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WPF Application on ...
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WPF Application on Raspberry Pi OS

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Hello everyone,

I have a WPF Application created in Visual Studio 2022 on Windows 10 (64) machine. It is published with following options:

Configuration: Release | Any CPU
Target framework: net7.0 (nothing else can be selected)
Deployment mode: Framework-dependent
Target runtime: Portable

On the Raspberry Pi 3 model B V1.2 I have installed Raspberry Pi OS - Debian v11 - (64-bit) and I would like to run this WPF app there (the reason is I would like to stay with C#). I was following instructions from "Deploy .NET apps to Raspberry Pi" on Microsoft website using option with Deploying a framework-dependent app ( ... 6ZVCs-5VWw).

Following elements are listed as installed:

dotnet --list-runtimes
Microsoft .AspNetCore.App 6.0.14
Microsoft .AspNetCore.App 7.0.3
Microsoft.NETCore.App 6.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.App 6.0.14
Microsoft.NETCore.App 7.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.App 7.0.3

dotnet --list-sdks

When I try to run the project witho following command: dotnet Project_Name.dll I see following output:

App: /location/Project_Name.dll
Architecture: arm64
Framework: 'Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App', version '7.0.0' (arm64)
.NET location: location/.dotnet

No frameworks were found.

Learn about framework resolution:

To install missing framework, download: ... n.11-arm64

Presented link is not going into specific download and I also cannot find Microsoft.WindowsDesktop 7.0.0 for Linux. Is there any other option and way to run WPF on Raspberry Pi OS? What else should be installed to be able to run the App?

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