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[Solved] Set user defined sample rate for ADS1015 while interfacing with Raspberry Pi

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I have a current sensor connected to ADS1015 whose maximum sampling rate is 3300sps to measure AC current.

I got some basic idea regarding interfacing ADS1015 by following this link:  ... log-sensor.

However, from ADS1015 I need to save time domain data at fixed number of samples per second preferable at maximum rate of 3300 sps for ADC1015 (in both positive and negative cycles of AC current) so that later on I can analyze the frequency components.

I am using Python to write the codes.

What would be the best way to ensure I get this maximum sampling rate of 3300sps?

So if someone could please explain this how I would go about, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you!

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I wish I could help you with this.

Unfortunately, I haven't done much with the RPI when it comes to projects like this.
The RPI is also, but I could be wrong, maybe not the most suitable for realtime applications, since the OS is not a realtime OS (it is very possible one exists for the RPI of course).
This unlike and Arduino or ESP8266/ESP32 ...

Maybe you can combine an Arduino (to grab the data in realtime) and an RPI (to process the received data).