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Connectmenow4 – ign...
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Connectmenow4 – ignores Windows SMB share names when mounting to custom directory

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Version: 4.0.10 (Build 47)
OS: macOS Ventura
Version 13.4.1 (c) (Build 22F770820d)
Intel x86-64 (64 bits) application

When I mount shares from my Windows 10 machine via SMB in /Volumes, Connectmenow4 names the sub-directory for each share using the share's name (e.g., MP3) as expected. If I instead mount the same shares to a custom directory (e.g., /Users/, Connectmenow4 names the sub-directory using the share's local path on the Windows server (e.g./C/Users/username/Documents/Music/MP3) instead of its name, and multiple share mounts with the same initial path (e.g., any share that starts with /C/Users/username/Documents) end up overwriting one another.

I'm using /Volumes for now, but would much prefer to use my custom path. Is this a replicable issue for anyone else?

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