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[Solved] Access violation and general instability

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I have to reboot my Mac Pro every time I want to use ApplePiBaker and it seems to have become rather unstable in terms of reliability of me being able to backup and then test restore images.

How can I help?

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Hi Jeremy,

Sorry to hear you're running into issues.

Would you be able to provide the macOS version, ApplePi-Baker version and your Mac hardware (eg. Intel or Apple Silicon)?

Easiest way is by clicking the info button and then the copy to clipboard icon.

You can paste then directly in the messages here the forum, which will look something like this:

ApplePi-Baker version: 2.3.0 (Build 2)
(Helper Tool version 1.9.2)

Operating System version:
Version 14.0 (Build 23A5337a)
x86-64 (64 bit application) 

Please let me know if you're running on Intel or Apple Silicon hardware.

Also, it would be ideal (but sometimes quite challenging) if you had steps that would help me reproduce the problem. 😊 

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Hi, just had the same problem. I had "Full disc access" enabled and disabled. Always the same problem. Then I figured out in diskutil, that I had a new disk, which was the time machine backup disk. Just before it was not active. So I stopped the backup and hence the violation error disappeared. So the reboot recommendation workes, because after the reboot the backup is not active immediately. So running time machine backup and then starting Pi Baker brings up the error. Hope it helps.

See also thread: First run ApplePi-Baker 2.2.3 Warning Dialog "Access Violation"  

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