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[Solved] Windows - Can't read fields entered in PDF Form

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Here a fix for PDF forms that have been filled in, but when opened under Windows, the fields seem empty - which they are not. This might happen when a document was edited/filled in on a Mac (related to a bug in Preview).

To fix this, with this trick, your computer needs to have Google Chrome installed.

1. Save the PDF to your Desktop.
2. Right click the PDF on your desktop and choose “Open With” - “Google Chrome”.

This will open the PDF in perfectly readable and printable format, even under Windows.
To save this file with readable text in the input fields:

1. In Google Chrome, click the “Print” icon (upper right corner),
2. Choose the option “Save as PDF”,
3. save it somewhere, for example on your desktop as a PDF.

The saved PDF can now be read without any issues.

As an alternative, Mac users can switch to other free applications to work with PDF files, instead of the standard “Preview” application.
For example Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader ...

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