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looking for an Ardu...
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[Solved] looking for an Arduino simulator

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I'm looking for an Arduino simulator that supports the following

The following hardware

Arduino Uno
L298N - Or anything closely resembling this motor controller
HC-12 - If this is not available then at least the ability to access the serial monitor

And the ability to run the following sketch at

If anyone can help me with this, that would be great.

I'm basically working with hardware that looks similar like this (broken out) and I'd like to be able to create a prototype like this online or on a simulator. I'm quite flexible. I know that not everything in the real world can be created online so I'm looking for any ideas.


Jeremiah O'Neal
Robotics Instructor

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Hi Jeremiah!

Well, I haven't done much with Arduino simulators, and with the chance of mentioning some that you already are aware of:

I did find an overview at All3Dp listing these as well: 


Granted: I have not really tested any of these, so this list may be completely useless ... thought I'd try to help though 😉