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VMware - macOS - GPU

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Hey everyone, I really need to run ArchiCAD 24 on a mac, I don't bother the version.

So I managed to create a VM (using VMware 17, and my setup used as a host is a AMD 7600 with an RTX 2060) with macOS Monterey, installed the app but when I try to open, it gives off a warning and says that the minimum OpenGL version is 4.0.

This this is my problem, I just need to bypass the openGL restriction, but the first thing that came to mind was trying to emulate one of my gpus (2060 or the integrated one) into the VM, but I don't think that will work, and if it will, I'm not going the right route, could somebody help me out with this?

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Looks like a virtual machine may not be able to pull this off.
Note: Apple dropped nVidia support quite a long time ago, so you may not find the solution there.
MAybe a very old NVidia card may do the trick, or a cheap AMD card?

I'm not an expert on ArchiCAD, actually never had heard of it. But a quick search shows it is available for Windows (source).
Of course, that doesn't mean you have a working license for it, or that it works with your files.

I know these may not be the most useful suggestions. Just the only things I could come up with. 😔