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Seeking a Program t...
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[Solved] Seeking a Program to Type Text on Screen (above all programs, desktop, etc)

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Hey! I am seeking a program to type text above everything on the screen, where it does not interfere with anything as I work -- it just stays there (as notes as I work).


I just imagine if I were to write on my screen with a dry-erase marker... it would just be there (slightly opaque) and I would just work as normal with those notes for reference. Is there any program that can do something like this? It doesn't have to be complicated, just a simple app that works with Windows 10, and does something like this.


- Colby

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How about one of these:

Screen-marker-and-recorder or Epic Pen.

ScreenMarker seems a good application for this as well, however they either no longer exist, their domain expired, or their website got hacked.
These links, this one and this one, are legit link though - just do not go to the website of the developer.

Here you'll find a list of alternatives.