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners. Now, I'm not much of a fan of cheat codes, but once I'm totally done with a game, it can be quite f...
Half-Life 2 Cheat list  

By Hans, 6 days ago

  (source) Enable cheats When you enabled and brought up the console enter: sv_cheats 1 Where the number "1" intends that cheats will be enabled. to deactivate cheats just write a "0" instead of a "1". ...
RE: LED Effects - Star Trek Phaser Array  

By Trace, 7 days ago

Forum Arduino
  Hi Hans, we already had a list of effects a few pages ago. But of course I can gather them again and maybe add more. Also other Trekkies can give us some ideas at which effect to add. So we already ha...
iPhone/iOS - How to retrieve the WiFi password for an existing WiFi connection  

By Hans, 1 week ago

Forum iOS Devices
  If you wonder what the password is of a WiFi connection that is currently active or setup on your iPhone, then you'll be surprised how easy this is. Open “Settings” on you iPhone or iPad, and go to “...
RE: C64 Arduino Kernal switcher  

By Hans, 1 week ago

  I'd then assign each color to one pin on your Arduino and set the right ones high or low depending on the color you'd like. Something like this should dot the trick I'd assume: // x, y, z should be th...
Half-Life 2 VR - How to skip the air boat ride and car ride ...  

By Hans, 1 week ago

  Playing Half-life 2 in VR (with this free mod, available through Steam) is just freaking amazing.And as eperienced as I may be, playing actively in VR since 2016, the air boat ride is a little much fo...
RE: MovieScanner2 Invalid floating point operation error  

By hawierzjf, 1 week ago

Forum MovieScanner
  The file order is based on what the OS (select directory) or File explorer (drag and drop) hands MovieScanner. This can be alphanumerical, or order of creation, or even random. i have implemented the ...
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