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macOS - Convert BIN...
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macOS - Convert BIN CUe to ISO file

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macOS (Monterey anyway) does not seem to be able to mount a BIN/CUE combo, so you may want to convert this to an ISO file.
A BIN/CUE combo is an older format to describe a CD or DVD backup, so you can "burn" that CD or DVD again at some point.
An ISO file basically serves the same purpose.

To convert a BIN/CUE to an ISO file on a Mac, you can use bchunk - a Terminal tool that can be downloaded for free.

Now, bchunk needs to be compiled on your Mac, for you to be able to use it.
This is done quite easy: download the sources from Github (attached v1.2.2 here as well), unzip the file, open Terminal in the directory where you unzipped it, and run the "make" command.
Now ... this works easy on my setup, since I have compilers and such already installed - this may not be the case on your computer, so I'm attaching a compiled (Intel) binary here as well.

Either way: remember this is a commandline tool!!!

Say we have an old.bin and old.cue file, then we can covert this to new.iso like so (assuming you run this in Terminal, in the directory where the compiled bchunk binary is located):

./bchunk old.bin old.cue new.iso

I hope this is useful to others - note that conversion goes really fast 😁 



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