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Mount more volumes ...
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[Solved] Mount more volumes with one click

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Hi Hans,


thank you for all your hard work!!

I downloaded Connectmenow 4 today and unlike v2 I cannot mount /volumes anymore. In version 2, I could mount all my volumes on my Synology with one click. Now the popup window to select all the shares is not coming up anymore. (latest Mac OS, Synology NAS) Is there a way to mount more than 1 volume with one click?


Thank you and BR,



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Hi Michael!


The only way to mount there is by using the System Call (under Advanced Options of a share - Mount Style).
That is the only way macOS will allow this. The Commandline Mount Style cannot mount there (most likely what you're using right now).

Sounds like this may not be what you meant, since you're mentioning that popup. This may be with older versions when the path was empty?

Mount all volumes with one click

The only way that would work (same for v3, and v2 was never really released) is by setting the shares you want to include in that, to "Auto Mount when ConnectMeNow starts". Now when ConnectMeNow starts it will try to mount all these, but also when you select Tools - Execute Auto Mount.

(this may not be what you had in mind)

Hope this helps. 😊 
Oh and Happy New Year!

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Thank you for thw quick reply and a happy new ywar , too!

I will try the suggestions tomorrow, it was working in version 2 when using „mount volumes“

Thanks again


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