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QNAP - Send WakeOnL...
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[Solved] QNAP - Send WakeOnLAN from your QNAP to wake up another network device

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I found it surprisingly challenging to send a WOL (Wake on LAN) signal FROM a QNAP to wake up another network device.

My situation: at night I run a backup (rsync) of my QNAP to another NAS, so I was looking for a commandline statement that could do this.
Well, there is none standard on your QNAP, and OPKG seems dead as well, so what do you do?

Well if you having an Intel (x64) based QNAP, then you're in luck.
I did find this cool little tool written by GramThanos - super compact and it works on my QNAP (TVS873).

Download the zip file, extract the binary, copy it to your QNAP (I dumped it for now in my Downloads directory) and make it executable:

chmod +x WakeOnLAN

Next you can use it like so:


Look up the mac address of the device you'd like to wake up, and add "" (default doesn't seem to work).
All this would then look something like this:

./WakeOnLAN 09:18:ab:d2:ef:9e


For backup purposes, always good to look at the original page first, the binary that I used: