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LEDs intensity usin...
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[Solved] LEDs intensity using duty cycle

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Why LEDs intensity is different even if I set the same duty cycle for both of them? I use arduino nano

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A little bit more info would be helpful. 😔 

The initial thing that came to mind was something I had ran into in the past.
When using a long strand of LEDs, it can be that the power drops towards the end of the strip. This effectively caused a reduced brightness as you get further away from to +5V and GND connection (usually at the beginning of a strip). The best remedy for this is to connect +5V and additionally at the end of the strip. If that is not entirely good enough yet, at a connection in the middle, etc.

You have not mentioned what kind of LEDs you're using, if they are a strip or not, what model or voltage they run on, how many LEDs are involved, etc. so I can only do a wild guess what may be going on 😞