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Multiple Function S...
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Multiple Function Star Trek Project

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Hello all!

I've been building sci-fi models for about 7 years now. Just last year I got into lighting them and I never want to stop. The effect is so cool.

However, I've had this one kit sitting in my backlog since I started. It's the Revell 1:500 Star Trek Into Darkness Enterprise. I haven't started it until I knew I could do it "justice" in my eyes. So in comes Arduino.


I've been dinking around with code and have had troubles really grasping what I'm writing. I can assign pins just fine, but after that...

I saw a thread on here about a similar topic and figured this would be the best place to ask. I have a few functions I would like to do, and a few of those are button activated.

Passive functions: -> to show the various strobe timings
Single strobe
Double strobe 
Triple strobe -> you can see it on the engine struts/pylons
Button activated functions:
Turn on/off underside thrusters (toggle) -> to show thrusters
Rapid fire phasers, slightly random intervals between flashes (brief)
Fire torpedoes (brief)(ramp up led, pause, ramp down quickly. Repeat twice) -> to show both weapons fire
Swap from warp to impulse (toggle)(ramp down impulse engines, ramp up warp LEDs brighter than they started, reverse) -> shows the rear of the warp engines getting brighter

So I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me with these so I can put it all into an Arduino Nano. I'm hoping for code that I can manipulate to do what I need it to, or some resources that will allow me to come up with this myself (very doubtful, I'm stupid when it comes to code).


Thank you for at least reading this!


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