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CouchPotato doesn&#...
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[Solved] CouchPotato doesn't find all movies

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I'm running CouchPotato version 13a19423 on my Synology.
When i import all my movies to the volume1\downloads\completed\CouchPotato folder they do not all show up in my CouchPotato managed movie website.
I have renamed all movies with a tools called "TheRenamer" build 4.69. This tool renames my movies according to the website to folder:moviename year\moviename (year).mkv and creates a .nfo file with a link to the IMDB page for the current movie.

Question 1:
How can i force an update so it will scan my volume1\downloads\completed\CouchPotato folder

Question 2:
How can i prevent CP from missing and skipping movies?

Thanks for the reply



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Hi Cook,

I assume you use CouchPotato to download movies, either as a torrent or from usenet?
I would assume that CouchPotato automatically grabs the download, through one of the post processing scripts. Therefor, renaming, and adding an .nfo with an external program would not be needed.
Or are you grabbing additional movies and you'd like CP to process these?
If I recall, for the latter, you can set the "movies" directory in CouchPotato. Not sure if CP actively monitors this directory though (probably why you're asking how to force a scan).

I'm not using CouchPotato myself, and since I'm traveling at the moment, I will not be able to test either.
You probably already looked here, if not: the CouchPotato Forum is a good place to find help from users who do use CP.