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[Solved] ApplePi-Baker

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Hi and thanks for your wonderful work. When upgrading to highSierra i notice that every 32bit app has trouble or non working on the new OS. Do you plan to develop an update to ApplePi-Baker?

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Hi Jetcomputer,

Yes there will be a 64 bit version of ApplePi-Baker.
I've been working on it for a while now, since I not only want i to be 64bit and signed, but also implement more advanced methods to make the application even more stable and faster (if possible).

The warning displayed in MacOS (I use ApplePi-Baker in Mojave with no problems) is just a message from Apple, reminding users and developers that in the future 32bit applications will no longer work.
Having said that: From what I read, Apple is still in the process of migrating their own applications and tools to 64bit, and it's not expected that 32bit applications will stop working this year.

Hope this helps,