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Finding Arduino Cer...
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[Solved] Finding Arduino Certificate Repository

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Hi All,

Please can someone point me in the direction of the Arduino certificate repository?
I want to add my company's Z-scaler cert so it will stop blocking the IDE when it tries to download Libraries and board drivers.

I get the following error upon starting up the IDE. Any other help would be greatly appreciated (I am not sure if the cert repository is the right solution).

I am not based in a country with any restrictions/sanctions.


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Not sure what you're doing, since I have no experience with this.

However ... a webserver error 403 means you need to authenticate before you get access.
Not sure if a company specific CERT is needed ...

Did you look at this topic on the Arduino website?
This user runs into the same error (it seems), and in the end he fixed (don't laugh!) by rebooting his computer - which may or may not work for you. They do discus a few options that may be helpful, in case a reboot doesn't help.

Hope this helps - please post your findings if you found something that did the trick for you. 😊 

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I don't have any experience with this...

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Unfortunately, neither do I. 😞  
I'm truly sorry - maybe someone here catches this question and may be able to assist.