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Linux/macOS - How t...
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[Solved] Linux/macOS - How to split a directory into multiple directories

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The problem I ran into was that I had several thousand of files in one directory, and I wanted them to be divided over multiple subdirectories so my file explorer wouldn't go bonkers (long story).

So basically: one dir has thousands of files -> one dir has several sub dirs with a fixed number of files in it (50 in this example).

For this I wrote a Terminal script, which may be helpful to others:


# dirnumber generates the name of the output directory

# base directory

# the number of files we have moved

# number of files per dir

# Go through all JPG files in the current directory
for f in *; do

   # Create new output directory if first of new batch of 2000
   if [ $filesmoved -eq 0 ]; then
      mkdir $outdir
   # Move the file to the new subdirectory
   mv "$f" "$outdir"
   # You can try this instead of the "mv" line to do testing
   # echo "$f" "$outdir"

   # Count how many we have moved to there

   # Start a new output directory if we have sent "filesindir"
   [ $filesmoved -eq filesindir ] && filesmoved=0