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Pi-Baker restore to...
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[Solved] Pi-Baker restore to larger SD question

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Hi everyone. I'm a complete NOOB. I've been put together a RetroPie system and am happy to report that it worked first try. Yay for me! But I now realize I should've used a larger SD card to future proof myself. I backed up my working 16gb SD (including ROMs) using ApplePi-Baker. When I restore it to a 64gb SD will I need to Expand Filesystem again? If so will that mess up the existing ROMs or anything else?

Thanks, Mitch

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Hi Mitch,

sorry for missing your question here ...
And yes you'd need to expand the filesystem, unfortunately only 16Gb partition will be made when you restore your backup.
A method could be using GPartEd or try this option that I found at StackEchange.

This is always the case when installing RetroPie from the image. You have to expand the filesystem to make all of the space available to you. Go to the command line. If in Emulation Station then press F4 to get to the command line. At the command line type:

sudo raspi-config

and press Enter. This will display the configuration tool. Select option 1. Expand the Filesystem an press Enter.

That's all you have to do. The full space will be available for you to use now.

Please note that there are two potential issues with the 64Gb SD (or larger) though:

1) Not all Raspberry-Pi's support the 64Gb cards
2) Not all 64 Gb cards are compatible with the current Raspberry Pi Models. (definitely check out this list)