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QNAP - SSH - How to...
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[Solved] QNAP - SSH - How to reboot or force reboot

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A few minutes ago, I wasn't able to do a controlled shutdown of my QNAP through the WebUI ....

So I tried (in SSH):


Which wanted to work, but shutting down services was still not going anywhere after 15 minutes.

After some searching (yes, you can hold the power button 2 seconds for a controlled shutdown, or 5 seconds for a hard shutdown), I found this and it work great in these kind of emergencies:

kill 1


I did find it challenging to find a good explanation, but as far as I recall, PID "1" is the kernel, and if that process dies all other processes get killed automatically.


I see other recommend the following kill command but I have not tested this on my QNAP as it was already rebooting. It basically kills all processes except the process that is running the kill command.

kill -9 -1

I hope this useful to someone ... 😊