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[Solved] WordPress - How to update wordpress and add-ons without FTP access

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By default, Wordpress expects to have FTP access so it can download and install updates.
This is all nice and dandy for a server where you already have FTP access, but this may not be the case on your (test)server.

Note : See this StackExchange topic if there should be security concerns when using this method on your production server.
Short version: avoid if possible on production servers, and if you decide to use it, then be very careful when using this method, since the slightest miss configuration of your server may come with undesired consequences.

Anyhoo ... back to how we can get around the FTP requirements:

In wp-config.php add this line:


somewhere before this line:

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */

... and that should do it.