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MIPI CSI2 driver fo...
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MIPI CSI2 driver for Raspberry

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Dear friends!
If anyone has experience writing (adapting) a driver for Raspberry Pi 4
The task is to receive a video stream and sound on a Raspberry Pi 4 B via the MIPI CSI2 interface. The signal is sent from the ds90ub940 deserializer. What kind of stack is needed so that you can hook the signal with a utility like gstreamer or ffmpeg.
The device has a working driver for the camera (sensor) we have. But as I understand it, it is necessary to study and change it based on our standard for MIPI CSI2.
Maybe someone has already done similar work and successfully solved them.
Thank you all in advance for your advice and response.
Sincerely alexast

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Hi Alexast!

I'm afraid you may not find many people here that use this particular setup.
Assuming you're running Linux on your Pi; did you look into Linux tools/drivers? 
(I'm unfamiliar with MIPI etc)