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Arduino and buttons
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Arduino and buttons

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Hi to everyone,

I make a device that will count how many vehicles have passed per hour or a specific set time.

The scheme includes: Arduino Uno, differential pressure sensor, LED LCD, memory card module, battery and cables for the connection between the modules.

I want to ask: Is there a way to make the Arduino UNO reprogram by pressing a different button for my different needs? And for help how to connected this buttons with Arduino to work- scheme ? 

For example :

Today from 6 am to 12 I want the device to count only 2 wheeled axis, and then 4 axis vehicles or 6 wheeled axis vehicles. I need advice on the hardware, how to connect them to the Arduino if I have switches.

PS : Without RTC- it's too complicated!

Thank you! 

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Hi Wafray,

I haven't worked with a setup like that, but it sounds like this article may be a good starting point LED Effects All-in-One.

I know this is not what your project will be doing, but the attachInterrupt() function is used to trigger an interrupt when pressing a button.
In the meanwhile a value is stored in the EEPROM to keep track of the function you'd like to be using (or in that project: the selected LED effect).

Start reading at Challenge 2 and keep reading until you've completed reading Challenge 5 in that article.
It may be a solution for your "reprogram" question.
Based on the value in the EEPROM certain code can be selected, as seen in the LED effects example.

I hope this helps you get started 😊 


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