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macOS - Use middle ...
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macOS - Use middle mouse button for double click action (free)

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I would have to guess that quite a few folks use Windows mice, and some of you would like to assign "double click" to the middle mouse button (or press-down on the scroll wheel).
I did some searching and found that there are a few commercial tools out there that do this. Steermouse being my favorite since it offers very advanced and useful functions for pretty much any mouse on the planet. At $20 worth it ... if you need those advanced functions.

In my opinion, assigning double click to the middle mouse button should not be that hard.
After some tinker, I did find a solution that works on your Mac, without any extra software.

This is how:

1) Go to System Preferences - Accessibility - Pointer Control - Alternate Control Methods (don't ask how I got there 🤣 ).

2) Check alternate pointer actions and click the "Options" button.

3) Select the "Double Click" row, and double click the "Unassigned" phrase on the left (can be something else if you already had this assigned to something).

4) Select Physical Switch (you'll see Facial Expression as an option incase you have webcam), click "Next" and then press the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel) to register this as the button that should trigger a double click.

You should see something like "Mouse Button 2 ..." in light grey printed in the "Name:" field.

Click "Done" - you can already test the button - and "OK" to close these settings.

p.s. use "Reassign" if that went side ways and/or you'd like to assign a different button.