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Motor ON/OFF Trigge...
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Motor ON/OFF Trigger to Arduino UNO

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I am a beginner at using Arduino.

I wish to do a very simple project.

If a user turns ON a water motor pump, it should give a trigger to my Arduino UNO.

Arduino will note the Motor ON time and date.

If a user turns OFF a water motor pump, it should again give a trigger to my Arduino UNO.

Arduino will note the Motor OFF time and date.

Please help me how can I detect motor ON/OFF and save the data using Arduino.

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Hello Nikhil_m,

Well, the simplest way would be to utilize the switch used to turn the motor on or off.
This could be, for example, be a simple witch, opening/closing one of the wires to power the motor.
There are plenty of switches out there that are "double" switches and basically have 2 switches in one case - the second one could be used for the Arduino.

Another option is to have a relay (or a solid state alternative) in series with the motor. So when the motor is switched on, the relay is enabled as well, of which the switch is connected to your Arduino. This could even be an opto-coupler.

I guess it also matters what kind of motor this is and at what voltage it is running.

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