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Sonarr - How to inc...
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[Solved] Sonarr - How to increase page size for "Wanted" list (more rows)

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I was asked to look into how to increase the page size of the "Wanted" page in Sonarr.
It took me a little bit of tinkering, but I found it ...



Note: CACHEDEV1_DATA may be different on your QNAP.

For MacOS:


(if anyone knows the Windows path of the main.js file in the UI folder, then please post it below)

So the changes need to be made in the main.js file. Open it with a text editor and look for "pageSize : " (without the quotes).
You'll find quite a few of them, but the ones your're looking for are for the "wanted/missing" (in the file I examined, this was at line 12054) ...

 var Collection = PagableCollection.extend({
     url : window.NzbDrone.ApiRoot + '/wanted/missing',
     model : EpisodeModel,
     tableName : 'wanted.missing',

     state : {
         pageSize : 15,
         sortKey : 'airDateUtc',

and for "wanted/cutoff" (in the file I examined, this was at line 12313) ...

 var Collection = PagableCollection.extend({
     url : window.NzbDrone.ApiRoot + '/wanted/cutoff',
     model : EpisodeModel,
     tableName : 'wanted.cutoff',

     state : {
         pageSize : 15,
         sortKey : 'airDateUtc',

For these two, change the value "15" to whatever you want (I tested the value 100 and that worked just fine).
Note the line number may be different depending on the version of Sonarr you're working with.

After changing the values; clear the cache of your browser and reload the wanted page (cutoff not met or missing). You should see more than 15 lines now