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ConnectMeNow4 doesn...
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[Solved] ConnectMeNow4 doesn't re-mount

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I thought that Connect Me Now would automatically reconnect a volume if it became disconnected.

For instance if my NAS is restarted, I would like the remote volume to be automatically connected.

Also, if I was to explicitly un-mount a remote volume I would like Connect Me Now to reconnect it for me.

And is there a way to disable the 'max attempts' ?  I don't care how may attempts it takes, I just want the volume reconnected when it becomes available again.

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I rarely use this option myself, but can totally see how reconnecting is useful.
(this is me saying that more thorough testing is always welcome)

To auto reconnect, you'll have to check the "Auto mount - On server IP address Appear" option under the advanced settings.

Now when you un-mount through ConnectMeNow (CMN), then CMN will not try to remount that volume - otherwise you wouldn't be able to un-mount any volume (in CMN!). However if you "eject" or un-mount through Finder, then CMN will remount that volume in a certain time frame (Preferences -> Network Polling -> Check Network every xyz second(s) - default 10 seconds I believe, but you can set any value you want).

As for the max attempts; there is no way to eliminate that option. But you could enter a high value like 9999 for example (I think it's currently limited to 32768 - integer). After each successful mount, CMN will start the next mount attempts (when needed) by counting from 1 again (up to the number you entered).

Hope that made sense - feedback and test results are most welcome of course!