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ConnectMeNow4 - Menu Bar icon no longer shows

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My Mac recently ran out of Application memory and I had to close apps and restart. After this, ConnectMeNow 4 still activates on boot, but no longer displays its icon in the OSX menu bar? I'm thinking the settings for ConnectMeNow 4 may somehow have been corrupted due to the improper shutdown. Can someone advise where I might find the settings or does anyone have clues as to why the menu bar icon does not display? Best Regards and thank you for this awesome tool. 


Chris Kohlhepp

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Hi Chris,

well that's a new one for me and I have really no idea how this could happen. Let's see if I can come up with things that may help. 
(Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce this issue. 😞) 

Note: The menu bar icon is not controlled in the configuration file, and there is no code in ConnectMeNow that disables the icon.
Having ruled out that, there are a few ways you can get "rid" of an icon in the menu bar so maybe one of those should be looked at to see if we can resolve this.  

Since I have never seen this happen, the suggestions here are just based on what I could come up with. Hope one or the other helps 😊 

  • I have seen folks recommending a Safe Mode reboot to refresh settings. I haven't tried this myself, but Apple Documents it pretty OK.
  • You can kill ConnectMeNow (forced close) from Terminal like so. Restarting ConnectMeNow may bring back the icon? 
killall ConnectMeNow4
  • I know macOS creates a plist file, which you could delete (may need a reboot after that, and it may not change a thing) in Terminal like so:
rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.Tweaking4all.ConnectMeNow4.plist
  • There are some applications out there to manage and/or hide menu-bar icons, for example "Hidden Bar" (free and pretty cool!) and "Bartender" (commercial product), which may be hiding the icon. If you use something like that, then you may have to look into the settings of those.

  • Restart the SystemUIServer, which you can do in Terminal (read at StackExchange that you may have to do this twice - tried it on my own Mac and it seems relatively harmless to give ti a try):
killall SystemUIServer


Note: I did find someone recommending AccessMenubarApps but I'm not familiar with that application.

Let me know if any of these helped - just in case someone runs into a similar issue.