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macOS - Insert phot...
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[Solved] macOS - Insert photo or drawing directly from your iPhone into a document on your Mac

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A neat little trick I found the other day; How to insert a photo into your email or document by (depends a little on the context menu of the application you're using).

Both your Mac and iPhone need to have Bluetooth enabled and both should use the same Apple ID.

As an example, I'll use creating a new email.

Open Apple Mail, and create a new email message.

Right click in white space of the email, where you'd normally type text.
A popup menu appears and at the bottom of this popup menu you either see "Take Photo", or you'll see "Insert from iPhone or iPad" - "Take Photo".
Select "Take Photo".

A tiny popup will appear:

Now go to your iPhone where you'll see the camera app already being open - even when the phone was locked before.
Take a picture, if the picture isn't to your liking select "Retake", if the picture is OK then select "Use Picture" - the picture will be inserted in your email instantly.

You may have noticed the "Add Sketch" option, which allows you to make a drawing by hand and insert that into your document.

(tested with macOS Big Sur and iOS 14)