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Help Choosing a Blu...
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Help Choosing a Bluetooth Module for use with an Arduino

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I am currently in the process of designing a portable bluetooth speaker and am in need of some guidance when it comes to choosing the right bluetooth module for the task.

I basically would like to be able to connect to a single bluetooth module in order to stream audio to the speaker,outputed from the modules DAC, and control addressable Led strips built into the speaker via an app using a UART serial connection at the same time.

Does this sound like something that is possible? If so, any recommendations for a module that is suitable for this application would be greatly appreciated!

I have found the "SparkFun Audio Bluetooth Breakout - RN-52" which to me, sounds like it would be perfect for the job. But I really am new to this so could be totally wrong! Plus, a big downside being that it is only bluetooth 3.0 and has no option for an external antenna so once inside a speaker cabinet, range might not be amazing.

Am I right in saying that as long as the module has Rx and Tx pins then I will be able to program it to do what I like? Or do only certain types of bluetooth chips allow you to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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I have no experience with building my own Bluetooth Speaker ...
I did however found a few project which may be used as a guide for component selection.

Note: it seems some just use a USB Bluetooth dongle ...

Hope this gets you some ideas to select the right module. 😊 


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