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Arduino motor contr...
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Arduino motor controller

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good morning,


I have project to complete which requires to run 8 dc motors, 2 at time.

I am not sure whether i should get Arduino UNO or Nano.

Do i require to get motor controller, if yes 4 channel or 8 channel.

Please help





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Hi Saws,

I'll admit that I have no experience with Arduino's and DC motors (not to be confused with stepper motors!!!).
However; when it comes to picking Nano or Uno, then I'd say it doesn't matter much for this purpose. Both work on 5V, similar microcontroller, have the same amount of pins (I think the Nano maty actually have 2 more analog pins), etc.

The Nano is smaller though and may use a micro-USB cable where a Uno is larger and uses a full size USB connector.

If you need more pins, then the Mega may be an option - but maybe not needed in your setup.
If you want cheaper/faster with WiFi and such then consider the ESP8266 or ESP32 - note that those use 3.3V.

Tip: I did see this article on how to control DC motors ... maybe helpful 😊 


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