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Opera - Add Google ...
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Opera - Add Google Chat to the sidebar

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Google Chat (replacing Google Hangouts) cannot be found as on option for the Opera sidebar.

You can however manually add it like so (as a webpage and not an extension):

  1. In Opera, go to this "address":  opera://flags/#sidebar-site-panel
  2. Enable the option "Custom user sites for browser sidebar" (should be highlighted like shown below)
  3. Close and Restart the Opera browser (there should be a Relaunch button visible in the lower right corner)
  4. Right click the Sidebar now, select "Sidebar setup...".
  5. In the opening panel, scroll down to "Custom site panels" and select "Add custom site panel" and paste this link and click the "Create" button:

The Google chat icon should now show in the sidebar and you should be good to go ...